Chapter 421


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Chapter 421 – A Huge Shadow

I saw Timi, with her confused look, and a stance like she was ready to fight.

Jaerl looked terrified as well.

This was the first time I saw Timi look this scared.

「What is it, Timi?」
「Alra, you don’t feel that?」
「What do you mean?」
「Alra, you have got to protect Shiggy…okay?」
Timi looked very serious about this, as I picked up Shiggy and put her into my pouch.
Shiggy looked at us if asking 「What is it?」
But it seemed that whatever had caused Timi to jump had also scared Jaerl.
「Timi, Jaerl, what is it?」
Even someone with strong intuition like Cruz was a bit confused at what had happened?
「You can’t feel it? The pressure in the air around us?」
I took Jaerl out of the dragon stable. All the others came up to us wondering what had happened.
Jaerl walked all the way to the exit of the stable and looked outside, his head trying to sense something.
I looked into the air. There were heavy clouds, and it looked as though it would rain.
Other than that, I felt nothing.
However, Timi seemed quite apprehensive so I tried to sense whatever it was some more.
I sent out my magic in a thin layer around me, trying to find something.
Even so, I couldn’t sense anything that Timi was wary about.
So I sent it out even further, to a place maybe three days walk away, when I finally sensed something.
「…what the hell?」
「You sensed it, Alra? What is it?」
「Hey! What is it! Tell me! I want to…wha?」
Cruz, who was happy about this little adventure suddenly got serious and grabbed her sword.
After a bit, I could see that serious look extend to Luka and Yureena as well.
I think we all could feel something coming.
It seems that Femm and Cruz were just a little later than me in noticing. But now they were poised and ready.
「What is it, Alra?」
「What do you sense, Sir Alra?」
Vi-Vi and Belda were the only ones that didn’t sense it.
「You’ll see before I can explain.」
And as I said that, I pointed to the sky.
You could see one heavy cloud split open.
It was as if an explosion had occurred that wiped the cloud away.
But there was no wind that assailed us on the ground.
Then, six giant dragons appeared in the sky above Elkay.
They were bigger than Timisoara in dragon form.
「Those are some huge dragons.」
「Timi, ancient dragons?」
「And also…」
「Yes. Alra is correct. It’s the strongest of ancient dragons. The duchesses.」
There were seven duchesses of the ancient dragons. I had heard that Shiggy’s mother was one of those seven. This meant that with Shiggy here, all seven dragon duchesses were together.
Shiggy was crying out from my pouch, happily.
「Why are they all here? Do you know why, Timi?」
「No idea. However, there’s only one reason I can think of for all of them to come together at once.」
「And that reason is?」
Before Timi could answer Vi-Vi’s question, the six dragons slowly descended.
They each were as big as a mountain, and there were six of them.
Elkay was covered in a massive shadow.
If they descended directly downwards, they would crush the town to bits.
「Timi, I don’t know why, but it must be that they are going to meet Shiggy.」
「Yes, you’re right. There’s no other reason.」
「Then we should leave to the outside of Elkay.」
Whether they came to talk or fight, it was going to be a problem for the town.
The duchesses were massive dragons.
And if they decided to land on Elkay, a lot of people would die.
『Al, get on!』
「Thanks, Femm!」
Femm had quickly transformed back to its huge size and I was on Femm’s back in a flash.
「Vi-Vi, Steff! Take care of the kids!」
「Okay!」「Leave it to us!」
「Femm. Get out of the town however you can!」
『I know already!』
And Femm dashed forwards.
Cruz, Luka, Yureena, Moofy, and Chel on her back followed.
Belda tried to dash after us, but couldn’t keep up.
「Belda, come with me.」
And so Timi picked up Belda and ran.
After we were a ways outside of Elkay, Femm stopped.
The others soon arrived behind.
Then the six dragons slowly changed their position and followed us.
「Even if they land here, they’re going to cause a lot of damage.」
However, if they were here to fight, it would be even worse. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to use all of our strength.
And so finally, the dragons descended in for a landing.
Shiggy just watched the whole event happily.
She really was a duchess, like the others, so she wasn’t scared.
I watched them all descend as well. I wondered who would win in a fight.
Even one versus one would be one hell of a battle, but six versus one, there was no way to win.
Even so, I didn’t feel any hostility from them.
I don’t think they came for a fight. At least I hoped so.
In the least, I don’t think they came to destroy us.
If they had, they would have just blasted us from the air…it was the easiest way.
But in this case, there was probably some kind of negotiation they had to speak with us about.
And considering this, while watching them descend, Timi said in a loud voice.
「All of you need to get away from Alra!」
And she said it with a very forceful voice.

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