Chapter 354


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Chapter 354 – A Look at Elkay

I thought a little, and then said to Yureena,

「Could we ask Linmia Trading to ship goods out to Elkay?」

「Well…it’s possible…but it takes time.」

Even though it was the great Linmia Trading, it would take time to ship things from Linmia.

And that was in addition to lugging all the goods there.

To get it there fast, it would cost a lot of money.

「What about if I get Moofy to help and carry the stuff there?」

「Good idea!」

Cruz supported what i said with a smile, but Luka looked at me seriously,

「If you’re going to carry it, Al, use your magic bag and the transport circles.」

「I guess you’re right.」

「But if that’s the case, no trader can complete with you.」

「Hm, that is a problem.」

Vi-Vi was listening and said to me, seriously,

「With all the traders already in Elkay that had to pay that Demon Lord guy all those taxes…they’ve already felt enough pain.」

「I guess so. You’d have to be some rich and proud trader to refuse paying those taxes, so even if everyone was paying them, there was no way for any honest trader to get ahead.」

「So what you’re saying, Al, is that a lot of these traders are black market?」

Just as Vi-Vi said, they all all overpriced and overvalued their goods.

It was way too expensive even considering the costs of shipping.

「It’s true there’s way too little investment in Elkay. So if we don’t make a mistake in finding a way to help, there’ll be no problem, but…」

「…the problem is finding the right way.」

Yureena finished off Luka’s thought with a serious look. So I said,

「Maybe we can get Linmia to help after all?」

「I can ask my father.」

「I can help with the investment.」

Luka frowned at me,

「We know you’re rich, Al, but it’s not good to just toss money around when people need work.」

「No, no, no, I’m not going to just toss it around. But if I use the magic bag and transfer circle, I can get things here for them to be sold.」

「I guess you’re right there.」

「And making money isn’t the goal, so it can be done quickly.」

「I said this already, then you’re going to destroy all the traders in town.」

「I see. Then we have to let the profits be spread around.」

It was a difficult discussion.

「We can send in requests to Tolf as well.」

「Yeah, I don’t think it’s good for my dad to have a monopoly over the whole town. I think you should ask Tolf as well if you’re going to do this.」

Even though Linmia might lose profits, Yureena said so.

The next day, Yureena and I went to Linmia trading. Cruz went along as well, for some reason.

「I want to see what happens too!」

「You’re going to be a good ruler after all with all this learning, Cruz.」

「Eheh heh」

I also had the wolf mask on as well. Also, just like always Moofy and Femm were with us.

We didn’t really worry if we stood out in the capital this time either.

We arrived at Linmia, and the chief of operations smiled widely at us.

「Mr. Wolf! Nice to have your company. Let me greet you, and of course, the marquis.」

「I have to talk to dad…is he in?」

「I’ll call him for you, so please wait here.」

We sat in the waiting room.

They brought us tea and candy…they were delicious cookies.

Shiggy jumped out of her pouch.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Shiggy! Have some, okay?」


Shiggy jumped on the table, looked around, and then saw a teaspoon.

She tried to use it to eat a cookie, without much luck.


「You eat a cookie with your hands, Shiggy.」

I took a cookie in hand and ate it to show her.


And Shiggy did the same.

「I guess Shiggy’s really into using spoons now.」

「Seems so.」

Even though she’s seen me eat cookies countless times…and she’s eaten them countless times with her own claws.

I guess people forget things when they’re interested in other things.

「Femm, you and Moofy can eat too.」



Yureena gave the two a cookie to eat each.

I just patted Shiggy on the head as she ate.

「Seems like they’ve really given us a greeting.」

「Well, you are the hero marquis, Cruz.」

「Yeah, it’s because of you, Cruz.」

As we ate, Cruz looked confused.

「It’s Al they should be greeting though.」

「Not at all.」

「No, Al’s way more of a deal than I am…」

Cruz thought it was strange.

「Well, don’t worry yourself over it.」

Yureena said…a little embarrassed.

I was going to ask why she was embarrassed, but,

「Well, well, if it isn’t my future son! Thank you for coming!」

Yureena’s father had arrived.

「Sorry to come here when you’re busy.」

「What are you saying?! You are welcome at any time!」

「Thank you for helping with the spirit stones again…」

Yureena told her father all that had happened as a result.

But I felt that I should thank him as well,

「Ah, Miss Moo is here too!」

「Moo Moo」

It seems that Yureena’s mother really loved the cow.

She would quickly walk up and pet Moofy every time we came.

「You as well, Femm.」


Femm was pleased to be noticed as well.

Yureena’s mother seemed involved with the animals, so I went direct to the point.

「Actually, I have something to ask.」

「And that is?」

Yureena’s father said with a nod and a smile.


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