Chapter 388

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Chapter 388 – Preparing the Land for the Stable

After seeing the storehouses finished, Timi said,

「Which warehouse are going to do?」

「Well, this one doesn’t have much inside, so maybe this is the best to place a magic circle.」

「Yeah, what do you think, Vallimie?」

「I’m fine with any warehouse you choose. That one is perfect.」

「Got it.」

We put the few things in the storehouse in a magical bag.

After that, I started writing an expansion circle.

I wrote all the script about expansion, Vi-Vi wrote in status stability, and Timi added some ancient dragon magic while Shiggy was on her head.

「Shiggy, this stops any shock from hurting the storehouse.」


「And heat!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「And this too!」

Shiggy got happier and happier which made Timi get more and more into it.

She cast more and more things because of Shiggy.

「Timi, you don’t need to cast that much.」

「Ah, yeah, I guess not.」

We didn’t need to magic up this place like a castle.

So Timi ceased casting for a second.

And seeing this Vallimie appreciatively said,

「With all the different magics you’re including, it’s amazing none of them cancel the others out.」

「Al and Timi are very good at magic.」

「So are you Vi-Vi.」

「That’s not true.」「Moo moo!」

Vi-Vi blushed after her sister complimented her.

Moofy pushed Vi-Vi with her nose as well.

「You’ve really grown Vi-Vi…」

I said to her, honestly.

「You think so?」

「I do.」

「Eheh heh.」

With that done, I placed the stuff we had taken out back in the newly expanded storeroom.

「That was a big help, thanks.」

「Thanks for the stones.」

「Give Rai and Lee our greetings.」

「And thanks Doby!」

「Gyaa gyaa」

Vallimie and Doby saw us off, and we left Lindobal forest.

We went through Tom’s house and made our way to the agent in Elkay.

「Wuff wuff」「Moo moo」「PiGgi!」

All the beasts wanted me to take them along.



「I’m not going to see Belda, just to make the stable.」

「Yeah, Moofy.」said Vi-Vi.

「If someone asks who you are, just say you’re a follower of mine.」

Since Timi was ancient dragon royalty, she was outside human law.

If she said anything about anyone, her word would have to be taken seriously.

「Well, I guess you can all come with then.」


The beasts all looked happy now.

I guess they could find something to do while I created the stable.

I made sure my mask was on before I left though.

We also stopped by the Wolf Wholesaler, heard from Millia, and left for the agent.

The two guards outside looked frightened by Timi’s approach.

「Madam! We’re glad you have visited us! We’ll tell Miss Belda immediately!」

「You may wait inside for her!」

「No, no need. We’re going to build a dragon stable for her…just let her know.」

「Y…yes ma’am!」

The older soldier said, while the younger soldier ran inside.

After getting the okay, we left for the open area that Belda told us about.

Timi looked the place over and said,

「Quite a large place for the ruins of some nobles.」

「Even though Jearl is a big dragon, we’ll make a place big enough for him to relax in.」

I said, while Timi nodded deeply.

「Sounds good.」

「ryaa ryaa」

I noticed that Shiggy nodded along with her.

Smelling the area around, Femm asked,

『So this Jearl is a big dragon?』

Femm had yet to meet Jearl so Femm was trying to gauge the size that was necessary.

「No, smaller than Doby actually.」


「Even so, he’s bigger than a regular dragon.」

『I see.』

Femm now nodded, understanding.

The other beasts were checking out the area as well.

「Find something wrong, you two?」


Chel and Moofy responded quickly.

Moofy also peed on the corner of the property, probably showing her territory as she was very interested in marking what was ours.

Femm always seemed to shy away from things like that. If Femm did pee somewhere, all the mice or magic mice would shun the area, so I wish Femm would do the same as Moofy.

「You can mark the territory too, Femm.」

『I don’t do that kind of thing.』

Moofy’s urine might have an effect, but nothing like Femms’.

Femm, though, seemed to hate the idea of marking territory.

So I guess we’d have to leave it to Moofy.


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