Chapter 351

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Chapter 351 – Tom’s House

After that, Femm and I went back to Elkay, back to Tom’s house.

「Wewcome back, old man!」

「How have you been, Kay?」


She was always happy.

「Master! Welcome back. How were the Neglys?」

「Um, fine, I guess…」

「Well, that’s good to hear.」

Lately, Steff had decided to stay at Tom’s house.

That was in addition to Leo and Leah staying there.

I guess adventurers were back in business in Elkay.

Leah and Leo were both B Rank adventurers, after all.

Seems that Vi-Vi would stop by Tom’s whenever she had time as well.

「All, come over here.」

「Hm? What is it, Vi-Vi?」

「About the defense circle you drew for the transport circle…」

「Did I leave something out?」

「No, just…」

I had drawn a defense circle for the transport circle.

It was the same that I had done in Mulg and in the Death Village as well.

「It’s a little TOO narrow for a place like Tom’s house. Or…you could say it’s a little TOO close to where people are living.」

「Yeah, I guess so.」

It was near the size of the one I had made in Cruz’ palace, but it was a bit too big for Tom’s house.

「If I cast other circles to make this living place stronger, it kind of affects this transport circle room…think we can do something about that?」

So Vi-Vi got permission from Tom and cast the same anti-shock, anti-fire, etc., circles that she had done with my house in Mulg.

Once she was done, she had made the place as solid as any top-rate lodge in the capital.

I watched her go through the process as well, while my student Steff watched along.

「Hmmm…I see.」

But it seems there was a problem if she cast the exact same circles as those on my home in Mulg.

「With Cruz and your place, the circles for the structure and the transport circles are far away.」

「I didn’t notice…I’ll fix it.」

「Um, master…I have no idea what’s going on…」

「Heh heh, Steff, it’s just basic logical reasoning. Nothing hard.」

Vi-Vi said, as she explained the circles’ distance and applications to her.

Steff listened seriously as Vi-Vi happily babbled along about the circles.

I was beside them, fixing the defense circle by making it smaller.

Shiggy was watching closely.

「Al, you’re done!」

「Yeah, take care of the rest.」

「Leave it to me. Steff can watch, too.」

「Thank you both for teaching me!」

And so Vi-Vi began to inscribe her own magic.

「Vi-Vi, are you getting even better at this?」


「That ice attack circle you used on that so-called Demon Lord was something.」

「Heh heh, I guess? Maybe not that great though.」

She blushed.

「You made it so that it could change elements though, right?」

「Yeah, it could utilize any elemental attack. You just have to adjust the elemental class.」

Vi-Vi was also becoming a better fighter.

During all this, Tom and Kay were playing,

「Femm’s such a cute doggie!」


Kay hugged onto Femm.

「So soft…and smewws good.」

Well, Femm took a bath every day, so of course.

Listening to their conversation I said to myself,

「I haven’t had a bath for like…three days…」

That was no good…and no good for my knee.

I had to get to the hot springs soon.

Thinking that, Vi-Vi had just finished with the magic circle.

「Tom, the circles are done.」

「Thanks, Miss Vi-Vi. What kind of circles though?」


So she explained them all to him.

「Wow! Miss Vi-Vi, that’s really something!」


Tom was happy, with Kay happy right beside him.

And after a bit, Leah and Leo came back to the lodge.

「We’re back!」

「Welcome, how was today?」

「Well, we killed some monsters with no problems.」

They had defeated some monsters that were getting too close to where the newbie adventurers were collecting herbs.

Leah and Leo had accompanied the newbie party to make sure they were safe.

「They were pretty strong for newbies too.」

She said happily.

I knew the new adventurers would grow well with someone like these two looking over them.

With Leo and Leah’s help, the adventurer guild would be fine here – but it would take a while to recover to what it was before.

「If you need any help, just ask.」

「Thank you.」

Vi-Vi stood up.

「Okay, so, back to Mulg?」


So with Leo and Leah and Steff, Tom’s house would be safe.

We had cast magic circles just in case as well.

And they could run away to Mulg if they had to.

「You gowing home old man?」

「Be back tomorrow.」

「Okay, I’ww be here!」

So the two kids saw us off, and we left for Mulg.

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