Chapter 334

Translator: ranzan

Chapter 334 – The Adventurer’s Guild of Elkay

We left the room, leaving Damian, though I didn’t know if he was actually apologetic or not.

Before we left, I said to Damian something, as if I had just recalled it,

「Oh yeah, from now on, I’m going to do some business in this town.」

「Don’t tell me. Go ask the Demon Lord.」

「No no no no, this involves you as well.」

「What do you mean?」

「I was thinking of doing the business at little Tom’s boarding house.」


I took out the IOU that Tom had signed and showed him it.

Damian jumped back a bit when he saw the note.

「So, you’re going to take back this IOU for all the trouble you’ve caused.」

「W…wait a second…」

Damian seemed to be really flustered.

It was weird. After all that threatening, I thought he would just take it back.

「Is there a problem?」

「Well, the Demon Lord specifically requested…」

I had no idea why this self-declared Demon Lord wanted Tom’s house.

There must be some special reason.

「This Demon Lord…or whatever, really has some diversified interests.」

「I don’t know anything about it.」

Maybe this Damian fellow was just the Demon Lord’s errand boy.

Maybe he was more of the Demon Lord’s guy than a chief in the Neglys.

「If I take that IOU back, the Demon Lord will kill me…」

「Don’t worry. You’d be killed for messing up that spirit stone transaction first.」

It seems Damian finally realized the mess he was in. He turned pale.

「Relax. I’ll settle the account with the Demon Lord myself.」


「And if you care for your own life, you best support me in doing so.」

「I…earnestly hope…you’ll win, then.」

And with that, I hope he really did learn his lesson, but I didn’t expect much.

So finally, I gave him a last warning.

「Listen, Damian. Don’t mess with my business ever again.」


「You haven’t learned your lesson.」

「…yes…I have…I understand.」

「Don’t cause Tom any more problems.」


「And tell your thugs the same.」


I still didn’t trust the guy, so I finished with,

「If your thugs pull anything, I’ll settle it with you.」


「Don’t talk to those kids again.」

「…okay. I won’t.」

「Because I’ll be back. Okay?」

「I know…I won’t.」

Damian looked quite frightened.

So I said,

「The Wolf Always Watches.」


But I wasn’t wearing the mask, so Damian’s face was one big question mark.

If he contacted the Neglys, however, they’d tell him.

I laughed to myself, and left the hideout.

Vi-Vi was waiting outside.

「So what happened?」

「I told him the IOU was settled because of the trouble he caused me.」

「I see.」

「So let’s head back to Tom’s!」Timi said, starting off.

There were about 10 of Damian’s thugs on the ground outside the hideout too.

She must have blown them away before they even got in the door.

I looked them all over, and they were mostly human.

Maybe one devil for every 9 humans.

It might have been the fact that they were Neglys that they were mostly human.

I got something to eat on the way back and returned to Tom’s house.

Luka, Yureena, and Leah were waiting.

Same with Tom and Kay.

「Welcome back, mister!」

Kay ran out to us.

「Hey, I got you some souvenirs.」


Kay laughed happily while Tom looked unsettled.

「C…can we really have them?」

「Sure, let’s eat.」

「But, my money…」

「I said souvenir, right? I don’t need money.」

Because of all that mess with Damian, Tom must have learned that nothing comes for free.

We started eating what I had brought back, and Luka asked,

「How did the tracking him down turn out?」

「I guess you could say, as expected.」

I told them all what had happened, and the information that Damian had given me.

Then I gave the IOU over to Tom.

「Tom, Damian’s apologized. You don’t own him a thing.」


「Yeah, I’m good at talking to guys like Damian.」

Luka looked at me with a smirk.

「There wasn’t a lot of “talking,” I bet.」

「I’m more worried about this new Demon Lord, or whoever.」

「What is the agent doing, anyway?!」

Vi-Vi said, a bit angrily.

「Luka, what about the adventurer’s guild?」

「There’s a branch office here.」

「Any problems?」

「I asked around, and heard there’s not a lot of action.」

That was weird.

Elkay was in the middle of a lot of magical monsters, and growing leaps and bounds.

A place like this should be teeming with adventurers and quests to be had.

So it was strange to hear that there wasn’t much going on.

「What could that mean?」

「No idea. There’s no info that gets to the capital from here either.」

「I bet.」

Quite a few mysterious things were going on.


  1. What’s an IOU? It seems some kind of mortgage, but what does IOU stands for?

    Thanks for the chapters

  2. A piece of paper that says “I Owe You”.
    Basically written acknowledgement of a debt.

  3. Its a promise of money.
    I Owe yoU $$$$

  4. Wow, when you said “last chapter” I thought the series had ended

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