Chapter 331


Chapter 331 – Damian Discussion

Damian’s house was quite clean and well furnished.

It was almost more like a business office.

「Who is this guy?!」

I ignored the thugs inside and just walked by.

Those that came at me I just slammed to the ground with barriers.

It was the same thing I did in the Negly base.

「Hello? Damian? Are you here?」

I called out, as I walked in.

「Damian, come out come out, wherever you are?」

After hearing some loud cursing, a guy came out from a back office.

「I’m Damian. Who are you?!」

「The Mysterious Wolf Mask.」


I didn’t have one on…but I kind of did…still in my heart.

「If you don’t know, ask your boss in the capital.」

「Well…whatever…why are you here?」

I guess he was ready to hear me out.

He saw I wasn’t here as an act, so he knew I was the real thing.

Almost the same as the animal world.

If you know the other guy’s stronger, you’re willing to hear him out.

He took me back to a very well furnished room and told me to sit.

「No need to talk and stand, Damian, please sit.」

Almost like I owned the place.

So I decided to get right to the point by asking,

「Lately, did you have someone looking to get some spirit stones?」


He was quite surprised.

Almost like he was wondering how I knew.

「What? I heard you were looking for them from your boss in the capital.」

He glared at me for a second.

He must be doubting my story.

「…What does that have to do with you?」

「Well, a ruler has had some trouble with someone that might be your client.」

That ruler was Cruz. And it was true that there was damages.

Of course, I wasn’t sure that Damian’s client was the one behind it.

Damian was a bad guy though, and Bill and the others made it obvious.

Also there was Tom’s dealings with him, so a bit of threatening might work.

「I want you to tell me who is asking you to buy those spirit stones.」

「…no way I can tell you.」

「Too bad. No one wants trouble, Damian.」

「I don’t know what trouble you’re talking about.」

So, I decided to scare him a bit,

「No, Damian, you’re the one in trouble.」


「Either way, this ruler’s pissed. You had better settle with her!」

「What the hell do you mean?! I’ve nothing to do with it!」

「If you don’t tell me who you’re trying to sell the stones to, then you’ve got to settle it with the ruler!」

「What kind of logic is that! You’re messed up!」

Damian was kind of right. My logic was messed up.

But it was messed up that he was trying to rob Tom of his home too.

No need to use logic with someone that doesn’t use it himself.

And since he was all into survival of the fittest, then I would use it on him.

And now it was time for him to pay.

So I acted like Damian was the one that wasn’t understanding the logic,

「What? What’s ‘messed up?’ You won’t tell who you’re buying for, so you’ve got to settle it with this ruler who’s pissed! That’s obvious!」

「Nonononono, I don’t get it. I have nothing to do with whoever that guy is trying to get the stones and that ruler!」

He was right, but I didn’t care.

You can’t just let a guy like that win.

Even if his logic made sense.

「Listen, Damian, you’re acting a little TOO irresponsible here.」

「Hell if I care.」

「Well, I could care less too!」

「What do you mean, ‘care less’?」

「About all this crap, you’ve got to settle this with that ruler!」

「…you asshat! Messing with me like this…I’m the chief of this branch of Neglys!」

「The boss already told your story. Don’t you remember?」

Then, I smiled.

「Your boss was the one that understood my story. He not only apologized but told me that I had to settle it with YOU!」

「Don’t lie to me!」

「Why don’t you see if it’s a lie? Well, it would take a month to walk to the capital and back….」

「I can check now. Wait a second.」

「No, why do I have to wait for you? I need to settle this now. Why would I wait for you to check with the capital?!」

「So then this whole discussion is pointless?!」

I guess I had won.

I made everything rely on the fact that Damian had something to settle with a ruler.

But I was alone, but there was no doubt that I would beat him in a fight.

「So, what? How are you going to settle this?」

「Money? How much…」

「Let’s see.」

Well, Cruz was a ruler, and her land was wrecked by all those blizzards, so I gave him an estimate.


It was so much that Damian turned pale.

「Well, I’ve heard that you’ve made quite a bit here already.」

「But…that much…I…」

I stood up. I looked for a safe.

There was something like it in the back of the room.

「How much is in there?」


He resisted, but I went for the strongbox anyway.

「Bastard! Stop right there!」

And just then, Damian’s thugs burst into the room.


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