Chapter 350

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Chapter 350 – The Neglys…and…

Femm wagged its tail and said,

『I think the Neglys aren’t bothering anyone.』

「Is that so?」

『Well, let’s see then.』

「So, you’re fine with going?」

So we bought the food and went back to Tom’s house.

Then I put on my wolf mask and we went to the capital – Femm, Shiggy, and me.

We left Cruz’ palace and walked over to the Negly hideout.

I put on a magical perception-hiding spell, just in case.

It was already evening, but even so, I had left Cruz to check out Elkay only yesterday.

She really didn’t watch the place for more than a day.

With that short of a time, I wondered why I had come back in the first place.

『Some commotion…』

『Even so, much less than before.』

Femm and I said as we walked along.

As we got closer to the slum where the Neglys had their hideout, the commotion got louder.


『So that’s why.』

『What happened?!』

The Negly hideout was now a mountain of debris.

The boss was in front of it, sitting next to a fire.

A thug was sitting next to him with his arm on his shoulder.

A bit away I saw someone I knew.

『Is…that Bill?』

『And Dag too.』

Bill and Dag were the two that had fooled the Tolf kid.

Bill was a chief of the Neglys. Dag was a dealer for the Neglys.

『Wow…they looked pretty run down.』

Bill and Dag were seated beside the mountain of rubbish, looking up at that evening sky.

『You bet!』

Femm said, with a knowing look.

『Wait, so what did Cruz do to them?』

『She and I watched the place after you left.』


I told them never to touch the Tolf’s ever again.

『We tailed the thugs coming out of the place, but none of them went to the Tolfs.』

『Well, I DID threaten them.』

So it seems that Cruz didn’t need to take revenge in case they went after the Tolfs.

But even so, why was the Negly hideout destroyed?

『But, these thugs we tailed WERE doing bad things.』


『We let them off three times, but the fourth time, Cruz blew up.』

『So what did they do?』

Femm said they had ripped people off, threatened people, and sold illegal things.

On the other hand, Cruz forgot she had no authority, but still punished them herself.

I think it was natural for her though, her values of justice. And she had lost her patience with them.

『It was them ripping kids off that pushed her over the line.』

『Yeah, that would be like her.』

Same thing that Damian did to Tom in Elkay.

That was the “dealing” that most Neglys did.

『So she beat up all the thugs and after they came back here, she went inside.』

『Okay, I get that, but why is the house destroyed?』

『Since she wore the same mask but her voice was different, the boss made fun of her.』


Cruz did have a cute voice.

Compared to my “old man” voice, she sounded much sweeter.

He might of thought some kid was trying to mess with him.

『He told her they weren’t going to stop crime and to get the hell out, and so on…』

『So that’s why the house is like this?』

『Pretty much.』


I thought about it seriously.

Femm looked at me curiously,

『Was it a little too much?』

『No…I guess not. Did you get rid of all evidence?』

『Of course. Someone COULD say that the house was broken down when other criminals were “looking for the safe.”』


I thought it over, and released my perception-hiding magic.

The Negly boss jumped when he looked over after sensing me.

And Femm was beside me.

「Eeeek! No…no more! No more!」

「W….what is it, boss?」


He pointed at us, finger…well…whole body shaking.

I had already recast the perception and shape hiding magic again.

「Nothing there, boss.」

The thugs said after looking in my direction.

「N, no! I saw them! The wolf!」

「There’s no one there!」

「C…can’t you see! Ah…the wolf…was grinning at me!」

I thought no one could see me, but the boss clearly was scared.

He turned to them, and they all could see his terrified face.

「Boss…what is it?」

「He’s gone senile.」

「To see the “devil of the Neglys” be reduced to this.」

「We gotta decide on a new boss.」

「I guess Bill’s our best bet for that…for now.」

Bill was just looking at the sky, saying「Such a beautiful sky」.

And I guess that now he was the candidate for the new boss.

「We gotta call Damian from Elkay…」

「Maybe Damian’s the strongest boss we can choose?」

Seems like they respected him a lot too.

「But if we call him, the fastest we can have a new boss is next-next month.」

「I guess we gotta stay quiet till then.」

So I guess there’d be no trouble for a while.

Still, if something bad happened, I would have to threaten whomever was in charge.

『Well, I guess I can relax now…』

『Told you!』

And so we both returned to Cruz’ palace.

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