Chapter 367

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Chapter 367 – Getting the Prison Ready

After walking a bit more, we finally came to the monster containment cells.

In Elkay, there were three, made to contain big monsters.

They were very clean; they almost looked brand new.

「The bars are close enough together that you can keep humans in.」

「Very clean…」

『I can only smell steel.』

Femm said, while sniffing around the cages.

「Well, thanks to the former Demon Lord, there was little need for an adventurer guild.」

「It is as you say, Master Alfred. There were no quests for capturing monsters since he took over…」

I bet the master didn’t want all the cages to be used though.

「Well, we will just require two of the cages.」

「Thank you for leaving me one just in case.」

I looked the cages over, and Cruz said,

「We need to partition these off and have Vi-Vi place sound dampening circles around the cells, I think.」

「If we got some wood and such together, we could block them off pretty easily.」

「Alfred…I don’t mean to pry, but…」

Seems that the guild master didn’t want us to upgrade his cells any.

When he actually starts capturing magic monsters, it’ll be harder to keep them.

「Also, there aren’t many materials in Elkay to perform such a job…」

「He’s right, you know.」

Kind of funny the reason that we didn’t have the materials was due to this wholesaler we were about to shut up in a cage.

「Well, then, what about using the cell next to the agent’s place?」

Cruz said, and the guild master replied,

「Wait, you can use that place?」

「Well, it’s not made for it, but an emergency IS an emergency. And I think the agent would allow us if she just talked to Luka.」

「Yeah, I guess so…」

Seems that the guild master had confidence that Luka could negotiate something like that.

「There’s not one person left in that agent’s place, anyway. No one’s there to manage or watch the cells.」

We’d also have to employ some people to provide food to the prisoners. But no one was watching out for them.

「Well, I guess here’s best, right Al?」

「Yeah, I guess so.」


「Any place that I lock with a magic key isn’t going to be openable to anyone other than a good magician. And it’ll be hard to break into.」

And if someone was going to break down a cell, it wouldn’t be the wholesaler.

「After we’re done questioning him, we’ll shut him in a cell.」

「Yeah…um, master? I wonder if we could use a cell though? We just need to give them some food in the morning and night.」

There would be no reason to bring it twice either. Just two loads in one.

「Of course.」

「Thank you!」

There was no way the guild master could deny a request from someone like Cruz, anyway.

Cruz gave him some money, and Luka signed the documents showing it was her responsibility.

I went back to the rest and said,

「Vi-Vi, come with me so we can set up these cells.」

「Leave it to me!」

「Luka, Yureena, can I leave the questioning to you?」

「Sure, but can we get Femm’s help?」


Femm was a fearsome beast.

But Femm would hold back when it barked at the prisoners, I hoped.

So we left the inside of the guild to the cells.

Mooy also followed us.

「Moo moo」

「ryaa ryaa」

Moofy was mooing happily, as Shiggy cried back.

Then Vi-Vi said as she rode Moofy,

「Weird to set up cells…do you need me to make some magic circles?」

「Defense from cold, sound, shock, and fire I guess?」

「I knew you’d ask for defense from sound and shock, but cold?」

「It would suck if they died before the agent showed.」

「Hm…guess you’re right.」

「Moo moo」

She still had the cow mask on, but was nodding.

Seeing Moofy nod along with her made me laugh a bit.

As went out to the cells, a group of people gathered around the merchants.

They were probably getting ready to go out and resell our wholesale goods.

「Seeing all these people, I guess they’re selling our goods pretty cheap.」

「If they try to rip anyone off, the wolf will get them!」

「I guess it was good to threaten them a bit.」

We took a look at the prices from afar, and it seems that they were okay. I was relieved.

After walking a bit, we saw the agent’s place.

Right next to the agent’s place was where they shut in prisoners.

「Is this it?」

「I guess so? Let’s check the inside.」

I walked in first.

It was quite dirty. No one had taken care of the place for a while, after all.

「Maybe we should clean it up?」

「No…leave it. We can leave it to the agent when she gets here. Just make sure to strengthen the cells.」

「Got it!」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy was sniffing around like crazy.

Then she said,


「What is it? Moofy?」


Seems like someone was left here.

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