Chapter 45


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Chapter 45 – The Special Talents of a Hero

When I got to Millet’s house, Vi-Vi was waiting.

「Vi-Vi. You drew a transport circle in the storage shack?」

「Yeah! Were you surprised?」

「I was. Make sure you tell me before you do something like that.」

「No way!」

She refused flatly. Well, whatever.

If she ever did something really dangerous, I would work hard to clear it up.

Millet was very happy to hear other people would be eating with her.

Cruz and Yureena arrived after taking a while in the hot springs.

「Cruz, is Luka coming?」

「She’s busy with something, so no…」

Millet asked and Cruz’ eyes suddenly teared up.


「W…what is it?」

「Wait, did you come here without telling Luka?」

「No way…there’s no way I’d we’d do that…」

Yureena sighed and then said,

「…we didn’t tell Luka.」

「Yureena, don’t tell them!」

「We can’t hide it!」

Seems that Cruz came without telling Luka. She knew that if she came to where I was without telling Luka that Luka would flip her lid and chew her out.

「If you told Luka that you’re going to visit, she won’t get angry at you, you know?」

「You don’t think so?」

「No, she won’t.」

Luka would chew out Cruz after she came back from visiting. No need to do it ahead of time.

「Good! Since Luka said that I can’t visit until we get all of our work done, I came here and hid it from her.」

「Well, that was good.」


Luka was suddenly standing behind Cruz.

「I knew you’d try to fool me the first chance you got. I was shocked that you’d try to pull something like this on me!」

「How did you try to fool her, Cruz?」

「I put up a paper saying that I was taking a nap, and just puffed up the covers with a pillow so it looked like I was sleeping inside.」

「That’s it?」

「That’s it.」

Cruz must have thought it was easy to fool others as it was for others to fool her.

And…Cruz really got chewed out by Luka.

Cruz abandoned work they had to do, which Luka had to take care of quickly and then scrambled to get here.

What a superior warrior.

It was actually a waste for her to stay a warrior. She should be a leading politician someday.

After Cruz repeated sorry over and over and over, Luka handed a form over to me to fill out.

「Here, Al. Fill this out.」

「What is it?」

「A monster permission form for Moofy and Femm…for the guild.」

「Oh, yeah. I forgot. Thanks.」

Luka remembered. What a help.

Vi-Vi just puffed out her cheeks out, upset.

「Moofy’s not a monster…it’s a sacred beast!」

「Well a sacred beast is rare and way stronger so of course it’s going to need a permission form.」

「Is that so?」

Vi-Vi was about to fill out the form for Moofy when Luka stopped her.

「The guild can’t approve of anyone except for an adventurer with a higher suppression rank than the beast.」

To be exact, that matched the adventurer’s rank.

A knight was C Rank, a Knight Chief was B Rank. Famous soldiers, knights, and swordsmen were given A Ranks.

The ranks given matched each person’s attack strength.

「Moofy is a sacred animal though!」

「And sacred beasts are almost ALL stronger than magic beasts, right? An adventurer’s rank has to be AT LEAST a B Rank to have permission for one of those.」

「Oh…I didn’t know.」

You wouldn’t be allowed to keep a beast like that without the appropriate rank even if you weren’t going to use it in battle.

「Oh, Al. Please?」

「Leave it to me.」

I filled in both permission forms as the keeper of Femm and Moofy.

「That’s fine. I’m the one in charge of this so don’t worry.」

「Sorry about that.」

As this all finished up, it was time for dinner.

It was the first time that Yureena had eaten Millet’s food, and all she could do is compliment Millet’s cooking.

Then it was time for bed. They were all ready for sleep.

「Well, I brought this just in case.」

Cruz opened her magic bag and took out some folding beds.

There were three, in fact.

「That’s some magic bag, Cruz.」

「Heh heh, the bed’s super too. They’re very expensive beds made by skilled craftsmen. If you fold them up, they get this small.」

Very small. The size of an eighth of a normal bed.

And even after folding them up, the thickness was only the width of a sword’s blade.

「That really is something.」

「And if they’re folded, you can use them as shields.」

Cruz showed us how you could use the beds as a shield.

The bed’s backing was made of mithril.

「That’s had a lot of thought put into it.」

「Eheh heh…」

They opened the three beds up, and Cruz, Luka, and Yureena all got ready for bed.

I slept with Femm. Vi-Vi slept with Collette and Millet.

We all settled in silently for bed.

Cruz silently crept over to where I was sleeping.

「Let me in…」


「Come on!」

She said, and got under my covers.

You couldn’t stop her.


「Good Femm…」


Cruz rubbed Femm as Femm happily drifted off to sleep.

「If you rub Femm too much it might end up a sacred animal like Moofy, so not too much, okay?」


Cruz rolled around in my bed a bit.

「It’s been a while since I slept in the same bed as you, Al.」

「Yeah. Cruz…」


Cruz was already asleep. She was always a fast sleeper.

It was a unique skill in itself.


Cruz started talking in indecipherable words…in her sleep.

And she had a vice-like grip around my body.

She was strong. I could feel her soft breasts pushing against my chest, but her arms’ grip was so strong it hurt.

I unwrapped her arms from me, pushed her over, and made her grab onto Femm.



Femm was surprised, but Cruz simply continued talking unhappily in her sleep-speech.

I could finally sleep, and I did.

The next morning. All the girls woke up early.

They made me wake up with them.

「You all wake up too early!」

「We’ve got so much work in the capital, we don’t have time to hang around.」

「Even though we’d like to avoid it.」

They said they’d like to hang around, but I could see from Luka and Yureena that they were both proud to be doing work.

They were all headed back…and they seemed like they needed to hustle back.

On the other hand.

「I just want to hang out…」

Cruz said, and she honestly was in no rush to go anywhere.

「Oh, yeah, let’s see Moofy and then go home.」

「Hmph. Moofy probably wants to see you too, Cruz!」

Vi-Vi led Cruz off to see Moofy.

I followed them.

「Good girl, gooood girl.」


Cruz rubbed Moofy’s fur.

Moofy seemed pretty happy to see her.

「If Moofy could get small like Femm does, then we could put her in a house somewhere.」

「Yeah, you can’t leave her outside forever.」

I agreed with Vi-Vi.

After Cruz heard this, she said to Moofy,

「Moofy, can you get smaller?」


「Yeah, well, then do it,」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy suddenly shrunk. She became a little smaller than a regular cow.


Vi-Vi and I both jumped and said in surprise.

「W…what? You guys said you wanted Moofy to get smaller.」

「Yeah, but…huh? Cruz? You know how cows speak?」

「I have no idea.」


「But, spirit speech? I guess anyone can talk like that to them.」


Speaking in spirit speech was not that difficult. Vi-Vi, Femm, and I all used it.

So we all tried it. However, we couldn’t break through and speak to Moofy with it.

「Is that so…」

Cruz was surprised we couldn’t.

Heros really are amazing. Common sense doesn’t apply to them.

「Good job, Moofy.」

「Moo Moo!」

Vi-Vi grabbed on to and hugged Moofy, and Moofy mooed happily.



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