Chapter 333

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Chapter 333 – Damian’s Information

Timi threw the thugs onto the floor.

Then she came over and clapped me on the shoulder.

「Great job, Alra! You actually got this fellow to talk without force!」

Timi looked over at us and made that assumption.

Of course, Damian wasn’t injured at all.

The thugs were spread all over the floor, but she didn’t pay any mind to them.

「That’s right. If we just are truthful with one another, we’ll get through it.」

「Yeah, peace is the best option.」

I said some cliched phase, to which Timi responded with a laugh.

「You ‘got through it’?」

Steff said, looking at all the fallen thugs on the floor,

「I mean, it takes different methods.」


Vi-Vi and Moofy both nodded, but then Damian looked at us and said,

「Wait…that’s getting through it?」

Seems that Damian had some complaint.

But we ignored him as Timi looked over the empty strongbox.


She then took it her her hand and crushing it, said to herself, 「ah.」

It was like a paper box in the hand of a child.

「Sorry, Damian, or whomever…I broke it.」


Damian looked like he was about to faint.

「The box looked pretty strong, but I guess it was kind of brittle.」

Timi said, sounding genuinely sorry.

「Yeah, sorry, how much did it cost?」

She asked, but Damian shook his head.

「No. It’s fine.」

「I see. Good. Sorry about that.」

「No, it’s perfectly okay.」

He was very scared and moved over to sit in a chair.

Just then, Shiggy popped out of my pouch.



He shook even though the dragon was so cute.

I guess anything would scare him now.

「Thanks for talking to us about this.」


「So, who was the one that was going to buy the stones from you?」

「…the Demon Lord.」

Everyone looked at me.

I had forgotten, but I was the Demon/Magic Lord.

But that didn’t make sense at all.

「Is there someone else that uses that name?」

「Someone else?」

「Nothing. Who is this…lord?」

「In autumn, the fellow that began living in the castle. He calls himself the Demon Lord.」

「Well, that’s some new info.」

Whoever it is, they have ten-pound balls to say that.

「So they just started living…in the castle?」

Vi-Vi asked with a doubtful face.

「What about the official that has control over this place? No one said anything?」

「No idea, he might be getting bribed…or threatened.」

Either way, the official obviously wasn’t in charge.

That might have been why there were no guards at the gate.

「So you guys did whatever you wanted because no official said anything.」

「Yeah, but…」

「Anything else?」

「The Demon Lord’s scarier…than any official.」

Damian said.

And if someone like a Negly chief like Damian said that, then he had to be scared.

「So…someone that would even scare a guy like you Damian?」


Damian was a little pissed at that sarcastic statement and looked upset.

I got angry and glared at him.

「N…no. You guys are scarier than that Demon Lord.」

「Whatever. I’m a niiiice guuuy.」


Damian said, a bit sarcastically back.

Anyway, we went back to the conversation at hand.

「So this so-called Demon Lord, what did he tell you about the stones?」

「One of his guys said that if you found them being sold in the city, to go out and buy them.」

And it would take a month to walk to and from the capital.

It only look a week for Tokul to show up after Linmia put the stones up for sale.

Something was up.

Maybe he had a special method, or a way of contacting others.

Magic circles or some kind of transmission tool, or something else.

「Damian, so how did you contact the capital?」

「Once the buyer was ready, the Demon Lord’s guy would make a contract, and they’d send a horse into town.」

「I see, so the Demon Lord’s guy would contact whomever.」

「Pretty much.」

It was obviously not a horse. It would take longer than a week.

There had to be another method.

So I asked Damian about the Demon Lord.

Seems like all the taxes and so on were being done by him and not the official either.

It might just be that the capital is so far away, it didn’t have the power to control it.

「I guess the kingdom is a bit wrong in thinking they have this place controlled.」

「You’re right, I fear.」

After hearing that, I said to Damian,

「No more crime.」

「…I know.」

I didn’t trust him, but I’d let him go anyway.

I had not jurisdiction anyway.

「Honestly, the previous matter is settled.」


「You’re welcome…」

「Thank you.」

「Okay, now with that done, get your heart straight and do decent work.」

I said with a smile, and clapped him on the shoulder.

「If you don’t, this guy may come back to play with you again!」

「I…I’ll be careful…」

Damian seemed genuinely sorry.

I hoped that he’d act cleanhanded from now on.

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