Chapter 445

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Chapter 445 – A 300 Year Old Tale 2

Moko then said the following with a bitter face,

「My master did not forgive them. I hunted them all down with him. Even now, I can taste my fangs ripping into their flesh and taste their blood on my tongue.」

「Well, those rulers got what they deserved.」

「Just as Vi-Vi said, but they didn’t allow it to end like that.」

「Yes. It’s normal for things like that to explode into war.」

「And this is the sacrifice I spoke of.」

So the hero led these devil slaves who were hunted by the rulers and fought against others.

These oppressed devils gathered under the hero’s flag and became quite a fighting force.

As they had high magical ability, they were excellent troops.

「But wasn’t it a horrible battle? All those lords have armies, after all.」

Luka said, and Moko nodded.

「Yes, of course. But the Demon Lord’s previous healers and mages and other warriors also aided us.」

「Well, if the hero had helped them at first…then…」

「Not only that, but the Demon Lord as well.」

「What? I thought he was killed.」

「We defeated him, but as you know, demons are very hard to kill, and I didn’t know about this until after the hero beat him.」

So then Moko and the hero came to Elkay and met the Demon King.

During that time, the Demon Lord lived quietly in the mountains a day away from Elkay.

「So the master and the Demon Lord joined and fought with the devils. We were able to expel all the rulers around Elkay.」

However, like humans, they didn’t give up for long.

A large army organized and attacked.

Also knights such as guards of the crown, dragon knights, and palace knights as well as court mages.

The devil army, led by the hero, struggled against them.

「The blood flowed from ally and enemy.」

「That will happen…」

I said, and Moko nodded.

「The hero made one decision. He stopped me. He stopped everyone. And he went ahead with his decision.」

「What was it?」

「That he would become a demon.」

Moko said, trembling.

Luka, who was calm as always, asked Moko,

「Can humans become demons?」

「Usually, no; you of course have to be born as one.」

「Then how did he become one?」

「An oracle came down to him after a fierce battle.」

「From the Holy God?」

「No, an oracle from the god of the demons.」

The god apparently is different from the magic god that blessed me.

It was quite confusing, but I guess clearly different.

A very minor god of evil, actually.

Strange that a minor god would offer an oracle to an apostle of the holy god.

「The demon god gave an oracle to devils and humans it approves of, and if accepted, they become demons.」

「I didn’t know.」

「Usually no one does. I didn’t know until he actually became one.」

「But if you take the demon lord’s blessing, you lose the holy blessing, right?」

「…that didn’t happen.」

「What do you mean?」

「Even after receiving that oracle, he remained the hero.」

「So he was a follower of the holy AND the demon god?」


Vi-Vi was listening and asked,

「What does that mean? You would think the two would be incompatible.」

「Vi-Vi, as I said before, it’s pointless to try to guess the intentions of the gods.」

Timi said again.

Gods are far superior to humans.

It’s meaningless to guess the meanings of their actions or apply values of good or evil to them.

「Gods and men have different criteria for making judgements. That’s what the god of destruction said.」

「Different criteria for making judgements; is that a legal term?」

Luka said, but Ecces shook her head.

「I thought so too, but it’s different. The gods are superior in every respect.」

Timi nodded to this,

「As Ecces said, God can’t be measured by human holiness or depravity, good or evil.」

「Does that mean even if a human becomes a demon, he can still fulfill the will of a holy god?」

「Hard to believe that!」

Cruz said with a smile.

「It is hard to believe. Too hard to believe. But it’s useless try to understand a god’s will. So continue with the story, Moko.」

「Very well, master of Femm.」

In addition to the holy god’s blessing, the blessing of the demon god was very, very strong.

He destroyed the human army, attacked the royal capital, killed the king, and slaughtered the royal family.

「Wait a minute, that means the current royal family…」

「Correct…it’s a new dynasty created 300 years ago.」

Neither Belda nor Luka looked very surprised.

It was common sense when you consider history.

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