Chapter 376


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Chapter 367 – The Wolf Wholesaler

Moofy then went over and chomped on Vi-Vi’s hand.

「Millia, You need help from this afternoon?」「momph mphh」

「Sure, I’d be happy to have it.」

「Leave it to me!」「mpph」

「I need your help as well, kids.」

「We’ll do our best!」

Vi-Vi and Millia seemed they were doing well. I wondered how well.

「What do you do other than guard, Vi-Vi?」

「Of course a lot of stuff! Thanks to Millia’s hand in business, I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to swindle from our store.」

「You picked someone really good for the store, Al!」

Cruz said after eating a cookie. Cruz had her lion mask on too, so she had to slide it under.

I think the real reason she always wore it was because the kids loved it.

「I would like for Vi-Vi to find some good places for farming when she has time free.」

「You’re planning to farm Elkay? Think they’ll make a profit?」

「The land is cheap so it’s easy to buy. And even if there are no crops we can harvest magic stones, so it’s a win-win.」

「I see, sounds good Vi-Vi.」

「Either way, we still need to try and plan something during spring.」

Cruz looked over, confused.

「Was Elkay ever farmed before?」

「The main industry was finding mithril in the mountains. However, no one really farmed here much.」

Millia answered with a smile.

「I see.」

「It’s because this was always under the rule of the Demon Lord. He only did things associated with his military.」

But you couldn’t feed a military with mithril.

You did have to have blacksmiths, ranchers, and armor makers as well.

In addition, you had to have people that would sell and buy from them too.

Elkay was made for that after all.

After Millia glanced over at Cruz, she looked at Tom, Kay, Tant, and the others.

「…before the hero came, everyone ran away but the Demon Lord’s army. After the Demon Lord was defeated, there were many that never returned.」

「I see.」

Cruz said, with a nod.

Elkay was mostly a consuming community.

Hearing that from Millia, it seems that you could still get mithril from the nearby mountains.

「Even so, there isn’t a huge amount that you can get from the mountains.」

With that being said, people could still find enough if they looked.

The wholesaler stopped all of that and got it for himself.

So the merchants had enough work just trying to sell things to someone else.

「I think you can get lumber as well…I could ask my older sister about it.」

「Yeah, I think Vallimie would be of help.」

Vallimie used to be known as the forest hermit, specializing in lumber.

She had turned a wasteland into a forest in ten years.

Even so, we didn’t know if anyone in Elkay wanted to work at cutting the wood.

I guess we’d have to worry about that later.

After eating the cookies, Millet and Collette went home.

Millet had a bit of work to do.

「Come to Mulg to see us anytime!」

「Sthee you all later!」

The two girls said, and Tom replied,

「Sure! Millet and Collette, see you later.」

「I’ll come too!」

Kay and Collette seemed to be friends.

Through the magic circles it was almost instant…they were like neighbors now.

I think they’d see each other much more from now.

Luka, Leah, and Leo set out for the guild.

Millia, Vi-Vi, the beasts, Timi, Cruz and I headed for Wolf Wholesaler.

Tant and the orphans came along as well.

「It’s very near Tom’s house.」

「Sure is. It was a merchants store and house and was empty. We bought it.」

It was old, but a big house.

Vi-Vi had set some circles around the house, so it had become easier to live in.

With just a few beds, anyone could live there.

Femm, Moofy, Chel, and Shiggy circled the house.

They sniffed the place out, I guess checking whose territory it was.

Always on the guard for any enemy.

「You’re not selling anything right now.」

「Because we’re a wholesaler. They’ll come for goods later.」

「Are you selling mithril too?」

「Sure we are.」

With the other wholesaler gone, there was nowhere to buy mithril, so Millia sold that too.

Of course, it was at a good price, so everyone was relieved to see it.

「We’re willing to buy and sell it at a good price, so they’re all very happy.」

Millia said with a smile.

After a while there, a few merchants came by.

There was no system for days of purchase like with the old wholesaler.

People just came to buy and sell when they had the chance.

And with the orphans as workers, the work went quickly.

While there were no merchants there, Millia and Vi-Vi worked on a plan to buy and farm land.

「Do you want to see it from above? You can ask anytime!」

Timi said.

「Yes, if we were to do that…」

Millia said to herself, but then a merchant walked up.

It was an Elkay F ranker adventurer, one of them in charge of the jail.

「What is it? What happened?」

I asked, then the adventurer took a deep breath and said,

「Um, everyone! The new agent is here!」

「Oh, finally!」

「Yes, and she wants to hear about the wholesaler. Can you come with me?」

I think it was obvious that’s the first thing on her mind.

「I guess Luka’s better at that, maybe?」

Cruz said.

「Luka’s on a quest with Leah and the others…」

「Then I guess I’ll go.」

I said, and headed off to the house.


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