Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 – Belda’s Visit

Belda was patrolling the town so she brought three strong looking devils with her.

She was a superior knight, but as an agent she needed a guard as well.

Timi spoke to her, saying,

「Ah, you got here with perfect timing.」


Belda had noticed Shiggy standing on top of Timi’s head.

Shiggy was cute, so I understood why Belda liked her so much.


「Ah, sorry…kind of lost my train of thought.」

She said, wiping the bottom of her mouth. She was about to drool?

Timi looked at Belda and said,

「Are you all right?」

「I am. Even so, seeing the stable complete already…」

「It’s not totally complete. We have to enclose it in magical circles.」


「Timi, leave the magical circles to us. You can explain what we did here.」

Vi-Vi and I just continued writing the magical circles, ignoring Belda’s shocked reaction.

We added a strengthening circle and a circle to make the place more livable.

If those were added, then Jearl would have a perfect place to live.

While we were finishing up the circles, Moofy looked around, bored.

So she slowly nuzzled up to Belda.

「Moo moo moo!」


Belda’s eyes opened wide when she saw Moofy. She didn’t expect to see a cow wandering the city streets alone.

Her guard stepped up in front to guard her, but she waved him back.


Moofy stretched out and sniffed Belda’s hand in curiosity.

Belda didn’t look to put out by it, but was a little confused.

「Ah…and who might you be?」

Belda said, asking Timi.

All of the beasts stayed home the first time we went to meet Belda. That’s why it was her first time.

「Oh, this is Moofy. She’s a very smart cow.」

「Is that so…」

Belda said, rubbing Moofy’s snout.

「Eheh heh heh」

Belda said with a strange voice…I knew how she might feel.

Moofy was cute, after all.


Then Femm with Chel on Femm’s back approached as well.

They had been hiding themselves behind a building.

Now was the time to introduce themselves, they probably thought after seeing Belda’s reaction to Moofy.


The guards were shocked again and both now stood out in front of Belda.

Moofy was a cow…that’s not very scary.

But a big wolf like Femm could startle someone very easily.

「No need. Stand back.」

「But, madam…」

「These two are your friends as well?」

「Yes! The magical wolf king Femm and the slime Chelnobok.」

She got a little closer to the two.

「I am Belda. It is my pleasure to meet you.」


She smiled as well and reached out to pet them.

After a bit of petting they’d be okay with her, she probably though.

Belda then coughed and added,

「Please allow me a second to peruse your work. I think you did a splendid job.」

「It was just a simple job.」

「There’s nothing simple about it. I should repay you some how.」

「Don’t mention it. It’s my payment for having scared Jearl so.」「ryaa」

Belda looked at us seriously and bowed deeply, saying,

「I appreciate your thoughts for my friend Jearl.」

Belda was not only in the family of the crown but a representative as well.

No citizen would expect her to bow to someone else for such a thing.

I think Timi knew how much the help was appreciated, so she smiled an said,

「Ah, I think you can speak to us as friend from now on, as long as its not in formal circumstances.」

「Madam Timi…is that really fine with you?」

「Yes. I don’t mind. And we shall do the same with you, if you don’t mind.」

「I am truly grateful. I would much rather call me by Belda.」

Hearing her say such a thing now made her sound quite masculine.

「Understood, Belda.」

And with that, the two shook hands.

It was good to see the two royals get along so well.

As we continued with the magic circles, we watched the, and then Belda turned to me and said,


「Moo moo」

「Um, Moofy…」

「We actually found something very disturbing before we began building.」

Belda was about to say something to me, but Moofy had stuck her snout between Belda’s legs.

Timi just continued speaking to Belda as if nothing happened and pointed over to the mysterious transfer circle.

Belda pusher her away and petted her, and said,

「What is it? I’m sure it’s probably something magic, but…」

「A transfer circle.」


「Tomorrow, we’d like to take a look ourselves.」

「Are you sure, Timi? I can put out a quest for the adventurer’s guild instead…」

「That would be fine, but I think the guild itself has its hands full.」

「Well, then, I thank you.」

She said with a heartfelt thanks.

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