Chapter 343

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Chapter 343 – The Mysterious Spirit Sorcerer

The moisture in the air suddenly froze.


Even I was surprised.

Vi-Vi’s circle was multilayered too.

This circle quickly lowered the temperature of the room, but if you looked closely, there was a ring for almost everything: wind, fire, ice, magical force. There were four that she could pick from.

Since the fire spirits were called, she used the ice.

It’s amazing how she learned to do these things.

And as I was surprised at that alone, the ring began to shoot ice into the air as well. When the hell did she have time to write that?


「Don’t just shoot random ice around!」

The ice didn’t just shoot at the fire spirits, but at all the girls as well.

Luka and Yureena quickly dodged all the ice that came at them. I put up a magical barrier to protect them.

「Sorry…there’s no friend/foe function on it!」


That was a much harder circle that she didn’t have time to draw.


The spirit’s voices faded as the ice hit them and their numbers slowly decreased.

I hit them with magical bolts as well, and after a bit, they were all sent back to the spirit world.

「Well, that was a bother.」

「There’s no way to deal with fire in a small room like this.」

And saying that, Luka got close to the masked person.

「It seems that the Demon Lord was controlling him…could you tie him up?」


So I put a magic net over him as well.

After making sure of it, Luka took off the person’s mask.

He had beast ears and two horns. And also a beast tail.

「Devil? No…beast?」


I heard Leah whisper.

She jumped off of Moofy and ran to the masked person.

「Leah, your brother?」


I asked, and she picked him up and answered while tears streamed down her face.



I called Moofy’s name.

I wanted to see if her brother was turned into a zombie or not.

Of course, in front of Leah there crying, I couldn’t just ASK Moofy if she could check.

「Moo moo」

Still, Moofy stuck her snout out and sniffed.

Then she sniffed once more, just in case.

I guess the cow knew exactly what I was thinking.




She said, but I still had to make sure.

「Not a zombie.」

『Not zombie.』

Everyone seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

「Well, then.」

「Great to hear.」

Vi-Vi and Luka said, and sighed again.

「Al, look him over.」


So I checked the person over as Luka has asked.

「The same as Leah.」

「Magical hypnosis?」


「Break it.」

I remembered back to when I broke Leah’s hypnosis, and she remembered still what had happened.

Best to break this as quickly as possible.

We wouldn’t want the Demon Lord to wake up and start controlling him.

「Yureena, heal him first.」

「You’re right. Give me a second.」

All of his bones were broken, after all.

And not only that, but the Demon Lord had controlled him, making his injuries worse.

He was an absolute mess.

If I would break his hypnosis now, he might pass out from the pain.

「It’s going to take some time.」

「I know.」

「I can’t even tell how many bones are broken.」

There might be a hundred or even 200 breaks.

She had to heal all of it, and a regular healer would take days to do that.

「Luka, could you, Vi-Vi and Moofy search around?」

「Got it.」

Luka alone might miss some magical traces.

But with Vi-Vi, it would be okay.

And Moofy’s nose could pick up the rest.

「I’ll watch over the Demon Lord and this other demon.」


「Leave it to us.」

「Moo moo!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy waved to Luka and the others as they left the room.

Leah prayed while Yureena healed her brother.

「Just leave it to Yureena, it’ll be okay.」


Then, Yureena looked like she remembered something.


「What is it?」

「What kind of punishment are you going to give my brother?!」

「Well, the Demon Lord and this other demon are going to get some severe punishment. I don’t know about your brother.」

The people of Elkay are pretty sure to feel like they’ve been wronged by anyone in this castle, after all.

「Well, we won’t know until we asked, but I’ll see what can be done.」

「T…thank you.」

Just then, Yureena looked at me.

「I’m done for now.」

「You finished all the important work?」

「Yeah, stopped the bleeding, and set the broken bones.」


I guess she was pretty much done.

「…that was fast.」

「Well, I’m good at it, so it doesn’t take long.」

She was a holy maiden, after all.

However, if it took this short of a time, I should have just asked Luka and the others to stay.

「Okay, I’ll remove the hypnosis.」


Leah said, with a bow.


And with that, I removed the hypnotic spell over Leah’s brother.


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