Chapter 332


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Chapter 332 Damian Discussion 2

I knew that they’d be pissed if I went for all their money.

So I used a barrier to knock them all down on the floor.

I hardly even had to use magic.

Damian looked up at me, dumbfounded.

「Are we done here?」

「Please…spare me.」

He was the chief, but he had never tried to attack me.

I didn’t know how strong he was, but he knew that he’d lose to me.

However, he was shocked that I was able to blast all his boys away without a scratch.

I ignored all of them and went over to the strongbox,

「Damian, open this.」

「…there’s no way I would…」

「I see.」

If he won’t open it than I’d open it myself.

I put magic into my hands and used the magic to wrench off the opening by its hinges.

Cruz and Luka might be able to do something like this with bare hands, but it was a bit harder for a magician.

I used the magic well so Damian didn’t see it, and opened the strongbox.


I said, as if it was just through power I was opening it up.

Now Damian definitely thought I was a monster.


「That was a bit tough. A good safe.」

「…how did you open it?」

「Let’s just say I’m good at opening things.」

And with that, I threw the lid of the box at Damian.

I could see the guy was sweating like crazy as he caught the lid and I looked inside.

There was money, gold bars, jewels, and IOUs inside.

「I see there’s a lot in here. You shouldn’t lie to me.」

I said, and took everything inside.

「T…that money, you can’t take it…please…」

「I mean, this isn’t even a slight payback. You’ll have to write me an IOU…」

I fanned myself with all the IOUs.

I picked out Tom’s IOU and looked at it. It was signed in Tom’s childish signature.

The amount was just a little bit. Three day’s stay in his house.

It was the amount of three day’s work in the capital.

However, the interest was an enormous amount.

「Forgive me…I worked hard…」

「Worked hard in CRIME you mean? A hard working criminal is WORSE than a lazy criminal, you know?」

He was so hard working that he was trying to fraudulently steal a kid’s house.

That was something I couldn’t overlook.

So I stared at him and said,

「…who asked you to buy them?」


「Bill? He didn’t just tell me it was you just so I’d come all the way here to kick your ass, right?」

「It wasn’t Bill!」

「Then who? Maybe someone in the head hideout that doesn’t like you? The boss?」

Maybe it was a fight for power inside the Negly Gang.

And if they wanted to have a fight like that, it was fine.

But I wouldn’t let the fight get so out of control that it would hurt others.

「If it’s a fight for power in the Negly family, I have no interest.」

「Don’t lie, if not then why…」

「Damian, you seem to not know what position you’re in.」

「…what does that mean?」

「You’ve got a tiger by the tail. You’ve got someone out there that’s willing for you to be destroyed.」

Damian looked at me, shocked, and I said,

「I am, now, looking to destroy all of the Negly Gang.」

「But…that’s impossible.」

「I mean, by now, the capital gang might already be destroyed, right?」

Cruz and Femm were in the capital.

If the gang had started moving again, Cruz would crush them.

Just then, there were voices outside,

「Damian! There’s some weird folks outside!」

「Ok! Bring them in!」

Then Damian glared at me,

「The tables have turned!」


「Your people were lurking outside, right? You’re strong, but you guys outside aren’t!」

「It’s true, my people are outside, but I don’t think you’ll be able to take them hostage.」

Damian said nothing, but still glared at me.

He probably thought I was lying.

Then the thug came in the room,


「…what the?」

His face was covered in blood, and he was floating in the air.

Someone was clenching onto his neck from behind.

「Alra, we were outside, and this guy showed us in.」

「Nice of him to do that.」

She was carrying one guy by the neck and one by the collar, dragging him along.

「Master, sorry to come in so suddenly.」

Steff came in bowing over and over.

「You told them to come in, so it’s fine!」

「Moo moo!」

Then Moofy and Vi-Vi came in.

Moofy was pulling a thug by the leg with her mouth.

「You’re that ass Damian?! Ripping off that kid!」

Vi-Vi was pissed.

「What did that thug do?」

「He tried to grab Moofy to sell him!」


Moofy was expensive meat, after all.

The thug tried to fool or threaten or steal that cow.

Damian looked at the ceiling with a look of giving up.

「Okay…I’ll tell you who it is.」

「You could have done that in the first place.」

I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.



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