Chapter 427

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Chapter 427 – The Destruction God’s Oracle

I laughed and looked over at Ecces,

「You figured that out well.」

「I knew it!」

「W, what? You’re the demon lord, Alra?」

Belda said, shocked after hearing it the first time.

「I said this before, but the magic lord doesn’t have to be part of a magical race.」

「Yeah, it just means that the person is the one chosen by the magic god. Don’t worry about the whole relation to the demons.」

Luka explained.

「I guess…not…」

But Belda was still very surprised by it all.

So Timi continued the explanation to Belda,

「A lord is just a follower of a certain god…」

And hearing her explanation, Cruz was nodding along seriously,

「Is that how it works…」

「I thought you knew about this, Cruz…」

「Heheh heh」

But Timi’s explanation was easy to understand.

It was so easy that Cruz, who hadn’t understood it until now, suddenly did.

And more importantly, Belda understood.

After the explanation was over, Timi asked Ecces,

「So what is this god of destruction like anyway?」

「Just as the name states. He can destroy things.」

「Hm. A little too simple. But that’s why he’s regarded as so strong.」

「Thank you very much.」

Since Timi was so interested in this god, she continued to want to ask questions, but Yureena stopped her,

「I’m interested in the powers too, but I want to know about the oracle.」

「Yes, sorry. Ecces, please tell us about the oracle.」

「Yeah, did it only say the lords were coming together?」

Luka said, and Ecces just nodded.

「Exactly. It wanted the lords to combine forces and defeat whatever was deep inside the dungeon.」

Hearing that, it was pretty obvious the dungeon was the one inside of Elkay.

The one that the Lord of the Undead said housed a sealed up very strong undead creature.

So, I guessed that the destruction god wanted that thing destroyed.

At least, that’s what we were all thinking. But I asked Ecces just in case,

「What dungeon do you mean? And what’s inside of it?」

「I don’t know that. The god didn’t tell me that much.

I guess I could figure that out without being told.

Cruz had a serious expression as she asked,

「If you think about it, maybe it’s the Elkay dungeon she means?」

「And the thing we have to beat should be that very strong undead whatever inside?」

「You’re both right, Cruz and Luka. Ecces, to be honest…」

And so I explained everything that had happened so far to her.

Even the battle with the Lord of the Undead.

「We were planning on going into the dungeon today, but the dragon duchesses showed up suddenly.」

「Is that why…」

Ecces nodded, finally understanding it all after my story.

Cruz then asked Ecces,

「You can help us go into the dungeon, Ecces!」

「That’s what I was planning.」

「Okay, then let’s go now!」

And saying that, Cruz’ eyes sparkled. No joke either, she was ready to go. So I stopped her,

「Cruz, wait. Ecces and Luka have just been through a harsh fight.」

「Yeah, and we need to get ready to search the dungeon and I’m still a little tired from fighting Ecces.」

「And not only that, but Ecces was on a journey too, so she has to be tired.」

「Not at all. You did fight with your all though.」

「I see…」

「Thank you.」

Ecces was a little embarrassed to mention that Luka had fought so well, but still smiled at her with blushing cheeks.

Yureena finally spoke up after a long silence,

「…I wonder if we should trust this god of destruction…or even her.」

Yureena said, very cautiously.

This was probably because the god of destruction has always been seen as an evil god.

After all, that Lord of the Undead also wanted to go into the dungeon and unseal a very strong undead creature.

And as the oracle stated, we had to unseal the thing in order for all of us to fight it.

「But Yureena, we had planned to go in there and defeat the thing even before we knew about this oracle.」

「…that’s right, Cruz. What do you think about your own god’s oracle, Ecces?」

Yureena said, now asking Ecces.

「Well, first, we don’t have to speak so politely to each other.」


「I’m asking you. It just makes it easier.」


And since Belda asked after Ecces, Yureena would cut right to the chase.

After that, Ecces began speaking again about everything she knew about the god of destruction.

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