Chapter 362

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Chapter 362 – Selling in Elkay

After finishing the order for Shiggy’s spoon, Cruz and the others joined us.

Yureena and Millia as well.

「Al, what were you doing with my mother?」

「We were ordering Shiggy’s spoon. How did the preparations for bringing goods to Elkay go?」


Cruz said while petting Shiggy’s head.

I said my thanks to Yureena’s mother and the staff, and we headed for Elkay.

I noticed that the sun was already venturing towards the horizon.

「It’s already late, so let’s sell this stuff tomorrow.」

「Where will you sleep Millia?」

「What are my choices?」

「Mulg, or Elkay, or at my palace in the capital…」

「I think I’ll stay in Elkay, I know the place pretty well already, I guess!」

So we left her and all went back to Mulg.

The next morning, when I was preparing to go back to Elkay, Luka said,

「I’m going with you.」

「To contact the adventurer’s guild?」

「I guess that could be a reason.」

She was a chief of the adventurer’s guild after all…she had work to do.

So after a bit, we ventured to Elkay.

It was Cruz, Yureena, Vi-Vi, Luka, Femm, Moofy, and I.

With Shiggy, of course.

At Tom’s, Leah, Leo, Steff, Millia, Tom, and Kay were waiting.

「Okay, I’m going to the adventurer’s guild. If something happens, you know where to find me.」

「Got it.」

「If you’re going, then we’ll go with you!」

And so Leah and Leo headed off with her.

Then Millia raised her fist and said,

「Let’s sell this stuff!」

And so leaving Steff, Tom, and Kay at the house, we went off to the Elkay market.

On the way Yureena said,

「That reminds me, today that seller of the so-called Demon Lord is supposed to show.」

「I know. We might have to deal with him.」

If we sold the goods at a much lower price, no one would buy from that swindler.

It would probably start to really hurt his business.

He’d probably flip out and try to attack me, so I’d have to do something.

When we arrived at the market, Cruz called out with a loud voice,

「Wolf’s Wholesaler is here! Come get your wholesale goods for cheap!」

And she was shouting it with her lion mask on.

Mine was off, but I noticed that Vi-Vi had put her cow mask on too.

While Cruz was calling out, Millia was cheerfully putting up a signboard.

「What’s that, Millia?」

「Made it last night.」

It was a board with large, beautiful characters that said WOLF’S WHOLESALES.

We knew that there wasn’t enough goods in Elkay.

However, we had expected the merchants to come scrambling, but that wasn’t the case.

They just watched us from afar, reticent to come and see our wares.

Seeing this, Cruz said,

「What? Not going to buy? That’s strange, I thought they’d line up to see.」


Hearing what Cruz said, a worker ran up,

「Ah, you’re hear to buy?!」

「Y…yes! But…I don’t have much…I can’t buy that much…」

「Don’t worry…the Wolf is always on YOUR side.」

Millia said with a smile as the face of the merchant looked quite strained.

Seeing this Yureena said,

「I bet this guy thinks that you’ve come to collect protection money, Cruz.」


「Look at him, it’s the way this market is.」

Vi-Vi nodded.

「If we sell cheap, that might clear up the misunderstanding.」

「I see.」

I noticed the wood seller we had talked to lining up behind the other merchant.

When we had checked around before, he had helped us quite a bit.

「Hey, thanks for your help.」

「S, sure…I’m happy to be of service to you.」

「You’ll be able to see wood for cheap from now on, so relax.」


The wood seller answered, still a little unsure about us.

It didn’t matter if they had a misunderstanding. Once they’d hear the prices, they’d relax.

We saw other pale faces of merchants that were lining up. They were talking very softly.

I used magical hearing to listen in on what they were saying.

「Why today? You know HE’S going to show up…」

「Yeah, this sucks. If I buy from this wolf guy, HE’S going to wonder why I have no order money left.」

「But this is the guy that knocked out Damian, right? He might kill us if we DON’T buy.」

「What a mess.」

They were very worried.

I said loudly so that all the merchants would hear me.

「You don’t have to worry about the so-called Demon Lord’s wholesaler, even if he demands you buy from him.」

「…yeah…hard to believe that…」

「The wolf will take care of him.」

Hearing this, a merchant replied, in a low voice,

「So you’re saying if we buy from YOU, you’ll protect us from HIM?」

「Yeah, so we’re just paying someone ELSE protection money?」

「I guess we gotta go with the wolf, then.」

They were really scared of having to pay double protection.

Just then, the merchant in front said,

「Wha? Are the prices really this cheap?」

And saying this, the merchants all rushed forward to see.

They were all quite shocked.

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