Chapter 444

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Chapter 444 – A 300 Year Old Tale

Of course, what’s happening today must have been far less desperate than 300 years ago.

But even today, there are horrible people doing horrible things.

The lord of the realm where Cruz reigns now was like that.

He had many victims before he was stopped.

Same with Tant. She had to endure much hardship, as did Leah, since her father was a devil.

「There are still people that do bad things, like enslaving others for no reason.」

Ecces said.

「Ecces herself, after being expelled and becoming an adventurer, saved a devil family from being enslaved.」

Belda said, patting Ecces’ head.

「It’s not something many people do today, Ecces.」

「Well, thank you.」

As Belda said, it’s not a common thing.

She was expelled from her family and dropped among commoners.

If something like that happened to you or me, we would try to survive, and no one would blame you for looking the other way.

But still, she had done the deed of rescuing them.

「That’s a fine thing to hear, Ecces.」

「It’s very kind!」

She was embarrassed as everyone praised her.

「So what happened to that family now?」

「They’re working in the mansion of Marquis Halewood.」

Ecces answered Vi-Vi’s question with a smile.

She lived in her own house until she was made a marquis.

Then she became one and asked the family to attend to her, and now they are all her vassals.

The salary of the family isn’t a small amount either – definitely enough to take care of themselves.

「Well, that’s good. I thank you as a devil myself.」

Vi-Vi said, nodding to Ecces.

「There’s no need to thank me for it.」

Her face was bright red now.

Moko was listening, and said,

「Yes, even after 300 years, that discrimination continues.」

「Yes, I apologize the crown’s power is not enough…」

Belda said, looking like she felt somewhat responsible.

「Just because you’re royal doesn’t make you responsible.」

「Even so, I’m not completely guiltless.」

「Belda does have a strong feeling of responsibility…just, it seems similar…」

「…what does?」

「To the royals I knew 300 years ago.」

Belda now looked concerned because she seemed alike with a centuries old member of the royal family.

There was nothing I could say.

The status of the royal family was secured by bloodlines, after all.

If you have the status and privilege of the bloodline, you should also take responsibility for their actions.

And there were still devils that were oppressed.

After 300 years, that was still the reality.

「It’s a bit embarrassing.」

「Well, it’s not totally fixed, but it’s better than before.」

「You think so?」

「Yes. If you were ruler, Belda, then I think we could expect a bright future.」

「Sir Alra….」

She looked like she was tearing up.

On the other hand, Cruz asked Moko,

「So did his quest to save the oppressed succeed?」

「Not completely, but there was an effect.」

「Wow, sounds hard for even me to do.」

「Well, it was a great sacrifice.」



300 years ago, the hero moved to Elkay with Moko.

Elkay had the most devils being oppressed after all.

At first, the hero tried to save them through negotiations.

But the hero was treated coldly after dispatching the Demon Lord.

No ruler would hear what the hero had to say.

「Still, he endured and did his best.」

While petitioning one lord, he subdued a great beast in the land for free.

He even used the fortunes he amassed as an adventurer to buy food for the devils.

「But the negotiations failed.」

「You said he was effective to some extent, though.」

Cruz asked, and Moko nodded deeply.

「Yes, unfortunately that occurred after the next step.」

The hero had negotiated well but tenaciously, an incident occurred that broke his patience.

A certain ruler hunted devils that he bought as slaves.

The furious hero protested this, but the lord would not receive him.

On the contrary, he seemed to hunt these devils down even more.

Almost as if these non-humans were toys for the human aristocrats.

「It was a day where there was a large hunt. The hero headed out there, and hunted them himself.」

「What does that mean…did he…」

「Current hero. It is exactly as you are thinking. He killed the nobles as his prey.」

The rulers thought they were safe on this field, but were hunted down just like they had hunted down the devils.

They had cried and begged for their lives.

But he killed them just as they had killed their devil prey.


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