Chapter 432

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Chapter 432 – Checking the Dungeon

Timi looked over the walls and said,

「Just as Alra said. If no one told me, I wouldn’t have noticed.」

「So the level of magic is that high?」

「I guess it is, Luka, even though it’s embarrassing to say.」

If Timi didn’t notice, then it wasn’t just a regular magician that made this.

And that said, Timi would have found it if she was searching closely.

But the fact that she missed it meant that almost anyone would miss it as well.

「Shiggy, remember that traps like this exist.」


Shiggy poked her head out and said with a nod.

Then I disarmed the trap.

「Cruz, I disarmed it, so go through.」

「Ah, Alra, can I ask something?」

Cruz said, before she tried to go through.

「What is it?」

「What do you mean by the walls getting rebuilt?」

「Just that. Remember the clay and metal statues we fought?」

Back in Elkay, when we had fought the Lord of the Undead.

「Yes, it was hard because as soon as you busted them up, they reformed.」

「Well the same spell is in these rocks.」

So if the place exploded, the rocks would reform back to how they were.

「That’s bad! Wait? So maybe they don’t even need the explosive?」

「What do you mean?」

Luka asked.

「If they wanted to kill us, they could just have the rocks squish us to death.」

「That’s some imagination, Cruz.」

「Moo mooo」

Vi-Vi said, scared, with Moofy mooing in front of her.

I guess Moofy was telling Vi-Vi to leave it to her to protect her.

「There’s no function in this wall to crush. I don’t know why though.」

「If you say so Alra, I believe you! Okay!」

And so Cruz walked through the path.

「Be careful, okay, Cruz?」

「I know, but thanks.」

Femm used spirit-speech while walking behind Cruz, so we could all hear.

『What would we do if it did try to crush us?』

「Just a magic barrier. Or I could crush the wall itself.」

『Who could perform magic like that?』

「Timi or I, I suppose.」

『In other words, this is a trap that would kill anyone other than very experienced adventurers?』

「Well, I guess so. But that last trap would have killed a normal party as well.」

『Do you think reforming the walls was a more difficult magic than it just crushing you?』

「No, the crushing magic would probably be easier.」
『I don’t know…』

Hearing this, Luka then said,

「In other words, if you wanted to kill a whole party, you would have had the walls crush them?」

『I guess so. It’s easier than blowing up the place and then having it form back, right?』

「Pretty sharp answer, Femm.」

『Of course! I’m a magical wolf king, after all!』

I think Femm was a little too pleased after being praised by Luka.

At least I could see Femm’s tail wagging happily.

「Good thinking, Femm.」

I said as I walked beside, and petted Femm’s head.

「I think there’s a key to understanding the trap maker’s intent there as well.」

「Yeah, we should check the next one carefully as well.」

And so we had Cruz continue into the next dungeon.

I continued searching for enemies and traps as well, but I had been searching for traps since the first one.

You couldn’t just trust Cruz’ luck for everything.

Cruz then found three traps and I solved them. I praised her each time.

「Good job finding that Cruz.」

「Eheh heh」


「Alra, what are these traps consisting of?」

Timi asked. She wanted to know how they were set off, and she asked at the third trap.

「The same as before. They sense you and then BOOM! That type.」

「Hmph, pretty talentless.」

「Yes, but all are very hard to find.」

「Oh? The same type, but they get harder to find?」


Vi-Vi and Moofy seemed very interested.

Belda approached us with a very frightened look.

「See, look over here!」

「Hm? What do you see?」

「Maybe you could dispel that trap from over here.」

Timi looked over and said.

「If you did that from there, it would blow up!」

「Yeah, I think the trap maker is trying to make explorers relax by making them look the same.」

「This is the real thing. It’s quite scary.」

Belda said, genuinely scared.

「The dungeons near the capital are pretty general ones, Belda.」

Belda had explored a dungeon with new recruits near the capital.

That time, a stone naga collapsed the opening of the dungeon, and I came to save them all.

「You’re right. That dungeon was completely different, which is why I’m lost.」

「Yeah, that dungeon was full of monsters.」

「We’re not seeing any enemies here…」

As soon as Cruz said that, we heard some small pebbles fall from the ceiling.


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