Chapter 431

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Chapter 431 – Wall Trap

After I told them all to be careful, Cruz smiled.

I knew she was smiling because she was sorry she set off the first trap.

「Because it’s dangerous!」

I guess she wasn’t sorry at all. I should yell at her.

It was a bit shameful for a girl that had seen so many dungeons to fool around like that.

She was a bad example for these new dungeon explorers.

And it was bad for Shiggy’s education.

I thought about how to address it, but doing it directly was best.

「Cruz, That was really bad. You can’t be an adventurer and do that!」


「I’ve told you again and again.」

「I know.」

「Not just with dungeons either. All the time.」

「I know. I’m sorry.」

Cruz looked quite sad.

She had good luck and ability, but she was really unaware of what she was doing.

And that luck she was blessed with wasn’t going to last forever.

Well, I guess it wasn’t luck so much as, she should start avoiding making stupid actions.

After all that, Cruz said,

「Okay, I promise to be careful.」

Then Luka shouted at Cruz,


「Be careful of traps.」


「Be careful of traps.」


「Be careful of ambushes.」

「Good! Now make sure you do it!」

「Thank you.」

Yureena held a crestfallen Cruz and patted her head,

「You just were a little uncareful, Cruz.」

But a little lack of care could cost your life – there was no excuse.

And I was always having to review basic things with Cruz. But it seemed that she had corrected herself at least for a while.

She wouldn’t act so leisurely for a while. She seemed a bit more serious than she was at the onset.

「Cruz, take care as you progress. Just take it slow.」


Even with her being careless, she was the best to put up front.

She was aware of danger and could respond quickly to traps, and she was a fierce fighter.

So, she was in the front of the party.

Next was the beasts, Vi-Vi and I, and behind was Yureena, Ecces, and Belda, and finally, Timi and Luka.

Yureena was there to watch over the two newbies.

Vi-Vi was on top of Moofy next to me.
And Moofy was strong, so there was little need to worry.

As we continued, Cruz stopped ahead of us.

「Ah! A trap!」

Since I just scolded her, I guess I should praise her now.

「Good job finding it, Cruz.」

「Great job, Cruz!」

As I was praising her, Yureena also ran up and hugged her.

「It’s…no big deal.」

「I know you can do it, Cruz.」

「Eheh heh」

While Yureena was patting Cruz on the head, I checked the trap.

It was quite a well-hidden trap, and it was hard to dispel.

「You did well to see this, Cruz.」

「Heh heh, thanks.」

「It’s a hard to find trap.」

「Heh, you’re making me embarrassed.」

As we talked, I continued checking the trap.

If this was the only trap, then just checking it would be enough to disable it.

But we were at the beginning of the beginning of this dungeon.

I had to know this trap’s construction, setting, strength, intention, and other attributes.

So I checked it very carefully as Vi-Vi watched over me.

Moofy bowed low so she could see better.

「Alra, what trap is it?」

「Moo moo」

Moofy was interested as well.

I explained the trap to everyone.

「It was hidden quite well, but placed in a place that an intruder would find it.」

「Oh? I had no idea, Alra.」

「Even if you were to tell me, I don’t think I would have found it.」

The magic circle was inscribed in between two walls of stone, just below.

The trap would sense you passing and then be sprung.

Belda looked over the magic circle closely.

「Belda, don’t get close to it. I haven’t disarmed it yet.」

「Yes, Sir Alra. Thank you for telling me.」

Of course, I could have stopped any trap with magic after it was sprung, but it was best not to spring it in the first place.

「So, if it’s sprung, what happens?」

「The trap is sprung right here. Then it explodes.」

「So it’s just like the one that Cruz sprung?」

「Yeah, but the force is different. The strength is about five times the previous one.」


As I said that, Belda took a step back.

Vi-Vi pulled back as well.

「So if it was sprung it would kill all of us?」

「Well, the person that placed it was expecting so.」
「If that was the case, it would blow the whole path us.」

Luka said, touching the walls of the path.

「I don’t think that’s entirely true.」

「Timi, what do you think?」

「There’s magic in this trap that wasn’t in the previous room.」

「So something that would prevent the walls from being destroyed?」

「I think so, what about you, Alra?」

「Not just keep them from being destroyed, but to reset any damage.」

Even if the walls were damaged, the walls would be reset back again. The magic was there.

It was true that whoever was the magician that set this was an expert.

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