Chapter 326

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Chapter 326 – Back to Lindobal Forest after a Long Time

I got up to get ready to venture to the old Demon Lord’s land.

Just then, Cruz said,

「Vallimie, you have to be with Rai and Lee now, do you?」

「No, when they need me, they can call me by this ring I made.」

「I see…」

Vi-Vi was good at making magic tools like that, as was Vallimie.

They would cost a lot to buy in a store.

「And if we run from Mulg, we’ll be there in five minutes.」

「The magic circles are helpful…thanks Vi-Vi.」

「It’s no big deal.」

Vi-Vi blushed.

The next day, after breakfast, we all set off for Lindobal Forest.

「Do your bestht, old man!」

「Mister Al, be careful.」

「Take care Millet and Collette.」

「Leave it to us!」

Collette was riding on top of Femm.

「Femm, take care of Cruz.」


Femm’s tail was straight out.

「Cruz, watch over the Tolfs as well.」

「Sure, Al.」

After seeing the others off, we made our way into the storage shack, and to Lindobal.

As Luka and Yureena entered the room with the magical circles, the others and I stepped through into the deep forest.

「It’s been a while.」

「Yeah, quite some time.」

I asked Vallimie,

「Do you need to see Rai?」

「Him and Doby later.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi and Shiggy both wanted to meet Doby.

Doby was a grand dragon after all. I guess dragons just liked to get together.

「I think we can see Rai, but Lee might take some time…」

「She’s quite nervous, huh?」

「Yeah, and I think most male lions would be the same, but Rai’s pretty smart.」

「I see.」

Maybe smart means something like wild animals begin able to suppress their wild natures.

Then Vallimie called out,

「Rai, Doby, I’m home!」


Rai came out first.

He was a massive lion. But in his smaller size.

At his biggest size, he was the size of Moofy at her biggest.

「Rai, Al and the others have come to visit us.」


Rai came over and pushed his head into me.

His mane got all in my face.

「Rai, are you okay? Congratuations.」

「Moo moo」


Moofy and Rai both sniffed each other out, kind of like an animal greeting.

Shiggy pet Rai happily as well.

Luka, Yureena, and Timi also gave their congrats to Rai.

Steff and Leah recently came to Lindobal Forest quite a bit.

They were used to being here, so they just petted Rai.

「Here’s something for you Rai.」

Timi grabbed in her bag and pulled out some meat.

「Please, share this with your wife.」


「Timi, what kind of meat is that?」

「Earth dragon. I hunted one down this morning.」

The meat of an earth dragon had a lot of magic in it, it would nourish Lee well.


「I’d like to thank you for Lee and Rai.」

Vallimie said.

What should I give? I wondered. So I searched in my bag.

I had some magic bear meat left. That doesn’t taste very good though…bad as a present.

I looked around some more and found some unicorn meat.

「Rai, this is from me.」


「Al, too? Wow, I really am happy now.」

Vallimie said in thanks, and then,


We heard come from the forest. It was Doby.

「Doby, why are you hiding there? Come on out.」

Doby hid himself in the forest and only peeked his head out. He must have been scared of Timi.

After a second, he ran out next to Vallimie and grabbed her hand. It was quite cute.

「Doby, have you been okay?」



Shiggy saw him and started flapping her wings, and then flew up on his head.

They were pretty close.



Doby liked Shiggy as well. He flapped his wings in reaction.

And so Moofy went over and they all smelled each other. I petted Doby’s head.

「I have to give you something too.」


「Not much but…」


I gave him some magical boar meat.

He seemed quite happy about it.

「I have to give something too.」

Timi came closer and said,


Doby reared back and away from her though. He was terrified.

「Here, it’s some earth dragon meat.」

Doby bowed to Timi but was still clinging fast to Vallimie’s hand.

Even though he was three times bigger than her.

It was funny to see a dragon that big try to hide behind Vallimie.

「You don’t have to be that scared, Doby.」

Timi said, and petted Doby. But Doby continued to shake and shiver regardless.

「Timi, thanks for giving something to Doby as well.」

「Don’t worry about it Vallimie. He’s friends with my Shiggy, after all.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

So after all that was done, we left the forest behind.

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