Chapter 419


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Chapter 419 – The Bath 3

I tried to say this as quietly as possible. It was embarrassing enough as it is.

「I really like both, I guess.」

「But if you had to pick one?」

Timi said, looking at me seriously.

「Well, I guess I like both of them…is all I can say.」


「ryaa ryaa」

Timi was staring at me, and Shiggy was on her head doing the same.

「I guess if I had to pick one, big is good.」


Millet said softly, putting her hands together in front of her chest.

Cruz, on the other hand, puffed out her cheeks,

「Whaa? So you don’t like them small?」

「No, that’s not it. Just if I absolutely had to choose.」

「So you like small ones too, you’re saying?」

「I said that already.」

「Okay then.」

Cruz said, smiling, as she got up and walked to the bath.

I guess she had finished with the washing right away.

「Okay, anywhere left to wash, Millet?」

「No, I’m fine.」

「Okay, well I’m finished.」

「Thank you! It felt great.」

So I rinsed her back off and went to the bath.

Everyone was in the bath but Millet.

「Moofy, calm down.」

「Moo moo!」

But like usual when Cruz got in the bath, all the beasts were happy, especially Moofy.

Femm slowly drifted over to Cruz as well, as did Chel.

They all liked drinking the water that Cruz had been in.

I watched them as I got in the bath as well.


It felt great. The water pierced all the way into the pain in my knee.


Shiggy flapped over towards me.

「You’ve gotten good at swimming, Shiggy.」

「She is growing very quickly.」

Timi then came beside me as she chased after Shiggy.

「Shiggy can shoot magic darts now.」

「You’re right.」

All of the beasts learned to shoot magic darts together, including Shiggy.

It was a normal ability for ancient dragons, but Shiggy learned it very early.

「You taught it in the same way you did Millet and Collette with their magic exercises, right?」

「Yeah, I did. I guess it was a good thing to teach them to focus their magic power within.」

「I guess Shiggy just copied what they were doing then.」


「That’s why my niece is growing so quickly.」

「You think those magic exercises work for ancient dragons too?」

「Don’t you think? Well, she is growing quite precociously.」

Timi wasn’t sure that the magic exercises were the reason, but she was sure that Shiggy was a total genius.

「Well, dragons and humans have arms and legs, so the exercises probably focus magic in both.」

「If you say so Timi, then I believe you.」

And while we talked this over, Colette came over.

「I think Shiggy’s done the same magical exercises as you Collette.」


Shiggy looked confused but she still wagged her tail happily.

Colette grabbed and held her.

「Let’s do the magical exercises together next time.」


Shiggy happily buried her nose into Collette’ hair.

「Maybe the reason Shiggy became so noble was because of those exercises?」


「It’s possible. What do you think, Colette?」

「Hm? I don’t know, Timi.」


Millet had finished washing and now came towards the bath.

It was a big bath, but she sat right next to me.

「Aren’t you a little close?」

「Wha? I don’t think so.」


I guess I should ignore it. It might just be me.

「Al, teach me some magic exercises too sometime.」

「You’re strong without them, Cruz.」


Now Cruz scootched up beside me on the other side.

All the beasts followed her to me.

「This bath is so big, but now it feels so packed.」

「What do you mean?」

Cruz said, confused.

「No no no, I don’t think I’m making it up.」

「Yeah, you are.」

「Moo moo!」

Seems that Moofy was agreeing with Cruz.

So Moofy now came close to me, putting her fore-hoof on my thigh and her head on my shoulder.

「What is it Moofy?」

Maybe she wanted to be petted, she was always like that. Shiggy flew on Moofy’s head as I petted her.


Now Femm and Chel both came up close to me, wanting to be petted.

They were all such suckers for being petted, but I did so all the same.



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  3. Alra and others come out of bath.
    Friend A looks at them and say: Mix bath should be fun.
    Alra: Here are no difference between mix bath on normal bath.
    Friend A: Hmmm, hmmm.
    Friend A come close to Alra and looks close at him and says: I think Alra soon will become Sage.
    Luka: Sage? That is Sage?
    Friend A: Sage is very powerful person. This person will concentrate to one thing in mind and soul and become very good at it. Bricking beyond normal human limits.
    Timi: Yes, Alra are already beyond human limits in magic.
    Friend A: Because of such strong concentration Sage will lose part of things who makes him human. Especially lust. He will look at women the same as at man. No lust at all.
    Millet drops plate at floor.
    Collette: Ahhhh. NOOO. We need to save old man for my sisters future.

    • Friend A: Here are few methods of healing, but it only works before one become Sage.
      Cruz: That is the method? Tell me fast.
      Friend A looks at Cruz and say: Sorry Cruz, you can’t use this method.
      Millet: Can I use it?
      Friend A looks at Millet and say: Yes, you are perfect for it.
      Millet: Tell me, tell me. How can I help Alra?
      Friend A: When you are in mix bath you need to use soap on your front and wash Alra back with your front.
      Alra: ?

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