Chapter 387

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Chapter 387 – Getting Materials

Timi continued to rub Doby and said,

「You must be lonely without Rai or Vallimie to play with you. You can come to Mulg any time.」


「And if you want, you can come to Shiggy’s palace as well, okay?」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「G, gyaaa」

Shiggy cried out happily, but Doby seemed a bit reserved.

It wasn’t just Timi and Shiggy at the palace…but many more ancient dragons around.

I don’t think Doby would go to a place so fearful as that.

Even so, I tried to be gentle to Doby and said,

「Well, if you don’t want to go to Shiggy’s palace, you can always come to Mulg.」

『The magical wolves would love to see you.』

「ryaa ryaa」


Then Vallimie said,

「Is there a reason that you came to see me?」

「Yeah, we do.」

I told them about the dragon stable that we planned to build in Elkay.

Vallimie nodded as I explained it to her.

Beside her, Doby did the same.

「So you need lumber in order to build it?」

「Exactly. Do you have some left over?」

「We’ll pay you whatever you need.」

Timi said right away.

I think that Timi felt sad that she had scared Jearl and caused the dragon to pee itself.

「Don’t worry about it.」

「No, we’ll pay you whatever you need.」

「Well, if you say so Timi.」

After that was over, Vi-Vi said,

「Sister, how much do you have?」

「Leave it to me. I have lumber and stone. Enough to sell anyone!」

「Good to hear, sis!」

「Al, do you need stone too?」

「Depends on the size and amount.」

If I was going to build this dragon stable, I’d need big wood and rocks.

It would be good to just use lumber if the amount of stone wasn’t enough.

「Let me take you to where the stone is stored so you can see for yourself.」


So we left Doby’s house and went with Vallimie.

「Thanks, Doby, for the snacks.」


Doby was happy that we had thanked him for it.

After walking a little, we found about 10 storehouses all in a line.

「There are a lot of storehouses.」

「I have lumber, stone, golem-building materials, and a bunch of supplies for the forest here.」

「Do you want me to write a circle to expand the insides like I did in Mulg?」

If you make a circle for size expansion, one storehouse can store almost 20 times normal.

After explaining that to her, Vallimie’s eyes lit up.

「What? Can you!?」


「That would make me very happy!」

Vallimie did look genuinely pleased.

I took a look inside where she stored stone. It seemed that there was a lot and of good quality.

「You’ve harvested stone from Lindobal forest as well…」

「Yeah, there’s a quarry I get it from.」

Vallimie said, so apparently there was a place in the forest for getting stone.

「While I was growing this forest, I had to remove some large stones to open the way.」

「Seems like that really piled up.」

「Yeah, well you can sell wood a lot easier than stone.」

So it seems she didn’t get a chance to sell them either.

「Can you use them for a golem?」

「No real need. If you need a skilled golem, you choose metal; if you need a cheap golem, you choose wood.」

She was an expert ,after all.

She’d use whatever golem matched the task.

「Sell the stone to me then.」
「Sure! You can pay me by expanding my store houses!」


「Sure, and if you need more for the work, I can pay with more stone.」

「No, but if you have mortar on hand…」


Hearing that Timi said,

「I can help with the expansion as well.」


So I took what I could and put it in my magical bag.

After that, I said,

「Okay, time to expand this storehouse.」

「What, you’re going to do it now?」

「I can do it later, but you don’t know when Lee will give birth, right?」

「True. And then I won’t be able to be around.」

「So that’s why I can get this done now.」

「Well, then, thanks…」

I walked around the storehouses to see which were best and then expanded some as payment.


  1. So, she got a few warehouse-sized magic bags in exchange for a bunch of random rocks? Sounds like quite a bargain.

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