Chapter 391


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Chapter 391 – The Strange Circle

I let Vi-Vi analyze the circle as she was faster than I was.

Once she said that it was a transfer circle, the writing in the circle became quite obvious.

「I see, a transfer circle. Strange that Vi-Vi was the one to tell us.」

「If she didn’t tell me then I’d still be analyzing it.」

「You too Alra? I see. Now that she’s told us it seems obvious.」

Timi was a bit happy that it took me a while to analyze the circle too.

She then smiled and asked Timi,

「How did you find that this is a transfer circle? Is there something particular?」


She pointed and quickly explained how she had determined that it was a transfer circle.

There were certain aspects that occur in magical text only with them.

「And, see, this part…」

After explaining the easy parts, she then explained how the magical circle was made.

It was a very thin ring for being hidden in the ground.

If you didn’t train your eye, the small symbols would be unreadable. And the circle was actually huge.

We were just seeing one part of it.

It seems that the ring was a part of a huge magical system. Most of it continued underground.

Even with me not being able to quickly decipher the ring, I didn’t know most of it was underground either.

After seeing Vi-Vi’s explanation, I was able to understand pretty much all of it.

Someone like Vi-Vi could look at one part and assume what the whole system was about.

Shiggy was watching and listening closely to Vi-Vi from my pouch.

I wondered if she understood, as Timi said,

「That’s some magic circle.」

「I was surprised at how detailed it is.」

I said, and Vi-Vi nodded, saying,

「It is, but there are places where it can be made more effective, I think.」


Seems that Vi-Vi had some issued with the writer of the circle.

「It’s just way too big.」

This was a dozen, or maybe a hundred times bigger than her transfer circles.

Hers were very small in comparison to this.

「I wonder who made something like this.」

Vi-Vi said, nodding to herself.

I could tell she was quite interested in the circle.

However, I had noticed something else about it.

「I think the question is…where is it connected to, Vi-Vi.」

「Yeah, Al. I wonder too.」

「You think that mouse Shiggy caught came from here?」

「Maybe so.」


I petted Shiggy’s head.

「Well, let’s take a look inside.」

「Isn’t that dangerous, Alra?」

You didn’t know where unknown transfer circles would take you to. It was dangerous to just step into one.

But if a magic mouse emerged from it, it would mean that it was a place where magic mice could survive.

So a place humans could survive…we’d be okay.

「It might be dangerous, but we can’t just forget about it.」

The ring itself was 30 times bigger than one of Vi-Vi’s.

There were also places not written on the outside ring that look up another dozen times her circle.

We’d have to dig up a bunch of houses in order to analyze the whole network.

「If only we could scrape off a part of the circle and put it somewhere else.」

「I guess a circle like this has parts unwritten that hold meaning for the whole system.」

「You’re right, Al.」

It was so big, there was no way we could move it.

Even so, we couldn’t destroy it either.

There might be some historical significance to it. We needed to know who made it.

In other words, we had to find where it went.

「Well, then I’ll go and see where it leads.」

「You, Timi?」

「I’m an ancient dragon. I’m a lot stronger than a human.」

She was much more adaptable to environments than a human. The ancient dragons’ palaces were put in places nearly uninhabitable.

Shiggy’s palace was at the pole, and there were others at the bottom of the sea and on mountaintops.

They were purposefully put in places where no humans live.

「Okay, then go ahead, Timi.」

「Sure, leave it to me.」

「Be careful! When you find out where you are, come back.」

「I know.」

She made the circle move and went inside.

Then we were enveloped in silence.

I guess we could rely on someone stronger like Timi.


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