Chapter 327

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Chapter 327 – Sky Ride

We moved over a little ways away from the base of Vallimie’s castle.

Vallimie, Rai, and Doby were going to see us off.

Timi looked at Leah and Steff,

「This isn’t the first time you’ll see my true form, right, Steff?」

「Yes, I’ve seen it many times. I’m prepared!」

Even so, Timi’s dragon form was quite fearsome.

But it wasn’t so much that you had to mentally prepare yourself after you’d seen it.

「You’ve seen my form twice, right, Leah?」

「Yes, but I was hypnotized that time. I don’t have much of a memory of it.」

「I see. I was hoping you had seen it clearly.」

Then she returned to her dragon form and was even bigger than the grand dragon Doby.


I could see Doby shaking and trying to cower behind the much smaller Vallimie.

Shiggy was still holding on to Doby’s hand.


Leah was at a loss for words.

And seeing Timi’s true form would make anyone act like that.

It was also the first time she had seen her without being hypnotized.

Oh well.

「Okay, get on!」

Luka grabbed Steff and Yureena grabbed Leah as they both leapt up onto the dragon’s back.

「Shiggy, get on!」


Then Shiggy jumped into my pouch and I jumped up as well.

Moofy had Vi-Vi riding on her and jumped up as well.

「Okay, let’s go.」

「Be careful!」



Vallimie, Rai, and Doby said, seeing us lift off.

And as we did, Timi said back.

「Where is the village in the old Demon Lord’s land anyway?」

「I don’t know anything about it.」

It was a village that was in the old Demon Lord’s land.

Now a bunch of villagers from the kingdom had entered the place and it was bustling.

It sounded like a fun place.

「Are you okay Leah and Steff?」

「We’re fine!」

Steff said a bit TOO strongly.

However, she was clinging onto Moofy.

We were flying far above the surface, so I could understand if they were scared.

「Y…yes, I’m fine.」

Leah said, holding on to Yureena.

「Don’t do anything dangerous.」


Luka then said,

「It’s quite cold though!」

「Even with this nice weather!」

I had put cold protection spells on all of them, though.

However, when you get this high up, the cold still gets to you.

And it IS cold.

As we were talking about it, Timi said,

「You want me to go slower?」

「No, we’re fine. I put magic on them.」

「I see, then I’ll leave it to you.」

In the summer, riding on Timi would be a blissful experience.

But it was the winter now. You couldn’t say it felt good at all.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Well, Shiggy felt good. But she was a duchess at the north pole. She was used to the cold.

And Shiggy had the clothes that Vi-Vi had made for her.

I had put magic on all of them. There was a barrier around all of them.

So it wasn’t THAT cold.

「If you get cold, tell me.」

But they all seemed okay. They all thanked me.

「Master, what is this magic?」

「Well, it’s…」

I explained the basis of a cold prevention magic.

Teaching while you were on Timi’s back, rushing through the air, was a different experience.



「I see.」

Not just Shiggy, but Moofy and Timi were both listening.

After I taught her, Steff bowed.

「Thank you very much for teaching me.」

「Can you do it?」

「I think it might still be too difficult.」

「I see, well, make sure to practice.」

「I’ll do my best!」

On the other hand,

「I think I’m finally relaxing.」

「But it’s so high.」

「If you start to fall, I’ll grab you,」Luka said to Leah.

「T, thank you!」

「Yeah, no problem.」

Leah was literally clinging to Luka for dear life.

She couldn’t hear anything but the howling wind.

Because they both looked a bit unsettled, I waited near them.

「Alra, you can see the village below. What now?」

「I guess we should drop down a ways away.」

「Sure! It would be nice to dive and drop right in the middle of town though.」

「We’d stand out a bit too much if you did that.」

As we were talking, I could see the village far away.

It was a village below the castle of the former Demon Lord, and it was the biggest village in his territory.

「Whoa, it’s a weird looking place.」

Steff said, as she looked down at the town.

The architecture was very different from the capital. It was also quite old.

「A lot of devil places look like this.」

「It’s beautiful…in a way.」

「You think?」

Steff complemented the place, and Vi-Vi was a bit happy about it.

「I wonder how long it would take to get here from Mulg by land?」

Steff asked, almost as if to herself.

「Well, by horse, one or two weeks. What do you think, Luka?」

「By horse I think you’d have a little less time, but you wouldn’t go directly to here from there.」

「Maybe it’s one week to Lindobal Forest by horse, and then from there…」

I think one could get there comfortably in three weeks.

『Moofy three day』

Moofy said with a snort, and biting my sleeve.

「I think it would be hard for even YOU to get there in three days, Moofy.」


Moofy still had a lot of pride.

Even if three days wasn’t enough, a week was definitely doable for her.

「Time to get off.」

Timi said, as she began to descend.

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