Chapter 411

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Chapter 411 – The Follower of the God of Destruction

「Is that how it is? Alra, you knew about the follower of this God of Destruction?」

「I guess I did.」

It was back when we were searching for the follower of the Death God.

The follower of the God of Destruction shone dimly yellow on the map.

Back then, Timi told us that it was the follower of the God of Destruction.

「The light was quite weak and we talked about it…」

「Yeah, but lately it’s gotten quite strong.」

「So maybe whoever or whatever it is, is growing?」

「Just as you say, Alra.」

It was said that follower was the one that took the God of Destruction’s word to destroy civilization.

The God of Destruction was one of the evil gods.

Hearing this, Belda said,

「The follower of the God of Destruction, an evil god…we should be careful.」

「Well, you can’t say that right away.」

「Are you for certain, Alra?」

「Gods and their motives surpass the comprehension of good and bad to we humans.」

I said that as I patted the followed of the Death God, Chel, a god that was thought evil as well.


「Even so, they must be quite strong, so we should talk to them.」

「Let’s meet the follower, Alra!」

Cruz said, eyes shimmering, but Timi said,

「There’s no need, right?」


「If it’s our destiny to meet them, then the follower will approach us.」

「Wait, the follower of the Destruction God will?」

「Yeah. Whoever it is approaches us from the capital.」

「How far are they?」

「About three days walk from Elkay.」

「I guess we can just wait, then. What do you think, Alra?」

「We’re busy, so we should just wait for them.」

「Alra’s right. That’s the best plan of action.」

Belda agreed with me and the others, so we decided to wait.

Then Luka said,

「It would probably be better for us to search out that dungeon first.」

I thought as well it would be good to hurry and check the place out.

「Even though it’s sealed, we should probably confirm what’s inside the place before we judge what it is.」

「Okay, we’ll take a look.」

We definitely needed to confirm what condition that Immortal Demon was in.

The seal on the Immortal Demon had to be checked.

I was glad that the plot the Lord of the Undead had wasn’t carried out.

But the enemy now was this unbelievably strong Undead or Immortal Demon.

It might be that we were still part of the whole plot to release this demon.

It also might be that the seal barring the demon’s release was now breaking.

I explained all this to those other than Luka and Yureena.

Cruz heard it all and nodded,

「Hm, I guess so. If that seal ever breaks, it’s going to be trouble.」

「Just as you say, Hero Marquise. Alra, can I ask you something?」

「Sure, you want me to see the inside of the dungeon, right?」

「I want to go too!」「PigGGi」

It was the Immortal Demon that was sealed.

I would feel better if the Holy Hero Cruz was along with me when I went.

「Wait a second.」


「It’s a bit late in the day for that now.」

「You’re right. Let’s go tomorrow.」

I was rearing to god, but Yureena and Luka stopped me.

「It’s a dungeon though, right? Day or night has no relation.」

「Maybe not inSIDE the dungeon, but if something comes out, then the people outside will be in trouble.」

「I guess you’re right.」

I had just woken up after all. I was rested enough.

Femm, Chel, Moofy, and I had all slept.

I had also forgotten to ask the others if they were rested.

「So all of you others are tired?」

「Me? No, I’m ready to go!」

Cruz said looking confused.

Luka sighed,

「Yeah, Cruz, you slept…for one hour.」

「We all had an hour to sleep and then woke up in the morning.」

「I see…I guess I’m not giving you much time to recover. Sorry.」

I bowed, and Vi-Vi said,

「It’s not your fault, Alra.」

「Did you sleep, Vi-Vi?」

「More than these other girls.」

So I guess she didn’t get that much sleep either.

「Moo moo」「PigGGi」

I and the beasts all looked at them apologetically.

「And Belda?」

「Well, the city is my duty…」

I guess she didn’t sleep much either.

「I see…」

「We’d be hard up if you ran out of magic or your knee started hurting. Better to rest.」

Yureena said with a smile, then,

「Alra, how is your knee? Has it worsened?」

It did hurt when I used too much magic.

So she was worried.

「Thanks for worrying over me, but I’m fine.」

I said, and Luka and Yureena smiled back.

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