Chapter 384


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Chapter 384 – Doby of Lindobal

Tom, Kay, and Steff were in Tom’s house.

They noticed me, and Kay ran up, ecstatic,

「Wewcome home old man!」

「I’m back.」

She ran over and petted all the beasts in order.

The beasts were quite happy.

Also, she pet Shiggy, who was still in my pouch.

「Wait, where’s lion mask?」

「Cruz is at Wolf Wholesaler. I have something to attend to that won’t take long.」


Kay squeezed my right arm while Vi-Vi was holding onto my left arm.

「Are you studying well, Kay?」


Tom looked at me.

「Are you going to use the magic circles?」

「Sure are.」

Then Steff asked me,

「Master, can I help?」

「I’m fine, but thanks. Aren’t you teaching these two?」

「No, we’re taking a break.」

「I see.」

Kay then said proudly,

「See? I can add now. I can write too.」

「Wow, that’s great!」

「Look, old man!」

She then wrote her name out for me.

It was scrawled in kid-like letters, but it was correct.

Pretty good for a four year old.

「That’s really good!」


「Eheh heh」

I looked over at the table they’d been studying on.

I saw Tom’s work there as well.

He was doing well…quite a bit ahead of Kay.

「You’re doing well too, Tom.」

「Steff’s been showing me how to do things as well.」

He said, and blushed a bit.

「Thank you Steff.」

「No problem, I’m learning magic from you, after all!」

Steff’s tail wagged a bit.

Timi patted Kay’s head,

「Keep it up, you two.」


They said back to Timi.

Then, we made our way off to Lindoball.

I took off my mask.

We made our way back to the Lindobal circle, where,

「Gyaa gyaa」

Dobby was happily waiting, and greeted us.

He bent down and I petted his head.

「You look happy.」


Dobby was the great dragon that Vallimie kept as a pet.

He had recovered from illness at Mulg as well.

「You’ve gotten used to humans.」

Vi-Vi said, tapping Doby in the stomach.

Dobby looked happily at her.

With that said, the beasts all appeared as well.

Chel was on top of Femm.

「Wuff」「Moo moo」「PiggGi」

Femm and Moofy sniffed at Doby.

Chel rode on Femm’s head and jiggled around.

Chel was probably trying to sniff Doby as well.

After all that was done, Timi arrived.

「Gyaa gyaa」

Doby suddenly became very upset.

Timi walked over and touched Doby to relax him.

「I’m glad to see you’re good, Doby.」


Doby fell on his back and showed her his stomach.

Timi rubbed his stomach and Doby shuttered.

Doby was very scared of her, after all.

I thought he had gotten used to her, but I guess he was still very scared.

As a living dragon, he knew that ancient dragons were at the apex of their group.

「Timi, he’s still scared of ancient dragons?」

「Yeah, I think you’re right. But there’s nothing I can do.」

Timi said and took a step away.

I remembered how Belda’s mount Jearl had reacted.

「Doby, don’t be scared of Timi, she’s okay…」


I patted him on the head, and Shiggy jumped up on his belly.


Doby didn’t seem afraid of Shiggy. He had played with Shiggy a lot and was used to her.

He put his finger up to Shiggy.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy grabbed his finger and held tight.

「I’m glad they’re so close.」


Timi nodded, satisfied.

I just stood back and watched them.

Before Doby was taken by a demon and left to starve.

「Doby got a bit fatter. I guess he’s been eating well.」

Because of the scales that dragons had, it was hard to tell how fat they had gotten.

But after touching Doby I could tell.

It was because of Vallimie that he was in such good spirits and very happy.

Timi walked up beside me and started petting Doby as well.

「You’re right…」


I could feel the dragon jump a but, but he wasn’t as scared as before.

Maybe because I told him not to be scare, but it might have been that he got used to her.

Either way was fine with me.

I kept talking to Doby,

「Doby, we came to see Vallimie…where is she?」


He got up and started walking. I guess he’d show us.

Shiggy flew back into my pouch.

The beasts followed us as well.

This time Chel was riding on top of Moofy.

「PiggI! PiggGi!」「Moo moo」

Moofy and Chel were pretty happy because of all the green surrounding them in Lindobal Forest.

We came to an opening and there was a wooden building there.

It was simple and un decorated, but huge.

And inside it, I guessed was Vallimie.


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