Chapter 348

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Chapter 348 – Peaceful Elkay at Last

Luka looked over at the happy brother and sister and said,

「It’s going to be a while until the agent shows up. We should stick around at let the thugs know that they can’t mess around.」

「I think you’re right.」

It was just as Luka and Yureena said.

「Should we tell the crown about the transport circles?」

Steff asked.

「Nah…don’t think so.」

「Why not, master?」

「Because we can’t let anyone know Vi-Vi can make such a difficult thing so easily.」

You almost forget she could make such circles, because it’s such a radical power.

Plus, the royal magical magicians could make them themselves.

However, that itself took several magicians a few weeks.

And then all other work stopped, this is why they never made a portal in Elkay.

「Are you saying that they might kidnap me?」


Vi-Vi said a bit flatly, while Moofy seemed quite enraged at the thought.

「They’d probably try to use you for themselves.」

All the nobles would try to grab her because of ambition. It would throw the government into chaos.

「I see. I guess we shouldn’t tell them.」

「I guess not.」

Steff seemed to understand now.

So I said to the siblings,

「Maybe you should head over to the guild, Leo.」

「You think so?」

「The guild master thinks you’re dead. It’ll relieve him.」

「No…not now. No matter what the punishment, I should be punished first.」

He wasn’t ready to be an adventurer again until then.

So that was what he was worried about.

「With Elkay being leaderless now, it’ll be chaotic. They need adventurers as the weaker ones will have their hands full.」

Cruz said with a smile.

「Yeah, I agree as one of the leaders of the guild myself.」

「If you want to work off a punishment, then just work for the people of Elkay for a while.」

Luka and Yureena said with smiles.

「I see. Then I’ll pay some of my crimes back by helping Elkay.」

「Do you want to join him as an adventurer, Leah?」

Cruz asked.

「B…but I was laboring to pay my crimes off…」

「You were here to fight that “Demon Lord,” so I think the debt’s paid.」

「PiGGI 『paid.』」

「See, even Chel says so. You want to be with your brother, right?」

「…I do.」

Since Cruz gave her the punishment as marquis, she could easily remove it too.

「Leo! Do you two wanna live here?」

「Can we?」

「Sure! We have no customers anyway.」

So Leo and Leah decided to stay at Tom’s place.

Also, I paid to rent two rooms at Tom’s.

It was the room with the magic circle and the room I used when I arrived at Elkay.

After that, Leah, Leo, and Luka and I got ready to go to the guild.

Then Timi jumped forward and said,

「Alra! Let me look around Elkay with you!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Well, there is evidence that monsters might attack now from the outside, so sure.」

So we all left.

I put on my wolf mask, and we all headed to the middle of the town.

Femm and Chel were with us.


Femm howled, not too loud, and while the villagers watched, Timi changed form.

If she had done so on the ground, it would have destroyed the buildings.

So she levitated up and changed.

Everyone could see her massive dragon form throughout the town.


The villagers squealed in fear.

「The dragon and wolf watch for evil! Those who look to cause evil, remember this sight! If any other attempts to assume the title of Demon Lord, he shall DIE!」

「ryaaa ryaa!」

I jumped on Femm with Chel still riding while Timi flew above.

「How was that?」

「Pretty good Alra.」

Elkay had no leader watching over it.

It would take a while to recreate order, so I had to threaten everyone.

And I could do it again, if necessary.

「Chel, do you see any zombies?」

『Over there.』

Chel could sense them and then we dealt with them.

「Are we done?」


Seems we had repaired most of the damage that the so-called Demon Lord had caused in Elkay.

Timi then said down to us.

「A lot to be done, but I think we’re done for the day.」


「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy said. She then flapped her wings on my shoulder.

We went back to Tom’s and Kay greeted us.

「Wewcome back, old man!」

「I’m back. Did you eat something?」

「Not yet!」

「Okay, time to buy something then.」


「B…but that’s too much…」

Kay was happy, but Tom was a bit reluctant.

「Don’t worry about it.」

「Master! I’ll go with you!」

So Tom, Kay, Steff and Vi-Vi went with me to buy food.

Tom and Kay were very happy, so I guess I was too.

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