Chapter 390


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Chapter 390 – Mysterious Relics

Vi-Vi thought a bit, and then added,

「Well, I guess I don’t know THAT much about Elkay though. I think I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a reason for the mice.」

「I know…」

Just then, Femm, Moofy, and Chel came closer.

「If there WERE some kind of sewer, the beasts would have probably found it.」


「So what does it all mean, Alra?」

「I’m thinking that there’s some kind of magical block over it?」


「We need to think about this AFTER we check the whole place out for magic.」

「So, that’s first, Al?」

「Got it, Alra.」


Timi, Vi-Vi, and Chel all answered.

Then I asked Chel,

「The stench aside, are you able to search for dead bodies?」

『I did! I mean, I feel with no search.』

「Really? You are strong.」

This cute slime was the Death Lord, after all.

Just like the Holy warrior Cruz, Chel had authority from the gods.

Chel could sense the dead without even having to try.

「PiGGi PigGi」

Chel appreciated being called strong. He jiggled over and over.

I put Shiggy in my pouch and put Chel on my shoulder.

「Watch this, Shiggy.」


I started searching magically and could feel a very small trace of something.

Vi-Vi and Timi began searching as well.

「Hm? I can’t find anything.」Vi-Vi said.

「Yeah, wait…wait a second.」Timi said.

Timi then looked very seriously at something.

「Alra, something over there…feel it?」

「A small response.」

「I thought so.」

Timi nodded. Vi-Vi looked a little disappointed that she hadn’t felt anything.

「Hm? Where?」

「Over here.」

「…I see…I guess I feel something.」

Seems like she detected it once she focused.

It was just small enough that a seasoned magician like Vi-Vi could miss it.

「It’s such a small response that it’s actually stranger.」

「It feels like a magical tool that’s been abandoned eons ago…something like that.」


We moved over to where we felt it…slowly, because we were careful.

Vi-Vi and Timi were with me with the beasts following behind.

「ryaa ryaa?」


Shiggy and Chel were nervous, I could tell.

I ignored them and checked the place where I felt the response.

「This is…」

I found a round, steel plate that was under the snow.

The diameter was the length of my forearm. About the size of a small shield.

『I didn’t smell anything metal…』


The both looked quite down about missing the scent.

After checking out the steel cover, it seems that it was cleverly hidden, both physically and magically.

It had several layers of concealment magic cast on it.

「Even this close, without using magic you would never find it.」

「Yeah, you’re right…」

I asked Femm,

「You can’t smell anything?」


「Moo moo」

「I see.」

Seems the beasts couldn’t sense anything from the cover either.

There was magic to hide the cover’s smell as well.

With so much work done to hide this, not even the agent’s top magician could find it.

「Wonder why someone would work this hard to hide this?」Vi-Vi said.

「Let’s check. Help me out.」

「Sure Alra.」


We all inspected this metal disk.

The magic cast on it was made cryptic so it was hard to decipher.

Shiggy watched us all very closely.

After finally breaking the concealment magic, a very faint magical circle appeared.

「A very complex circle.」

「Yeah, and very thin.」

「It is something…what IS this, Alra?」

Vi-Vi already started reading the circle.

I and Timi tried as well, but the circle was very thin.

「This is going to be mind-racking work.」

「You think so too, Timi?」


Vi-Vi was the magic circle expert – she could solve most circles with one look.

For her to say it was mind-racking work meant that it was one hell of a circle.

After a bit she looked up.

This is a transfer circle.

She thought about it and then nodded.

Apparently, that’s what it was.


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