Chapter 428

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Chapter 428 – The God’s Opinion

Ecces looked straight in front of her.

「I guess logically, we shouldn’t totally trust this god.」

「Wha? Why not?」

「Well, Cruz, I don’t though I am thankful for him.」

So she spoke about her experiences as a follower.

Firstly, her family, the Halewoods, were famous for their use of the sword in battle.

However, because Ecces couldn’t use her sword well, she was going to be disinherited.

「That day I received power from both the destruction god and his oracle. I think he liked my personality.」

「W…wait a second.」

Luka butted into the story,

「There’s no way they’re going to chase you off because of your lack of swordsmanship, right?!」

「Well, I was cursed…」

It seems that her stepmother of the Halewoods who had wanted a boy, but was left with a girl, had cursed her.

She was so beset by the curse, she couldn’t even perform daily chores and was completely useless as a swordfighter.

Because of that, even with daily harsh training, she was still unable to use a sword.

「The god of destruction gave me power and released me from my curse…」

「And with the curse gone, you were able to use your true power.」


「…I see. I can really respect your ability now, Ecces.」

「Th, thank you… to be told that by you Luka…」

「After fighting you, it must have been quite some training you went though.」

「Yes, I think she’s quite a fighter too.」

「I couldn’t imagine not being able to move freely, not improve, and not being able to train the way that I wanted to.」

Because of training, your sword skills would get better. That’s why these girls loved fighting so much.

And because you improve, you try harder.

「I believe in this god of destruction.」

「What? Why, Luka? I could understand why Ecces would, but…」

「Cruz, think about it. Even though she had no chance of improvement, she kept working at it. A person like that is rare. And respectable.」

「I guess so.」

「I think if he accepted her because of that personality, he can’t be that bad.」

「I see…maybe you’re right.」

Cruz seemed to understand.

And so Luka and Ecces shook hands and exchanged a glance.

「Ecces, you really are strong. I’m impressed.」

「Thank you very much.」

And Ecces seemed almost like she’d tear up.

Hearing that she was respected by the famous swordswoman Luka must have made quite the impression.

I knew how she felt, so I waited until she was a bit more calm before proceeding.

We then began discussing whether we should do exactly what this oracle was saying.

I had first just wanted to explore, but I wasn’t against defeating the monster inside either.

But I still wanted to hear everyone else’s opinion.

「What do you think, Belda?」

「Because I trust Ecces already…」

「I see, and Yureena?」

「If Cruz trusts her, then I agree too.」

It seems that Yureena was just trusting Cruz’ intuition.

And I trusted it too.

「What do you think, Timi?」

「Well, I don’t really care about trusting a god or not.」

「What? You don’t care?」

「No, Cruz. After all, neither man nor dragon can understand a god’s thoughts.」

「I see.」

「There’s no way to understand the logic behind a god’s opinion. There’s no point in thinking about something you can’t understand.」

This was already the answer that I expected from Timi.

「If we don’t understand it, are you saying we should just follow it?」

「Yeah, it’s just as Alra was saying. Along with the timing of Shiggy being picked as the Dragon Queen.」

Now Shiggy looked up at me, confused.

Timi walked over and petted the small dragon.

「Trying to figure out what the gods are thinking is quite presumptuous.」

「But the timing is a little too good.」

「Yes. You think so too, Alra?」

After all, it had said that all the lords would come together.

And then at the same time, Shiggy ends up being the dragon lord.

「You can’t estimate the god’s thoughts, but even so…」

「It’s obvious that some of the gods at least are trying to get us all here together.」

「Just as you say, Alra.」

「So I guess we should go in there with Shiggy.」


Shiggy was happy to go in there with us.

I guess we should all go in there as lords and defeat whatever was in there as the oracle had stated.

And if that’s so, then it would only make sense to bring the dragon queen, Shiggy, with us.

So we all decided to go into the dungeon the next day.

The members would be the lords, Cruz, Ecces, Shiggy, Chel, and I. And then the royal Belda, Luka Yureena, Timi, Femm, and Moofy.


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