Chapter 446

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Chapter 446 – A 300 Year Old Tale 3

So I asked Moko,

「From the story so far, the immortal demon inside is your master, Moko.」


「I know the hero is the demon, but how did he become immortal?」

And I also didn’t know the reason why the undead demon hero was shut inside there.

「It was a very difficult thing for my master, who destroyed the humans and became a demon, but he did so all the same.」

「So that he’d have a body that would neve die and be able to fight with immense strength.」

「Yes, he stopped me and all his other friends. Otherwise, we would have seen him destroy the capital with our own eyes.」

「I see, so your master had a reason to do so.」

「Thank you for understanding, master of Femm.」

Moko wagged his tail.

Even though he was an immortal demon, he was still a 300 year old hero and important to Moko.

Even I can understand respect for a brave man like him.

He did whatever he could to defend those oppressed devils.

「I guess I understand as well.」

Luka said, while Cruz, Yureena, and Ecces nodded to the same opinion.

「So why is he sealed in there?」

「Well, It’s the price for being immortal and a demon.」

「A price? I would think losing his humanity would be a big enough price.」

「Not just that, his thoughts and personality began to become crazy.」

「So he lost his human emotions and personality to one of a demon’s?」

「Yes, he was mild-mannered and merciful, but became ruthless and brutal.」

Moko said, looking very sad.

It probably stunned him to see his master change so.

「When he killed the human royals, he was probably already too far gone.」

Even though some were against the execution of the royal family, I knew why he was convinced it was necessary.

Even after that, though, the hero became more and more cruel.

He also lost the blessing of the holy god.

「So, one day, my master asked me to kill him.」

Seems that even the hero knew he had changed.

「But I couldn’t…」

「Because he was your companion?」

「I guess I can’t deny I didn’t feel it was so. But that wasn’t it. He was just too strong.」

There was just no way to kill a demon…and being undead, he would regenerate endlessly.

Each time you hurt him, his rage would increase.

Every time you hurt him, that humanity left it his heart would break.

「So I had to seal him in. If I completely lost him to his demon side, then there would be nothing left.」

So there was a mage and healer who were friends of the hero. And he was the present magic lord.

All of them used this labyrinth of the gods below Elkay, remodeled it, and sealed him inside.

「And so I stayed here, hoping to keep the seal intact.」

「So who was the one who cast that metal zombie creature on you?」

「I asked the mage and the magic lord. It was the only way to allow me to guard this place for thousands of years without changing my character…」

So that’s why Moko wanted to stay restrained by the curse.

I guess he didn’t want to become changed like his own master…

「Wait a second…is that mage from the story the lord of the undead?」

「Yes. He said he knew the hero from 300 years ago and also knew Moko.」

When I said that, Moko sighed.

「Well, he became a lord of the undead…he was certainly familiar with forbidden magic.」

「It seems that he came to break the seal for the undead demon…but we defeated him.」

「The mage helped create this labyrinth. He would have known that he couldn’t break through without the help of a demon.」

「So why did the Lord of the Undead want to break into the dungeon?」

Moko seemed to think about it.

「…maybe he wanted to die at the side of the hero, or maybe he was drawn to the immortal side and lost all his judgment.」

Moko looked far into the distance.

「I don’t want to think he lost his senses, so maybe he just wanted to die with the hero.」

「I think that might be the case.」

「Master of Femm, thank you for stopping him.」

「No need to thank me.」

Cruz was listening and asked,

「We know what happened to the mage, but what about the healer and the magic lord?」

「I’ve been here the whole time, so I have no idea, but the magic lord said he’d go to the countryside where he’d live a quiet life.」

「And the healer?」

「He became the king of the humans. The royal family is so similar to Belda, that I can tell his descendants are still kings.」

Moko lay on the ground and put his chin down and exhaled.

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