Chapter 325

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Chapter 325 – Talking Over Who Will Go

Vi-Vi said she would go, and then Moofy as well.


「Are you going too, Moofy?」


「Are you going, Femm?」

『Of course.』

「Anyone else going?」

The members turned out to be Timi, Femm, Moofy, Vi-Vi, me, and of course, Shiggy.

「I know Cruz can’t go, and Luka and Yureena are busy?」

「Well, it’s not that I can’t go, but someone has to watch those Neglys now.」

「Yeah, I hope they won’t try anything with Linmia Trading either…」

「We probably should watch them for a few days.」

「I can help too!」

Cruz said with a smile.

It was bad to trust Cruz alone with this, but with the other two, it’d be okay.

I said, just in case, to Luka,

「I can trust you to Cruz then!」

「Yeah, we’ll take care of her.」

「Eheh heh.」

I had threatened the gang enough. There was a high possibility they’d do nothing.

But it was still better to have someone to watch Cruz.

「Then, I guess you should have this, Cruz.」

I took the wolf mask out of my bag and gave it to her.

「What? Can I?」

「You gave it to me, so it’s a loan in case you need it.」

「Thank you!」

They were the most scared of that wolf mask.

She could use it and it would work well.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Eheh heh heh, okay.」

She put it on right away.

Then Shiggy flew right up on her shoulder.

「It smells like you, Al.」

「…sorry if it stinks.」

「It doesn’t STINK though!」

Cruz was nice enough to say.

She was noticing what she was saying now, and being nice as well.

「Then I might want Femm to help you too.」


「If you’re going to watch the Neglys, Femm’s the best at that.」


I could tell Femm was thinking it over.

「I might worry less if you’re here, Femm.」


「Good. Nice to hang out with you Femm!」

Cruz happily hugged Femm.

「Um! Master!」

「What is it, Steff?」

Steff, the beast-human magic disciple of mine, stood.

She was an adventurer before she became a disciple of mine.

Even as a master of hers, I saw she had quite the ability.

「I want you to take me too!」

「Okay. You’re pretty strong, after all.」

「Thank you very much!」

Hearing that, Collette walked up and pulled on my sleeve.

「Old man, I wanna go too.」

「No, you need to stay here and watch the town.」

Collette and her sister, Millet, had too stay here, even though they were becoming strong magicians.

Millet didn’t really want to be an adventurer anyway. And Collette was barely a kid.

There was no way I could take them to the Neglys.

「No, I need you to stay here.」


「I’ll bring you a souvenir back.」


Then I looked over at Leah.

「What about you?」

「Are you asking to take someone like me along?」

She was hypnotized by the enemy, and attached us with summoned spirits.

Her father was a devil, her mother a beast-human, and she was a strange magician.

The brother of hers that had taught her magic we suspected to be the enemy we were seeking.

「No problem with me. How about you, Cruz?」

「Take her.」

She was being punished for her crimes currently, after all.

And Cruz was the one that picked her punishment – labor around the death temple’s village.

However, she was also teaching Vallimie magical devices, and was making them with her in Lindobal Forest.

Her students were Vallimie, Vi-Vi, and my disciples.

「As long as it’s okay with Vallimie. I’m teaching her magical tools, right?」

「You’ve pretty much taught her everything though!」

「Yeah, there’s nothing really to teach her anymore. She’s already a skilled magician.」

Vallimie was known as the forest hermit before, a very strong magician.

She probably understood very quickly.

After all that, she was expected to go back to labor again.

Maybe I should also ask Chel,

「Chelnobok, is it okay?」


I asked, and it jumped on my knee.

Then it jiggled and said,



The slime was the chief of the death temple after all.

It was a slime, worshiped by the believers of the death temple.

Then Vallimie said,

「Well, I have something that I want to see first.」

「Is there a problem?」

「No…it’s not that big of a deal, but…」


「Well, Rai’s about to have children.」

Rai was Vallimie’s pet lion, a male.


「ryaa ryaa!」

Cruz was really impressed, and Shiggy flapped like crazy on her shoulder.

「Well, Rai’s not having the babies, it’s his wife.」

「Still, that’s something. Rai has a wife?」

Vallimie nodded.

「I didn’t know about it…but it seems they’ve been seeing each other a while…」

「Rai’s huge, though. Is his wife that big too?」

「Not as big…but still big.」

It must have been hard for Rai to find a mate his size.

And the wife was nearing birth, so Rai rarely came here.

「I’m a little anxious.」

Vallimie said. Vallimie was brought to see the wife before.

Maybe Vallimie thought the wife didn’t trust her much.

「She brought you to see her when she was pregnant, right? I think they trust you quite a bit.」

「….you think so?」

「I do.」

「Yeah, I guess so…」

Vallimie said happily.

「Lee was cute…」

「Her stomach was big, so I brought a lot of food to them.」

Seems like Rai’s wife’s name was Lee.

「It’s their first, after all. Just in case, I think I should be at the forest for them.」

「I think so too.」

So Vallimie decided to stay in the forest and not go with us.

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