Chapter 448

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Chapter 448 – The Young Dragon Lord

Timi stroked Shiggy’s head and asked me,

「Alra, what should we do?」

「I don’t know, but even the dragon god has put her here.」


「I think Shiggy will be okay.」

「I don’t want to take any risks, though.」

「I know, and if it becomes dangerous, I’ll ask you.」

「…okay, to escape with Shiggy?」


It might be that Shiggy had some role to play in the subduing of the undead demon hero.

And all the other lords as well.

But then, the safety of Shiggy is also important.

However, everything is dust in the wind, right?

And that barrier that seals that 300 year old hero is no exception.

He might never emerge from it while I’m alive, but the life of a dragon is much longer.

It might be that he comes back when Shiggy is still alive.

And then how likely will it be that we all can fight together?

Shiggy might have to face him alone.

That’s a bit too much to ask.

「We should do it now. All the lords are together and it’s the best opportunity.」

「…it might be impudent for me to say this…」

That being said, Moko stands and stretches his spine.

「Please save him from himself. He will no longer be a man and lose all his human will.」

「That might be true.」

「But still his noble soul is trapped inside that immortal body of a demon.」

And Moko bowed.

「So let me plead again. Please save him. It pains me that he has sacrificed himself for all, and yet still ended up trapped in a demon’s body.」

Timi nodded to Moko’s words.

「I understand, wolf king. I’ll help you as well, but I will give priority to the safety of Sighisoara.」

「Thank you.」

Seems that everyone will participate in the attack on the 300 year old hero.

So I asked Moko again,

「So is the innermost part where he is that way?」

「It’s close. When you pass that door I emerged from, you’re already in the innermost part of the dungeon.」

So Moko himself was the last guardian of the dungeon.

He had been waiting here for 300 years and emerged since we camped nearby.

「The next room is the barrier of the core, and if touched by the descendents of the healer, the barrier will be lifted.」

「Can we touch it?」

Considering the traps we’ve seen, the final might be the worst.

And a spell with something that specific to release the barrier must be some exact magical release.
Moko continued,

「You only have to touch it, but it must be done by someone from the royal bloodline. Then all trials are over.」

「Really? So this is the final place to rest before the fight?」

「Yes, rest here, win, and you’re done.」

「So why did you come out?」

「If you didn’t take enough rest to win, I would attack you…at least that was my plan.」

I guess the length of rest was one part of the trial.

「All trials are over. No enemies, no traps. Just rest.」

「Thank you. I was awakened and wondered if I’d ever sleep again.」

「Another nap! I’ll sleep too!」

Cruz agreed with me and got ready as well. Femm walked over to get ready as well.


「You too? Okay.」


Shiggy might have some work to do as well.

Everyone else was sleepy and prepared to sleep…for a while.

When we awoke, we ate.

We had plenty of time. Start a fire, make a soup with dried meat, and warm some bread.

「I can get you some more porridge.」

「Thank you so much.」

And so Moko was given a heavier porridge than before and ate.

『Grandfather, when you’re better, let’s have some meat together.』

「Good, Femm, I look forward to it.」

Femm barked and wagged her tail.

Her father died and she became leader of the magical wolves, so she had a lot of responsibility. But it was good to see her relax with her grandfather.

Femm spoke in human language though it was not necessary, and so everyone could hear it as well.

「Well, thank you, Femm.」

I said, patting her head.

『What is it?』

She was a bit taken aback, but still wagged her tail.

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