Chapter 369


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Chapter 369 – Return to the Guild

After making the final check, I remembered how good Vi-Vi was with magic circles.

「That’s really some temperature regulation in those circles. Anyone could live in those cells easily.」

Vi-Vi’s magical skill was improving constantly.

Someone like Tant could live here comfortably for a long time.

「Yeah, but it’s sad the prisoners get such a nice place to live. Maybe we could poke a hole in the wall to give them a cold breeze?」

「No, Vi-Vi, it’s fine as is. Even if it’s a comfortable jail, you’re still locked in a cell.」

And there would be seven of them. It was going to be a very crowded cell. Nothing comfortable about it.

No…maybe a little too uncomfortable.

They might get in a fight and kill each other.

「Maybe I should get an adventurer not only to give them food but watch them as well.」

「…sounds good, Al.」

I looked over at Tant. There’s no way that kid could do it.

「If we could get some adventurers to stay here, this town would improve a lot.」

「Yeah, let’s clean the place up a bit for whomever’s going to watch these fools.」

「I’ll help too!」

「Thanks Tant.」

There was a warden’s room in the jail. Vi-Vi did her magic circles there as well.

Tant and I cleaned the place up.

I also got Vi-Vi to make a calming magic circle around the whole jail to keep the prisoner’s head level.

「If they get angry and start fighting, they’ll get shocked! Not enough to kill them, but they’ll stop moving for a while.」

「Great! I think we’re done. Back to the guild.」

「Okay, Tant, come with us.」


Seems that Tant wasn’t scared of us anymore.

When we walked outside, the snow was falling, looking like ribbons of blowing curtains.

「Been a while since we’ve seen a blizzard like this.」

「Yeah! Let’s hurry to the guild, Al!」

「Um, sir. Here’s your robe back.」

Tant said, offering it back to me.

「It’s yours. Wear it. Aren’t you cold?」

「N…no…it’s a warm robe. Thank you.」

「Well, good.」

The robe had anti-magic, anti-heat, anti-cold, and other magic statuses attached to it.

So it was quite warm.

Vi-Vi was holding on to Tant as they rode Moofy.

「You ride too, Al.」

「Three is maybe too much.」


Seems that Moofy wanted me to ride her.

「Okay, then please.」

「Moo moo」

I got on and Moofy ran happily into the snow.


Maybe because she was aware of Tant or because of the torrents of snow that Shiggy cried softly.

Because of Moofy’s speed, we were back at the guild quickly.

I jumped off Moofy’s back as Cruz ran up to me, wearing the lion’s mask like usual.

「Al! What did you…who is this kid?」

「Someone that was in the jail…his name is Tant.」

「I see…nice to meet you Tant.」

「Ah…yeah, my pleasure.」

He was scared again. There’s no kid happy to see someone in a lion’s mask.

「I may look weird, but I’m not a bad guy, so don’t worry.」




He was scared of Femm as well…no helping that.

So I introduced Tant to everyone.

He was very frightened, but he’ll get used to it.

「Here, we have snacks and some hot tea for you.」

Luka sat him in a seat and said.

After he started eating and relaxed, Luka said,

「So, other than Tant here, how’s the condition of the jail?」

「Completely ready, thanks to Vi-Vi.」

「Good job, Vi-Vi!」

「Moo moo!」

「No big deal! All helped as well.」

Cruz scruffed Vi-Vi’s hair.

Then Moofy bit down on Vi-Vi’s had.

I asked Luka,

「How was the questioning?」

「They all answered quickly. Thanks to Femm.」


I bet Femm scared the hell out of them.

「Good job, Femm!」

『Of course!』

So I petted Femm, while Femm wagged its tail.

Seems that Luka asked and heard from each of them, one by one.

Those who weren’t being questioned were watched by Yureena so they wouldn’t talk to one another.

「So, what did you find out?」

「Seems that this wholesaler was just a bad businessman.」

「But not a leader or anything.」

「Doesn’t seem so. The “Demon Lord” and his demon aide did that job.」

「I guess so.」

Glad to hear nothing out of the ordinary.

「Anything about the zombification?」

「We heard it was from the demon aide.」

「And all the money they took from the people?」

「Thaaaat’s a little more difficult of a tale…」

According to Luka, it seems that it all was deposited into a bank in the capital.

Confiscating all that money would take a lot of different lawsuits, so the agent would have to take care of those procedures…and that might be better to leave it to her anyway.


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