Chapter 364


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 364 – The Wholesaler’s Trump Card

No way I was letting him run. He would come back and mess with these merchants for this and I wouldn’t let that happen.

So I chased him,

「Ah, ow!」

My left knee hurt when I put effort into to, and even more when running.

So I stopped.

「Moo moo」

Then Moofy ran over and using her horn, hooked into the clothes of the wholesaler.

「W…what the hell is with this COW!」


Using her horn she then flipped him and he fell splat onto the ground.

She then stomped down on the wholesaler with her front hooves.


So I told the guy,

「Okay, now we can talk.」

「I got nothin’ to say to you!」

The merchants were all gathered around watching what was happening to the wholesaler closely.

They were probably waiting for their time to kick the crap out of him.

So I told Millia,

「Leave this guy to me…just keep selling, Millia.」

「Got it!」

「Yureena, you help as well.」

「I know…」

While this was going on, Moofy still had her hooves on the bandit.

「Moo moo!」

You could tell she was having fun, as she was lightly pricking her horns into the face of the wholesaler.

Even so, she didn’t try to bite down on his hands or anything.

Maybe that was something she only did to those she held affection for.

「S…stop! You think you can get away with hurting me!?」

Cruz looked over at me, asking,

「What would happen?」

「Listen! I’m the only wholesaler given approval by the town agent!」

「We know.」

「If something happens to me, the agent, and the crown himself will bring you to justice!」

「No, I don’t think that will happen.」

Normally that would be what would happen.

However, the agent was a zombie – and zombie-made documents were invalid.

「Even if the agent forgives you, the owner of the castle will never let you live!」

Maybe he thought I was lying about no one being in the castle.

Cruz then said with a sigh,

「I told you we got rid of him!」

「There’s no way!」

「It’s true! The Demon Lord, his demon, they’re in the capital prison now!」

「Hah! It’s only been two weeks since I saw him last! It would take that long to bring him to the capital and back on HORSE!」

「It IS true.」

He really thought that we were lying.

I wondered where his base was…have to check it out later.

While Moofy was pressing down on him, the wholesaler took something from his bag.


Moofy looked at whatever it was closely.

It was a whistle, maybe to call something.

He was being pushed down, but could still get his hand to his mouth.

So he blew into the whistle,


It was a very high sound.

「Heh, heh! This is the end of you!」

「What did you call?」

「Hmph! You’ll see!」

He had a prideful look, and all the merchants scattered.

「W, whoa!」「Run!」


Everyone scattered from the market.

There were some that stayed, but they looked too scared to run.

Yureena folded her arms.

「Geez, and we were in the middle of a sale.」

「I think they’ll be back soon. Even so, let’s clean it up so we can sell the rest. Help me, Yureena.」


Millia looked unfazed as she calmly asked Yureena for help.

「Wonder what’s coming?」

「Can’t wait.」

Cruz and Vi-Vi said.

「What do you think it is, Al?」

「We beat all the zombies around here.」


「What do you think it is, Cruz?」

「Um…well he LOOKS like it’s going to be something big, so maybe a dragon?」

「It can’t be that big of a thing.」

Just then, something magical arrived at the entrance to Elkay.

It was a giant man with a pig face…an orc. And there were 10 more behind him.

There were also five that were bigger than orcs, with horns on their head…ogres…

They loved to eat human flesh.

「10 orcs and 5 ogres…Femm, are they zombies?」


「I see. Looks like instead of using taming magic they were just turned to zombies…a shame.」

『It’s horrible!』

Femm was very upset. You can’t eat zombies as well.
So of course Femm was angry.

「Moofy. Make sure he doesn’t get back up.」

「Moo moo.」

I was about to attack them, but Cruz stopped me.

「Al, I saw your knee hurt, so just wait here.」

「Really? Sorry…」

「No problem.」

The wholesaler then laughed at me,

「Hah! What are you waiting for! Kill all of them!」

Cruz ignored him and ran towards them.

「You shouldn’t forget about me either!」

Vi-Vi let some magic fly. It was a magic circle that appeared below the orcs and ogres without her needing to write anything.

Suddenly, ice spears sprung up from the circle and pierced the monsters.


The wholesaler’s face was aghast.

Seems he had some zombies tagging along with him.


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