Chapter 437

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Chapter 437 – Rest 2

And so we took turns getting some sleep.

「I’ll guard as well as someone.」

「Me too.」「Me too.」

「You can sleep, Belda and Ecces.」

They were new at dungeoning, so there was no reason to let them or Vi-Vi post guard.

I and Luka, then Cruz and Yureena would sleep in pairs.

First was Luka and my turn to post guard.

Timi didn’t need to sleep, so she watched with us.

「Femm, Moofy, Chel, go to sleep.」


Femm laid down next to me and quickly slept.

It was a light sleep. Femm was still watching, in a way.

No matter what happened, Femm was ready for me to ride if we were attacked by something.

Moofy had Vi-Vi on her back, while Belda and Ecces climbed up and slept as well.

Moofy was kind so she would watch over these new dungeon explorers.

Chel was in Cruz’ arms as they both slept.

Chel was warm so it was a good place for it to be.

And Yureena was behind Cruz holding her as well.

I remembered that I had a thick blanket in my magic bag.

It was more for use as a bed than as a blanket.

You could stay warm even if you slept on rocks with it.

The humans and the beasts were all sleeping on a blanket, even though the beasts already had fur, but I knew why they preferred it.

So I put the blanket around me and sat myself down in the middle of the path. Timi and Luka were awake as well and sat near me,

「Wow, I just realized how tired I was.」

I said, rubbing my aching left knee.

After Chel had relieved me from the curse, my knee still ached.

And since I had walked quite a bit, it ached a lot.

Seeing me rub my knee, Luka asked,

「This is a more difficult dungeon than we thought, huh?」

「Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen a dungeon that’s this hostile.」

「This is the first time for you, Alra?」

Timi was surprised.

「Yup, I’ve been to a lot with strong enemies, but this is the most dangerous one I’ve seen.」

「I see, I guess I think so too.」

「You too, Luka? It’s a strange dungeon for someone like we two veterans to be surprised by.」

「Well, you have good luck to be with us, Timi.」


Timi said happily as she ate some smoked meat.

Timi didn’t need to eat every day. In fact, it would take years for her to starve to death.

If we ran out of food, then Timi could just endure not eating.

However, Cruz, Luka, Yureena and I all had food in our magical bags.

And we had a lot in preparation for this trip.

Luka and I just ate a bit.

We simply had some bread with some meat.

We used to only eat dried meat all the time, but now we had magic bags that kept the meat from status changes.

Now we can have soft bread and warm meat even during long trips.

Luka handed Timi some bread while saying,

「That Lord of the Undead, was he planning to break into this dungeon?」

「He said so. He was hoping to join forces with that undead demon.」

「If both the Lord of the Undead and that demon broke into here, you think you could make it?」

「I wonder myself.」

Luka and Timi both looked over at my answer in interest,

「Yeah, they might, but it would be hard.」

Both knew that the two weren’t very good at solving traps either.

One trap couldn’t stop them, but they were everywhere.

It takes a toll on magic and physical strength.

And then the poison traps…it wouldn’t stop the Lord of the Undead, but the demon would be affected.

「And there were very strong golems and ones very resistant to magic as well.」

「You think they’d get tired?」

「I think they’d get worn down.」

「I see. It’s better that we didn’t allow the seal to be opened, I guess.」

I think maybe the Lord of the Undead could have broken in.

However, if that Lord of the Undead forced his way through that seal, it would have killed Belda.

Belda was the key that would make the seal open, after all.

If the Key to the Seal was removed because of her death, then the Lord of the Undead would have to leave, but maybe he didn’t consider that far about the dungeon.

So I explained that all to Luka and Timi,

「I see, so there was no way to get through all the traps and attacks while carrying Belda through at the same time.」

「Maybe that’s because it was sealed against anyone that couldn’t do something so difficult.」

「I think Timi’s right.」

So we talked it over while we guarded.

After that, we switched with Cruz and Yureena, and Luka and I slept.

I did so holding on to Femm, because Femm was so warm.

I couldn’t sleep on hard rock comfortably without having something like Femm to hold on to.

And Luka held onto Chel doing the same thing.

「Have a good sleep, Alra.」

Cruz said as she started to eat.

With Cruz, Yureena, and Timi there, I could relax.

「Thanks ladies.」

「Leave it to us.」

「Just sleep.」

「Take your time.」

And so I fell asleep.

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