Chapter 37


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Chapter 37 – Moofy and Cruz the Hero

I watched Cruz’ astounding recovering ability occur, because I was still worried.

No matter how highly resistant a hero is supposed to be, there’s no way she could recover that quickly.

「Femm, wait!」



Cruz was outside Millet’s house, chasing Femm around with Collette.

「She really recovers fast.」

「That’s what a hero does…」

「But even a hero has her limits.」


I think the stomach pain had to be because of the hydra meat.

But why did it manifest in stomach pain? And then why did she recover so quickly?

I didn’t know what the cause of that stomach pain was.

While I was thinking about it, Luka yanked on my sleeve.


「Where’s that sub boss devil girl?」


Now that Luka mentioned it, I noticed that Vi-Vi was nowhere around.

I hadn’t paid attention because I was so busy caring for Cruz and her stomach problems.


「What, old man?」

Collette ran up to me from chasing Femm.

「Do you know where Vi-Vi went?」

「Taking care of Moofy.」

「I see. Thanks for telling me.」

「Heh heh.」

Hearing that made Luka fidget.

「You want to check on her?」

「Are you worried, Luka?」

「…not worried, but I was wondering what’s become of Moofy.」

It was strange for Luka to be concerned about a thing like Moofy.

「Do you like cows or something, Luka?」

「No! I was just thinking it would be bad if the THING went crazy.」


We headed to the storage shack outside the village since Moofy was there.

「Hey! I want to go too!」

「Me too, guysth!」

And with that, Collette and Cruz quickly followed.

Collette yanked her way up Femm’s fur and rode along happily.

When we arrived, we could see that Moofy was lying down.

Vi-Vi was rubbing the bone that used to be Moofy’s nose.

「Hey, Vi-Vi!」

「Oh, you all are back.」

Vi-Vi looked over at us and smiled.

「Vi-Vi, how are you doing?」

「Yeah, not bad.」

「And Moofy?」


Moofy just mooed quietly while lying down.

「I thought that cows always stood up…is it okay?」

「It’s fine. It’s just doing this so I can pet it easily.」

「That’s nice, then.」

「Al, why don’t you come and pet Moofy too?」


I went over to Moofy and rubbed its nose bone. It was very slick.

Of course…that’s normal for bone.


Moofy quietly mooed.

Even as a skeleton, it still wanted to be close to people.

「Let me rub it too!」

「Me too guysth!」

Now Collette and Cruz walked up.

「Go ahead.」



Collette got beside me and began to rub Moofy, while giggling.

Moofy breathed out its nose softly with a fwoon.

Moofy was a skeleton. You would think it couldn’t breath or make a sound.

But it really sounded like it was breathing.

「It sounds like it’s breathing. How does it do that?」

「It’s the magic.」

Vi-Vi said, proudly.

「Good Moofy…」

Cruz said while rubbing Moofy’s skull.

Where Cruz was petting began shimmering with light.

「Hm? Cruz…what happened?」

I asked, and Cruz was surprised. She had just been rubbing Moofy.

「I was just rubbing Moofy!?」

「What did you do?」

Vi-Vi asked, confused.

「Well, where Cruz was petting Moofy…there was a shimmer of light.」

「Wha? You’re right!」

Vi-Vi was surprised at seeing Moofy shimmer like that.

「W…what is this? Have you done something wrong to my Moofy?!」

「Oh, yeah, it’s shimmering.」

Cruz was laughing.

「Wow, beautiful…」

Collette was jumping around happily.

「Stop that! Something’s happening to my Moofy!」

Vi-Vi was going to jump at Cruz, but Luka stopped her.

「Calm down! She’s not doing anything wrong.」

「I can’t trust her!」

「It’s okay, look!」


Moofy was pleasantly mooing.

As Cruz continued to pet her, the light got stronger and enveloped all of Moofy..

「Moofy?! Are you hurt?」


Vi-Vi was worried, though Moofy seemed quite happy.

Seeing that, Vi-Vi finally began to calm down.

「Well…okay then.」

I was a bit puzzled by this phenomenon.

「What’s happening?」

「If you don’t know what this phenomenon is, Al, then it must not be something magical.」

「I think so too.」

Both of us had no idea what was going on. It may be a phenomena unexplained by modern magic.

「So…it might be something related to Cruz being a hero?」

「You think?」

Luka thought about it a bit. Then, she seemed to realize something.

「In ancient lore, it says that heroes are consecrated.」

Luka was an academic. Her specialties were magic beasts and ancient lore.

She obviously had read a lot about the topic.


「Yeah, consecrated. Simply put, she can make normal objects holy…or something like that.」

I knew about consecration. It was the method to make weapons and items holy by a member of the clergy.

It was normal to get this consecration when you as an adventurer were going on a quest to clear out ghosts and things like that.

It was a blessing of God, a miracle that worked totally different from magic.

「Consecration…like what the clergy do?」

「Yes, but, the clergy’s consecration is no big deal, right?」


Weapons that were consecrated by clergy had no effect except on the weakest of ghosts.

It was far weaker than even the weakest magic. That’s why wizards and magicians were used for ghost clearing quests instead.

「I heard that most of the clergy really don’t have much in relation to God anyway. There really aren’t many that speak to God. They simply keep the ceremonies from old.」


「As long as you have the knowledge, that’s enough to qualify you.」

「So you could do it too, Luka?」


「I see…」

「And, the hero is said to be some of the holy force left here by God on earth. Cruz’s consecration is some of the divine protection that was given to her.」

I looked at Cruz, and she smiled and said,

「Heh heh heh」,

And blushed.

The only thing that could kill the Demon Lord was the holy sword of the hero. Maybe this effect was something like that.

The only person that could manifest the holy power of God on earth was the hero.

「So…if the skeleton is consecrated by that power…what happens?」

「It just becomes a consecrated skeleton, right? Consecrated cow bones? Saint Skeleton Moofy?」

「I…I see…」

Cruz kept patting Moofy as the skeleton cow now began to light up. The skele-cow began to light up as white as the sun.

「You’re a good girl, Moofy.」


「What the hell is HAPPENING?!」

Vi-Vi was screaming in confusion.

Now a holy-white giant cow…flesh and fur…was rubbing its nose into Cruz.

「It’s not just bones anymore! What is it?」

「Um…I guess…when an undead becomes holy…uh…」

Luka was confused.

Moofy was still the same size, but was now a giant, white cow.

With long hair and big horns. You could feel the divine nature of it.

「So, what do I feed this thing?」

Luka returned from confusion back to a look of understanding – what a dependable warrior.

「Oh, I remembered. When undead become holy…I read about that. Moofy became a sacred beast.」

「Which means?」

「It still feeds off of magic.」

「I see.」

That makes things easier.

It paid off that Luka was both an expert in ancient lore and magic beasts.

Moofy was still very friendly to us humans around it. Cute, even.

Seeing Moofy like this, an all-white, in the flesh, sacred cow, made Vi-Vi very happy again.



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