Chapter 381

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Chapter 381 – The Agent and the Ancient Dragon

Timi laughed when she saw Belda act so.

「It’s your snack. If you don’t eat what Shiggy offers you, she’ll be sad.」

「Y…you’re right…then I will.」

She tasted it slowly at first, then ate it down.

While Belda ate it, Timi continued, as if talking to herself,

「Seeing Shiggy like that almost makes me forget about my sister, the archduchess.」


「In other words, Shiggy’s the current duchess. Of the six grand pillars of the ancient dragons, one. We owe our loyalty to all of them.」

These ancient dragons, close to gods, didn’t consider their leaders heads or beings, but pillars, showing their respect for the throne.

All the other dragons were counted as heads or beings, but the duchesses were seen as pillars.


Belda, without thinking, loudly swallowed the snack. She then got down from her seat and bowed on knee to Shiggy.

「Duchess of the ancient dragons. I regret my rudeness, though I had no idea. Please forgive me.」


「She is grateful for your humility.」

Timi said to Belda.

「But Shiggy is still an infant. Nowhere near as strong as me. Because of this, please keep her existence secret.」

「Yes, I will.」

If someone were to hear that the duchess of the ancient dragons were here, some unsavory characters might gather.

It was a bad idea to let anyone know about Shiggy unless you had their complete trust.

Timi again tried to feed Shiggy, but Shiggy passed the snack back over to Belda.

「Ah, thank you…」


「I appreciate it greatly.」

Shiggy then bowed three times toward Belda.

「Hm, well, Miss Belda. I think perhaps you should hold Shiggy yourself.」


Shiggy was the ancient dragon duchess, so near to a god, really.

You had to pay utmost respect, even if you were a human and a royal.

「I think Shiggy would be happy that way.」「ryaaa」

「If that’s so…」

Timi then fed another snack to Shiggy and asked,

「Do you like dragons, Belda?」

「Yes, I am a member of the dragon knights, after all.」

「The dragon knights? I’ve heard of them, but how are they different from regular knights?」

「The dragon knights are knights of dragons, in other words, they are knights whose mounts are dragons.」

「I see…so you ride dragons?」

Timi seemed quite interested.

Belda quickly realized that Timi might feel quite unhappy about fellow dragons being ridden by humans.

Belda scrambled to explain the situation.

「O…of course these dragons are a c, completely different species that a, ancient dragons!」


Timi seemed to not understand why Belda was suddenly so nervous.

Seems like a perfectly normal thing to her.

Timi thought it was an obvious fact.

Even though ancient dragons and other dragons were of the same shape, in reality they were completely different.

Something like a cow and a human both being mammals, but completely separate.

Timi rubbed Shiggy’s head and said,

「So, it could be said that since you’re a dragon knight, you like dragons.」

「Yes, I’m still part of their group even now.」

「So you haven’t quit them just to become Elkay’s agent?」

「I’m still registered in service as one of their knights.」

Belda was still the vice-chief of the dragon knights, even as an agent.

Timi looked over to Vi-Vi.

「Perhaps she rides dragons much as your sister, Vallimie, rides a dragon?」

「My sister rides Rai all the time. Hardly ever rides Doby.」

Vi-Vi said, but now since Rai’s wife was pregnant, he was quite busy.

So if she needed to get somewhere, she’d ride Toby for sure.

「I see. That reminded me that yes, I’ve only ever seen her ride Rai.」

Dobby was Vallimie’s favorite great dragon.

And Rai was her massive lion.

Belda was confused by all of this and asked,

「Who is this Vallimie you speak of?」

「A magician who keeps a great dragon as a pet. Do you know of Lindobal Forest?」

「Ah, the ruler of Lindobal Forest? I had no idea that she kept a great dragon.」

「She’s quite a strong magician.」

「I heard that the ruler of Lindobal was a famed magician…but not that strong.」

Belda sounded rather impressed.

Timi then said, wondering,

「Do the dragon knights ride great dragons?」

「No, they’re very difficult to manage so…」

「Oh? So what kind of dragons do you ride?」

「Most of the knights ride wyverns, one group lesser dragons, another smaller group elder dragons.」

Wyverns were quite weak dragons. They were very quick fliers, though.

Lessers were the lowest class of proper dragons, but stronger than wyverns.

Elders were seen as “grown” dragons, they were quite large. Many saw them as an upper class of dragon.

That said, elders were still weak compared to great dragons.

And ancient dragons far out-classed great dragons.

「What about yours, Belda?」

「An elder dragon.」

「Oh, very good.」

Timi nodded as she heard.

She assumed that Belda was quite high in the dragon knights.

And it was impressive for a woman in her 20s to achieve the position of vice-chief.

After the conversation, she found that Belda had also brought some dragon knights to Elkay.

「Do you have an elder dragon here? I’d like to see it.」

「Would you? Then I can show you…」

Timi seemed very interested in Belda’s elder dragon.

Belda had raised the dragon herself, after all.

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