Chapter 335

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Chapter 335 – Checking Tom’s House

Then Vi-Vi asked,

「I don’t get it. I thought you were top of the adventurer’s guild, Luka?」

「I guess you could say that, but in the capital area. This is outside my jurisdiction.」

「I see.」

「I didn’t know what was going on here.」

And that was something she really had no power over. She did her best, but it was the chief out here that was in charge of this guild.

Then I asked Yureena,

「What about the church here, Yureena?」

「It’s a small one, one priest.」

「Any followers?」

「Not really.」

It seems like the church wasn’t doing that much either.

Only some occasional visits by young believers trying to spread the word of God.

After all, this old Demon Lord’s domain needed some serious missionary work.

They would come to the church here and then spread out into the old Demon Lord’s domain.

「I can see why the church’s influence is limited here as well, Yureena.」

「It’s unavoidable.」

As we were talking this over, Kay scrambled up on Moofy’s back.

「Wee! Yaah!」

「Moo mooo!」


Shiggy was dancing around on the back of Moofy as well.

Seeing Kay so happy, Tom smiled and looked in good spirits.

And I was happy to see these poor children with smiles on their faces again.

「With children like this in Elkay, it means there must be good people living in this town.」

「Of course!」Vi-Vi said.

「So what is the agent’s doing?」

「I wonder. Probably thinking something up with that Demon Lord, right?」

It was just as Luka said.

「We have to do something about that Demon Lord or whoever.」


「I just have to ask, that agent of the Demon Lord isn’t in the castle, right?」

It seems that he was just working for the Demon Lord, after all.

No need to fight with him.

「Yeah, it seems he has his own place near the church.」

「Well, that’s a relief.」

I said, and Timi leaned forwards,

「Hey, Alra. Are you ready to burn that castle down?」

「I was thinking about it.」

「You want me to drop down from above? I can blow my breath down and blast it.」

「…no, no need for that.」



Timi and Shiggy both looked a little disappointed.

「The castle’s in the middle of town, after all.」


「If you blast the castle, the town’s going to take a massive hit too.」

「Yeah, I think it’s a bad idea, too.」

「Well, if you and Luka say so, then I guess I won’t blast the castle.」

But then Timi asked,

「Not even a little dragon breath, though?」

「The castle might crumble. If you breathe on it, everyone in there is going to die.」

「Yeah, and then we’re going to have no idea why they want these spirit stones.」

Then, from the corner of the room, Leah raised her hand.


「What is it, Leah?」

「Do you think my brother will be in that castle?」

「There’s a possibility.」

Timi said and then noticed she said it, and put her hands over her mouth.

「Sorry I blurted that out.」

「No…it’s okay.」

「And if I breathed my dragon breath onto the castle, if Leah’s brother was there, then he’d die.」

「That could happen.」

「Then I won’t.」

And so it was decided.

Then I asked Tom,

「Let me ask, what is it about this house that’s so important?」


「Why does Damian want it so badly?」

There has to be a reason that the Demon Lord was willing to kill Damian over it.

I had to know.

「Um, I really don’t know.」

「Have you heard anything else about this place?」

「No…my dad might have known something…」

「I see.」

Then Vi-Vi said,

「Let’s check it out!」

「Yeah. Can we look around, Tom?」


Tom said, without hesitation.

「We need your nose too, Moofy.」

「Moo moo!」

And so, with Kay and Shiggy on her back, Moofy started sniffing around.

Vi-Vi searched around magically.

We all looked around carefully.

「I don’t sense any magical circles.」


「Al. Is there something magical here?」

「Doesn’t seem to be.」

Luka walked up to me while I was searching the place magically.

She had found something and wanted me to check it.

「What about this Al? It looks pretty old.」

「It looks like some trace of ruins. I heard this town was built on the ruins of an older one.」

「You think that’s something the Demon Lord is interested in?」

「No, the whole town is filled with them. I don’t think Tom’s place is special in that regard.」


Luka looked a bit puzzled.

「So I guess there’s nothing magical here.」


And after Vi-Vi and I finished checking the place over, we didn’t think there was anything special here.

「So why does the Demon Lord want it so badly?」

「Maybe we should ask the Demon Lord.」

「That would be faster.」

And so we headed off to the castle.

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