Chapter 436

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Chapter 436 – Rest

While I was thinking about sleep, Timi said,

「Hm, if this goes on too long, I might have to break through all the walls.」

「How are you feeling, Timi?」

「No worries. I can go without sleeping or eating for a few months.」

「Not that, I mean remaining in a human form – you said your legs hurt, right?」

「Oh! Yeah! You remember well, Alra!」

Timi was always saying that when we first met.

「In order to watch over Shiggy, I had to start taking on human form a lot, but now I’m used to it.

「You can get used to that?」

「Yeah, now it doesn’t hurt too much.」

「Good to hear.」


「I know Shiggy sleeps a lot now, but when she gets older, she won’t have to as much.」

「Shiggy’s just a baby, and babies and kids sleep a lot.」

「Even ancient dragons?」

「Of course.」

While Timi and I were talking this over, I saw Luka taking notes behind her.

But we still had a long path ahead of us.

We had entered the dungeon in the middle of the morning.

It was hard to tell time without being able to see the sun, but I bet we had been in here a day at least.

We kept moving so the poison wouldn’t come out, solving traps as we went.

We fought many golems, and disarmed so many traps, I lost count.

I could see everyone getting quite tired, and right as I was thinking of leaving, I saw the dungeon change a bit.

「The walls’ colors changed!」

Cruz said, happily.

The stone walls didn’t change, but the composition of the rock did.

It became quite white. The walls looked almost like marble.

「The walls seem wider. And the ceiling, seems to be higher as well.」

Luka said, looking closely but being careful not to touch the walls.

「It’s possible this is a strong trap, or has strong enemies.」

And saying that Yureena then said,

「I know. I’m checking just in case as well.」

I was more worried about enemies than traps.

Traps were only dangerous in small places. You couldn’t get away.

But in a normal, big place, a strong enemy could attack.

「But, Alra, you don’t feel any enemies or traps, right?」

「…I guess not.」

「Maybe they got better at hiding?」

Cruz said, a bit confused.

「Alra, really? You don’t sense anything?」

「No, happy to say.」

「…I wonder why not. It makes no sense.」

Luka was very cautious.

「Hmm…the traps are over, so maybe we passed the experiment?」

Timi said.

「If that’s the case, I’m happy we did.」

Best not to expect wishful thinking though, if you want to remain an adventurer.

I continued to check around.

There were no traps. No magical creatures. And there was no poison.

There was also no magic to reform or move the stone walls.

「Doesn’t seem there’s any danger, but we can’t be careless.」

「I know that.」

「I hope you two are right.」

Belda said to the both of us.

We were all tired, but we were still alert.

On the other hand, Vi-Vi said,

「fwaaaaa, zzzzz」

She was sleeping on top of Moofy.

It made sense, though. You had to get some sleep when you could.

「Femm, what do you think?」

『I don’t feel any hostility.』



『You want to ride on me, Alra? Your knee must hurt.』

「Thanks. It is getting tough.」


So I petted Femm’s back.

Femm was very strong. Anyone could ride on Femm when it became necessary.

But we had to keep Femm’s strength going in case we needed it.

「What do you think, Moofy?」


Moofy seemed to think it over.

『Nothing there.』

「I see, thanks.」


Moofy mooed quietly so Vi-Vi didn’t wake up.

「And you Chel?」

『There is undead!』

「But do you feel it close?」


「I see, thanks.」


So I said to everyone.

「There’s no traps, no enemies. We should take a rest here.」

「Good idea.」

「Yeah, I agree with you.」

「Me too.」

And so they were all ready to take a rest here.

「Belda, don’t take your armor off, just in case we need to fight.」


「We are all still in a dungeon. We need to be ready to move.」


It would be a relief to take off the heavy armor and so on, but we didn’t have that luxury.

While I was saying that to Belda, I heard,

「We’re taking a rest?」

Seems that Vi-Vi was awake.

She got off Moofy’s back and began writing a magical circle on the ground.

「Vi-Vi, are you okay?」

「Yeah, *yawn* I’m fine.」

She was half-asleep as she continued writing the magical circle.

Even so, it was well written.

No somewhat strong enemy could attack the circle, and it would repel everything but the strongest attacks.

It also had a relaxing and fatigue recovery effect.

「Nice circle, Vi-Vi.」

「*yawn* It’s okay…」

After drawing it, she climbed back on Moofy’s back and fell asleep.


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