Chapter 342

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Chapter 342 – So-Called Demon Lord Army Versus Magic Lord Army

He looked at me as if he’d never seen such a thing before.

「What the…」

「I know how much lifeforce you demons have. You don’t just die easily.」


「Trying again?」


So I put even more gravity on him.

This time he was almost flattened into the floor.

「See if you can get up now.」


He opened his palm and shot a magic bolt at me, which I quickly deflected away.

「If you’re going to use magic, you need to do better.」


So I strengthened the gravity until I could hear bones cracking under the pressure.

By then all the zombies were gone.

「He’s going to die if you crush him like that.」

「These guys don’t die even if you almost cut them in two.」

「I’ve see it!」

Vi-Vi said, remembering a past battle with a demon.

「Al, still, I need you to not kill him yet.」


Luka wanted to question him.

We needed to know whether it was the “Demon Lord” or the demon who was in charge.

「Well, this is a demon. We have to hurt it some more or it’s going to go nuts like before.」

「You want to split this one in half?」

Yureena said, perhaps recalling all the crap we went through with the old Great Demon.

「Well, that was that really strong mithril great demon. This one’s going to die.」

「I think you’re right.」

The mithril Great Demon was the one that defeated Shiggy’s mother.

The great demon had spent 200 years in order to finally steal Shiggy from her mother.

As we talked it over, the demon groaned,

「You fools…are the ones…that defeated…the great demon…」

「Yeah, you know about it?」


The demon said no more.

「Whatever. We’ll have plenty of time to ask later.」

There’s no doubt that this demon was under the great demon’s control at one time.

I strengthened the gravity even more so that even more bones would break.

Even after breaking his bones to dust and crushing his muscles, he could come back.

Destroying them was easy, but taking their power without destroying them was very hard.

I took magical spears and plunged them into some vital points.

Both shoulders, both knees, his navel.

With that, I threw a magical net over him to bind him.

「It’s really going to suck when we have to carry him.」


We had beaten the Great Demon near the capital after all.

That’s why we could give him over to the crown quite easily.

「There’s no government here, after all.」

「Nor really any guild.」

We would have to contact the capital about this, and in order to do that, we would have to transport there from Lindobal forest.

And we didn’t want the demon to know about all those magical transports. We would have to transport him without him knowing.

「I’ll watch him while you check the others.」

「Got it.」

「Leave it to me!」

Luka and Yureena looked over the masked man and the Demon Lord.

Their bones were broken and they were also unconscious. No way they could move even if they woke up.


The so-called Demon Lord whispered with blood coming from his mouth.

「Ah, you woke up! Pretty strong there.」


The Lord was murmuring about something.

Just then, the masked person started to twitch more and more.

「What is it?」

「Weird if all his bones are broken.」

Luka and Yureena took a step back.

「Moo mooo!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Moofy and Shiggy looked a bit scared.

The masked person stood up before us.

There were bones sticking from his legs through his meat, and blood everywhere.

「Luka! Knock the Demon Whatever out!」


The masked person’s movements were so strange.

Almost as if he was magically made a marionette’s puppet.

If that’s so, the controller must be the Demon Lord.


Luka punched the Demon Lord square in the face and he immediately passed out.

But the masked person didn’t stop.

「Leave it to me.」

And as soon as Yureena took a step towards the masked person, spirits of fire rose up all around us.

The heat in the room suddenly increased.

「12 spirits of fire!」

It would really suck to have to fight spirits here.

Especially fire spirits.

「Moofy! Out of the room!」


Moofy started to run out of the room with the girls still riding.

But the spirits blocked her path.

If it was just Moofy, she’d charge right through them, but not with Vi-Vi and Leah on her back.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy dodged the fireballs they threw at her.

「Al! Over here!」

Luka cried out.

Her sword had no effect on the spirits.

I had to take them out myself.

Then Vi-Vi cried out,

「Leave it to me!」

And at the same time, a large magic circle arose from the floor.

It was massive, and I realized that she had been writing it from afar as the whole battle was progressing.

She started the magic flowing about the ring, and the room suddenly filled with chilled air.


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