Chapter 36


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 36 – Our Hero Almost Hurls

After Cruz and the wolves enjoyed their fill of the hydra meat, it was time to go home.

I got on Femm, and Cruz and Luka walked beside.

Unlike our trip to the hydra, there was no hurry, and we took our time.


In the middle of the journey back, Cruz groaned…pretty rare for her.

I asked her out of concern,

「What is it?」

「Um…My stomach hurts.」

Luka suddenly scowled at her.

「It’s because of that damn hydra you ate!」

「No…well, maybe.」

Cruz wasn’t denying that it was the hydra.

That being said, Cruz was very strong against any effect on her.

She could eat poisonous mushrooms and not really feel it. I didn’t think a hydra could make her feel ill.

Also, when I had to eat hydra long ago, my stomach was fine. Even though it tasted like raw garbage.

「We can wait if you have to do your business.」

「That’s not the problem.」

「I see.」

It didn’t seem it was that kind of pain.

「Is Femm okay?」


Femm looked fine. Just like a magic wolf king.

No hydra was going to hurt Femm.

「Cruz, do you want to ride Femm?」

「I’m okay…I can walk.」

「Don’t push yourself too hard.」

She said she was fine, but she was quickly turning pale.

This was the first time I had seen Cruz sick like this.

「Hey, no need to push yourself, okay?」


Luka was suddenly worried too.

Cruz said she was okay, and lumbered along.

Even so, her face had broken out in a cold sweat, and she was very pale.


I jumped down, grabbed Cruz, and put her on Femm.

「I…I said I’m fine.」

「You don’t look fine.」

Just a little more. Cruz tried to struggle against me, but soon she just sat quietly on Femm.

「Luka, Femm, let’s run a bit.」



We hurried as fast we could to Mulg.

When we arrived, we quickly took her to Millet’s.

「Millet, take a look at her.」

「What is it?」

「Cruz’ stomach is messed up.」

Millet grabbed Cruz and put her in the bed.

「Heh heh, sorry for causing trouble.」

「Isth Cruzth going to be okay?」

Collette was worried after looking at Cruz’ face.

「Yeah, I’ll be okay.」

Cruz tried to smile, but still looked like she was in pain.

Millet asked Cruz in a serious tone.

「Did you eat something strange?」


「Any idea? Something out of the ordinary?」

「Well…no I guess not.」

Cruz tried to avoid the topic.

「Why are you trying to blow this off? She ate hydra meat!」

「Why would you eat something like that?!」

「Heh heh heh…」

「That wasn’t a compliment!」

Millet scolded her, but Cruz didn’t look affected by it.

「But…Femm ate it.」

「Femm’s a magic wolf!」

「Oh yeah…heh heh.」

Femm and the others weren’t just wolves. They were very strong magic ones.

「Is Femm okay?」

Collette asked, nervously hanging on to Femm.


Femm shook its tail with pride. Almost like Femm was proud to have a steel stomach.

While this was happening, Millet was preparing medicine for Cruz.

「This is stomach medicine, and just in case, poison antidote as well.」

Hearing Millet’s words, Cruz shook her head.

「I don’t think the hydra’s meat had poison.」

「You know that a hydra gives off massive amounts of poison in a battle, right?」


「If that’s so…then the meat might have been poisoned when you were cutting it apart.」


Cruz nodded as if she finally understood.

You have to be very careful with dissecting it if you’re using it for food. But when I dissected it…I didn’t think anyone would eat it.

That’s why I can’t deny that I cut the beast up without really considering the poison.

「From now on…we have to be more careful.」

Cruz said.

So…Cruz still planned to eat hydra?

I was taken aback.

「Listen, Cruz. There are other things you can eat. You don’t have to eat hydra.」

「Why do you say that?」

「Because your stomach might end up like this again.」


Cruz nodded in bed, but Luka wasn’t convinced she understood.

「Cruz, learn from something like this. If you’re starving, you can’t help but eat what’s there, but if you have food, then eat something SAFE, okay?」

「I’ll be more careful.」

While they were having this conversation, Millet finished her concoction.

Millet’s speed in making the medicine was quite fast.

「You’re quick!」

「I’m a pro.」

Millet happily smiled.

「Those herbs that we collected together came in handy pretty fast, actually.」

「I’m glad we got them.」

The medicine that Millet made shone green. It was about a half a cup of medicine.

Cruz took one smell of the medicine and teared up.

「This stinks!」

「It’s medicine.」

I chided Cruz.

「Listen Cruz, you need to be more thankful. She made this for you, after all.」

「Sure. Millet, thank you very much.」

「Yes, it’s my job. Okay, drink it up.」


Before she drank it she stuck her tongue into the concoction.

「It’s bitter!」

「It’s medicine.」

Millet smiled.

「Good medicine is always bitter. You have to drink it all.」


Cruz’ response this time wasn’t with a smile.

She still little by little stuck her tongue into the medicine.

「That way of drinking it is just going to make it even worse!」


I thought that hydra meat was way worse.

Cruz has no taste in food.

「Come on already!」

Luka pinched Cruz’ nose shut and poured the medicine down Cruz’ throat.

Cruz gulped it down, forced by Luka, and then gasped.

「It’s bittterrrrrr!」

「Learn from it! Next time don’t EAT HYDRA MEAT!」

Cruz then laid on her side.

After five minutes, she tried to get up.

「I think it’s working.」

「There’s no way it works that quickly. Lie down!」


After I growled at her, Cruz lied down again.

I did see that her face color was returning.

One minute later.

「I think it’s working.」

「Would you lie DOWN?!」

She tried to get up again, and this time Luka knocked her back down.

「But, I’m okay.」

「Listen, just LIE DOWN.」

It did look like she was healthy again.

I asked Millet,

「Millet, does the medicine work this quickly?」

「No…I don’t expect it would.」


10 minutes later. I looked away from her for a bit and now Cruz is up and walking around.




She was chasing Femm around with Collette already.

Luka snapped at Cruz.


「I’m okay. My tummy doesn’t hurt.」

「You say that over and over.」

「I think the medicine kicked in.」

I was ticked…Luka and I yelled at her again.

「CRUZ! Lie down…there’s no way the medicine works that fast.」


Cruz looked a bit sad again.

It was strange to think she would recover in only a few minutes.

However, it was true that you couldn’t think of a hero like her like you would a normal person.

「Okay then, if you feel sick again, say something, okay?」


「Don’t try to hide it!」


Cruz responded happily, and started chasing Femm again.



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