Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 – The Village Elkay

We were back on land, and Leah sat down immediately.

She was just too nervous being up in the sky.

Then Timi changed back to her human form.

「You don’t like high places, Leah?」

「I don’t think I’m any more scared than humans would be, but…」

「Anyone would be scared on Timi’s back the first time.」

I said, but Timi looked puzzled,

「You think so?」

「You’re going high and fast. And in addition, the wind is strong. It’s not like your back is completely motionless.」

Timi did take care to not move around as much as possible in the air.

Even so, she moved, and it was impossible to keep that from scaring people.

After Leah and Steff calmed down, we started walking to town.

We could see the Demon Lord’s castle from far away.

「So what’s happened to the castle now?」

「It’s the capital’s now. I don’t know if there’s an official living there though.」

I asked and Luka answered.

So the capital had just taken over all the old Demon Lord’s territory.

Cruz, of course, was the most distinguished person that made it all happen.

If there was someone that they would hand the land over to, it should be Cruz.

「You think that they royals were unsettled about giving the land to Cruz?」

「Maybe the devils are against Cruz?」

「That might be it. After all, the ruler of the land that Cruz was given was known for his grudge against devils.」

「Maybe that’s it then.」

Even so, it was quite risky to just hand an unsettled territory to a girl that had just become a noble.

Then Vi-Vi said, from on top of Moofy,

「I wasn’t thinking of hiding who I was, but what about you, Al?」

「I wasn’t going to, but…」

「Me either.」

「Then I guess we’re just going in as is.」

「I won’t hide myself anymore than I already am.」

Timi then said,

「ryaa ryaa」

「Moo moo!」

Shiggy and Moody didn’t plan to hide themselves either, I guessed.

Nor would Steff or Leah.

After walking a bit more, we came to the entrance of the village.

The village was named Elkay.

「There’s no guard at the gate.」

That was strange, because almost all places did.

Steff looked a bit worried, saying,

「You think that magical beasts raid the town?」

「I think they usually avoid human towns.」

If Luka said that, with her expertise, then it was probably true.

Even so, this area’s magical beasts were quite strong.

If they did decide to raid the town, a guard alone might not be enough.

「But like this, someone wanted could just sneak in…」

「Well, they might not have the resources to place a guard.」

I wondered if they even had an official here. I was a bit of a worry.

So we all passed through the gate and inside.

There was a lot going on inside, so much that you’d expect a guard.

A lot of people in the streets, and quite a few devils around to.

Maybe three humans to seven devils…was the ratio.

Yureena was busy looking all around her.

「Wow, this place’s changed!」

「Well, there was no one living here the last time we were here.」

And the last time we were here was to finish off the Demon Lord.

We had finished off each section of his army, and then went to Elkay.

First the Four Sub-Bosses…one was Vi-Vi…and then the boss.

I remember beating only three of them, but that was a different story.

I guess because I didn’t recognize Vi-Vi as a sub boss back then.

「This is where we defeated the final sub bosses. Takes you back.」

「Sure does.」

There was the rumor among the devils that the hero was a horrifically cruel person.

I think it was the final sub boss that spread it, and as a result, everyone in the town fled.

Then we had our final battle against the zombies and magical beasts of the Demon Lord.

It was quite a grand battle.

「There were a few devils mixed in, but it was mostly zombies and magical beasts.」

「As soon as we beat the Demon Lord, all the people came flooding back.」

It was just as Yureena said.

And in addition, the business from the capital flooded in as well.

「There are a lot of devils here though.」

「Sure are!」

Vi-Vi looked quite happy.

And Leah, whose father was a devil, seemed happy as well. Her beast-tail wagged slowly.

Just then, a boy ran up to us. He was about 10 and a devil-child.

He smiled at us and said,

「Brother, are you on a trip?」

「I guess so. I have something to do in Elkay, and have come from the capital.」

「I see. Well, it’s a long journey. Have you found an inn?」

「Not yet.」

We might be going back before night, so I hadn’t decided. We would see what would happen.

But it would take one day to walk from Elkay to the nearest town.

Normally, anyone would stay over or have decided by now.

So the kid continued as if we were obviously looking.

「I have a place to recommend, if you’d like?」

He was a panderer to any traveler in town. If he brought in a customer, he got money.

「Can the cow stay with us?」

「…the…the COW?」

The kid looked a bit confused.

「Moo mooo」

Moofy proceeded to sniff the kid.

「It might be bad if it poops or pees in the room…」

「Then it’s okay!」


「Of course!」

「Then…okay. I guess so.」

I guessed we could ask him to help.

Even if we went back before night, I needed a base.

「Okay, show us the place.」


The kid happily led us to a very old and crappy looking inn.

And it wasn’t an inn, but just a house.

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