Chapter 424


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Chapter 424 – Destruction Lord

Ecces looked scared and ready to fight.
Belda was worried and asked me,
「Sir Alra, what do you mean by follower?」
「The one on this earth chosen by their respective god to represent them on this earth.」
「I see…so Ecces is one of those followers?」
「Seems so.」
I said while smiling at a still cautious Ecces, saying,
「Don’t be so afraid. You saw how proper this dragon’s ceremony was, right?」
Then I explained it all to Belda and Ecces.
What it meant to be a follower of the various gods as a lord.
And also that the dragons could detect such followers from their magical maps.
Also, the fact that the follower of the destruction god, who had been approaching Elkay, had disappeared on the map, so we knew that this destruction lord was very close to us.
「I wonder if we’ve established that you, thus, are the destruction lord.」
「So you’ve figured me out?」
「Seems so. Even if you told others that you were the destruction lord, no one would know what you meant.」
And if I was wrong, I would have apologized to her.
But, it was true that wherever the destruction lord was, he or she was very close to us.
And also, this was a very talented youth. There was little left to doubt.
「Very much like the regent of a dragon queen to detect me.」
Belda looked quite worried at Ecces and my conversation.
「So what do you plan to do with me? Get rid of me?」
「E, Ecces! What are you saying?! Sir Alra, she may be associated with the destruction god, but she’s a wonderful person. I can guarantee it.」
Belda hurried to cover for Ecces.
By the way Belda spoke, she did know that Ecces had some kind of extraordinary power, but because she trusted her, she gave her position as vice agent.
「No need to worry. I’m not going to do anything just because she’s a follower of the destruction god.」
「…however, I am his follower. And he is considered one of the evil gods.」
「We humans cannot simply determine if the actions of gods are good or evil.」
Upon hearing this, Ecces’ eyes opened wide. She seemed surprised.
Timi had said something like that before. I was just repeating it.
「And also…Chelnovok…」
Chel bounced all the way up to me after I mentioned it. I kneeled down and Shiggy picked the blob up in her hands.
「Can I tell her, Chel?」
「Thanks. This blob is the follower of the death god.」
「D…death god?」
「Yes. And though the death god is considered one of the evil gods as well, Chel’s not an evil slime.」
『Piggi! I not bad slime!』
Chel made its own appeal as Ecces looked at the blob in surprise.
「You probably were able to determine that on your own after seeing the dragon ceremony…Marquise…」
「Shiggy herself is the dragon queen, in other words, the follower of the dragon god.」
「…I see.」
I had no idea what Ecces meant, but I guess she had understood something.
「Though you are a follower of a god, it doesn’t mean you’re impelled to do the god’s bidding. I’m not worried.」
Ecces seemed to relax, and so we were finally able to exchange pleasantries.
So I introduced the others to her.
I introduced Cruz and Yureena so as not to hide who they were.
And Luka introduced herself with a smile.
「I am Marquise Luka Langow. You’re the dragon killer Ecces Halewood. I’ve heard many things about you.」
Seems a guild high-up like Luka knew a lot about Ecces.
She had dispatched three dragon zombies and a demon soon after registering as an adventurer.
And she had been pretty much alone.
「That’s something!」
「We were very happy to have you, but after you were proclaimed Marquise, you returned home, and…」
「To tell the truth…」
Belda interrupted to explain.
It seemed that Ecces’ step-mother had plotted to disinherit Ecces, and did so, so she became an adventurer and became quite famous.
Then the plot became public and Ecces became a Marquise, and joined the knights of the crown.
During this, Belda did a lot for her and she became the second in command under the vice chief of the dragon knights.
「Even as second in command, she’s still a Marquise in the government…」
As a result, the uproar about the plot was suppressed within a few months.
Belda was now calling Ecces her vice agent, although she had to take care of her own responsibilities as well.
「Is your realm okay?」
Cruz asked Ecces, as Cruz herself had recently taken an interest in politics.
「Yes, because I can ask Belda to help me anytime. Oh, and Marquise Langow!」
「What is it?」
「Could you aid me in seeing something?」
「…what can I help with?」
「The fabled holy sword of the holy hero! I long to see it!」
Ecces looked quite excited by even mentioning it. Then Belda said,
「Luka, Marquise Halewood is from a family with a long line of sword fighters…」
「I know. Her father was once the royal swordsman for the crown.」
「Yes. That’s why I knew of her at first.」
Belda was royalty as well. That’s why she knew of Ecces’ father.
「I’ve studied the sword my whole life! I’d love to have a bout with the hero!」
Ecces said, kneeling before Luka.

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