Chapter 341

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Chapter 341 – Demon Versus the Magic Lord

He was facing me, on his hands and knees in a begging pose.

「What is it? Do you want to apologize?」

I took a spear and pointed it at his head.

It was the spear that Luka had knocked down when the demons attacked us.



I crushed the Demon Lord and the masked person to the ground so they wouldn’t move.

I had no idea whether it was their ribs or nose I broke, but there was blood coming from their nose and mouths.

Maybe I should crush their bones into pieces.

If I did that, they wouldn’t move again, and then I could ask some questions.

As I was thinking it over,

「You fooool…」

One demon used all their strength to attempt to stand again.

He were probably far stronger than the Demon Lord.

In fact, they were probably just using him as a front, but just strong doesn’t mean you’re smart or great.

「Just like a demon. You’re still trying to stand.」

I strengthened the magic on him further.


The demon fell back to the floor with a slap. I put the same strong magic on the Demon Lord as well.




The sounds of cracking bones echoed in the room.

「I’ll never…forgive…lowly humans…GAAAHHH!」

「Lowly humans? But we’ve completely beaten you already.」

The prone demon was still quite lively.

He screamed out again.

The four arms flexed with renewed, larger muscles.


He pushed four arms to the ground and tried to push himself up.

「Still trying? You are tough!」


They screamed in a way human words couldn’t describe.

At the same time, more zombies came from behind the throne.

That scream must have called them into battle.

A basilisk, hydra, chimera, A and B ranked zombified monsters.

Luka shouted,

「Leave these weaklings to us!」


「Me too!」

Luka and Yureena went after the new enemies.

「Moofy, take care of Vi-Vi and Leah!」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy responded happily.

And with the girls on her back, she charged right into the zombies.

Even though there were a lot, with all of them there it wasn’t such a big deal.

Luka and the others rammed and slashed, and many zombies fell near my feet.


「It’s okay, there are a lot of them.」

The corpses would naturally get spread all over the place.

So I used my left hand to slay the zombies while keeping my right hand over the Demon Lord and others.

I just shot magical bolts at them.

When I blew away a zombie chimera, I felt a surge of heat.

Since I was paying attention to the zombies, the demon shot a fireball at me while I wasn’t paying attention.

It was the perfect timing.


I put up a barrier just before it hit me.

I thought it was over, but when the fireball disappeared I saw the demon standing before me.

He had somehow gotten out of the gravity’s reach and had stood and attacked me.

He had a sword, and pulled it out so quickly a normal adventurer would never see it.

It was that fast, so fast the eye almost couldn’t see it.

I blocked it but felt pain in my left knee.

「How did you…block!」

「You mean how I blocked your fireball?」

He was more surprised that I blocked the fireball than his sword.

In addition to gravity magic, I had shot magical bolts at zombies, AND blocked his fireball.

Three different magics. I think any magician would have a very difficult time doing three at once.

That’s why he was so surprised.

「I’m surprised you can move.」

「Don’t mock demons!」

He said with a fanged grin.

Maybe he was just faking not being able to move.

Or I thought so, but I noticed two of his arms were broken.

He had sacrificed two in order to crawl out of the range of the gravity…quite some guts.

I guess I shouldn’t have tried to keep them all alive, but then the demon said with a grin,

「The reason you will lose is because you didn’t finish me with that magic!」

Then he swung the sword with his right hand.

I spun to avoid it, but then he flung the nails of his left hand towards me.

They sprung out from his fingers and seemed to chase me. It would be bad to be hit, but even worse if he hit the girls behind me. So I put a barrier up and stopped them.

「Too bad! That was your only chance to flee!」

He seemed quite sure of winning.

I could see the two broken arms from his sides were also healing quickly.

「You think I used all my power to fight you?」I said.


He looked at me fiercely as I started using gravity magic again, even more than before. The Lord and the masked man were already ground into the floor, so I used all power on him.


And with a great slamming sound, the demon’s body hit the floor.

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