Chapter 330


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Chapter 330 – Visiting Damian

So I heard the information from Tom.

Everyone listened carefully.

Even Yureena, who had Kay on top of her knees.

「Wow, that is a problem.」

「Not a huge one, but no kid is able to return that big a sum.」

Vi-Vi nodded and said.

「We have to do something.」

Luka said to herself, while Leah and Steff nodded along.

Then, Tom told me about where Damian lived and I headed out.

「Wait here, Luka and Yureena.」

「Okay, why are you going alone?」

「I don’t want a huge group with me. And I want someone here just in case.」

Yureena nodded.

「Yeah, if a big group goes, they’ll run and that will make it harder.」

「I don’t think they’ll run, but it’s better to scope the place by walking around it instead of some of them running up to us.」

「Got to know the lay of the land.」

「How about the others?」

Luka asked, and Vi-Vi said,

「I’m going with Al.」

「Me too. It’s a chance to see what happens with Alra.」

「Moo moo」

「ryaa ryaa」

「I’d like to go with master as well.」

「So Leah will stay with us?」


And like that, the team was decided: Vi-Vi. Timi, Shiggy, Moofy, Steff, and I.

Luka would stay with Yureena and Steff and look around.

Both of the groups had important roles.

「Be careful, old man!」

「We’ll be safe. Don’t worry.」

「See you! You too Shiggy!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Tom and Kay said, seeing us off.

After a while, Vi-Vi said,

「It was such an old house, why do you think Damian wants it?」

「Well, it was a big house.」

「Big, but old.」

「Maybe he only wants the land?」

「The land?」

Vi-Vi thought it over with a serious face.

It was big enough to have a big house.

It might have been that Tom’s parents were quite rich.

But it was old and no one had taken care of it, so it was falling apart.

And the land itself wasn’t bad.

If he built a real inn on the place, it might make some money.

So I explained it to Vi-Vi,

「The problem is that there isn’t many visitors to Elkay.」

Even with good land, there wasn’t much to be made from travelers.

「Master, is there an adventurer’s guild here?」

Steff asked me.


There were a lot of magical monsters around the town, after all.

So there had to be an adventurer’s guild to handle them.

「I’ll ask Luka after we’re done.」

「If there is one, I’d like to see it.」

「Yeah, we’ll see it if there is one.」


Shiggy peeked out from my pouch. She looked around at the village streets.

It was probably strange for her to see a village full of devils.

「Well, Alra, what now?」

「What do you mean?」

「Threaten him, be modest to him, what?」


I thought it over.

「Basically, threaten him, I guess.」

「Master, you’re going to threaten him? Not talk to him first?」

Steff looked a bit shocked. Just like most adventurers would.

「Well, the guy’s already a Negly bad guy. We either throw money at him or threaten him, that’s the only way we get info.」

「I see…is that how you do things?」

「Probably. He probably threatens others.」

There was probably no sense in appealing to emotion or logic.

「If you’re going to threaten, I’m very good at that.」

「Timi, please don’t roar at him.」


「No hm about it. You’ll cause a lot of panic.」



Timi and Shiggy looked sad.

But as we were talking, we found we had arrived at Damian’s hideaway.

There were two thugs talking in front of the place.

They probably were lookout.

「Okay, I’m going.」

「Sure, we’ll look around.」

So I walked up to the hideaway.

「Who the hell are you?」

「Is this Damian’s house?」

「Answer our damn question first!」

「Well, if this isn’t his house, then I’m just going to cause trouble.」

「What the hell are you talking about?」

First impressions are important.

I grabbed onto one thugs temples by the hand, and holding one temple by the index finger and one by the pinky started to squeeze.


The thug went to grab my hand by both arms, but fell to one knee.

「So, is this Damian’s house?」

「You bastard, leggo!」

The other guy threw a punch at me, but I grabbed his neck and lifted him.


He gurgled in pain.

「So, is this Damian’s house?」

「Y…yes! Yes!」

The guy that I was holding by the head answered, so I let them both go by casting them to the ground.

「Answer me and stop wasting my time!」

「…who the hell ARE you?」

「Is Damian at home?」


「You’re still going to stay quiet?」

I took a step forward and one of them shouted,

「He’s inside! He is!」

「Honesty is the best policy.」

I said with a smile, and went inside of Damian’s house.



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