Chapter 340

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Chapter 340 – The “So-Called” Demon Lord Versus the REAL Magic Lord

I saw the new Demon Lord sitting at his throne.

I glared at him, and said,

「You’re the one that’s messed up this whole town!」

「Whatever I do in my castle and town is my business.」

He said, raising his hand and and then dropping it down.

At the same time about 10 zombies came forward to attack us.

Yureena swung her staff and fists at them all over again.

Vi-Vi’s magic exploded while Moofy ran around headbutting zombies.

They were dispatched in a flash.

I looked at the demon again.

He didn’t seem surprised that we had destroyed his zombies so quickly.

I guess he trusted his strength quite a bit.

「This isn’t your town.」

「The kingdom might say that it is…」

I guess he was saying that he was the only one in control of this castle and town, and for now, he was right.

But, I wasn’t going to allow that to continue.

Nor would the royalty or the nobles.

There’s no reason to put children into such deplorable conditions.

And so talking time was over,

「Who told you that you could take the name or demon or magic lord?」

I wasn’t proud that I was chosen, but it was weird this guy thought he could take the title.

And I really didn’t want the name sullied by a loser like this.

He didn’t even answer my question,

「…what a fool. You carry along kids and girls with you to fight?」

「I’m not a kid!」


「Moo moo!」

Yureena, Vi-Vi, and Moofy seemed a bit angered by that remark.

「Aren’t you embarrassed to be surrounded only by women?」



I was silent, and Moofy mooed loudly.

I guess I had nothing to say, because that was the way it looked.

I was being carried by Luka, after all,


And so Luka, understanding what was going on, let go of me and stepped back.

So I stood there and addressed him,

「Who told you that you could take the name or demon or magic lord?」

I asked again, since I didn’t get an answer.

「I am the true successor of the previous Demon Lord.」

「So you’re his kid?」

「Why do I have to ANSWER YOU!?」

And at the same time he shot a powerful fireball at me.


I was a bit surprised.

We were just talking up until then.

Even though he called himself Demon Lord, I wish people like this would stop with the quick temper.

So I knocked the fireball away.

「Vi-Vi, do you remember the previous Demon Lord having a successor?」

「I have no idea who this old guy is.」

「So, there is none.」

I guess even the old Demon Lord’s sub boss doesn’t know this guy.

He probably wasn’t even in his army as a commander.

「Hey! Are you mocking me?! Come forward!」

One of them he called forward was definitely a demon, no there were two.

There were many types of demons, they were twice as big as a man, and wide too.

They had long fangs and sharp claws.

They also had one horn that came out of their foreheads.

The bigger and less they looked like humans, the more powerful they were.

So these two looked like they were pretty strong.

One more had a mask and was probably a devil, seeing from the horns.

Or it might be a demon near the size of a human, so much weaker.

「Are they zombies? Can you tell, Moofy?」


I guess she couldn’t tell unless she hit them with her nose.

We’d check after we’d defeated them.

「You think you’re hot stuff just because you have demons?」

「Too late for you now. I am the Demon Lord, and you are NOTHING!」

He said, again waving his hand in the air.

Guess he liked that little gesture a lot.

At the same time the demons let fly a bunch of massive magic spears at me.

「You’re the one that’s nothing.」

I threw up a magic barrier with my left hand to protect Moofy and the rest.

At the same time, I shot gravity magic at the Demon Lord and others with my right.




They all fell to their knees.

The Demon Lord had no idea what was happening, you could see it on his face.

The spears they had thrown at me hit the magical barrier and broke.

Luka and Yureena hit them with their weapons.

.「These aren’t just magical spears!」

「It had a real spear inside, so you’d better be careful!」

And as they were saying so, they picked up the spears they had knocked to the ground.

「W…what have you done?」

Without answering the Demon Lord’s question, I simply walked closer.

「You’re the Demon Lord, right? If you really are, then release yourself.」

I strengthened the gravity magic.

We were inside, so I had to limit the range of the magic.

If it hit the ceiling, the place might fall down.




They all got to their knees and then fell with their hands to the floor.

From the demons’ backs, two more arms sprung out.

Seems this wasn’t their final form.

However, those limbs were weighed down as well and stuck to the ground.

「Demon Lord, you head is so low…almost as if you’re bowing to me…」

「You bastard…」

I got closer and strengthened the magic even more.

Then I put him in a position that made him look like he was prostrate and begging for mercy.


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