Chapter 46


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Chapter 46 – Moofy Plows

Cruz and the others ate the food that Millet made for breakfast and then went back to the capital.

They were a busy bunch.

And I went back to my guardpost.

Afternoon was for plowing.

「We have to continue the plowing today.」

Only one third of the field was finished.

「Al, wait a second.」


Vi-Vi grabbed the smaller Moofy and brought her along.


「Moofy’s going to plow?」


I thought that Moofy was too big to plow the field. Now that she was smaller, Vi-Vi definitely wanted to use her to plow the field.

However, even so, I was wondering if we should use a sacred animal to do that.

「Are you okay with that, Moofy?」


Moofy mooed happily.

I really wonder if she understood what we were saying.

「Moofy’s ready to go.」


Vi-Vi was sure that Moofy was able to plow the fields.

But I couldn’t forget that Vi-Vi couldn’t understand what Moofy was saying.

「…well, I guess we can get Moofy to help. Let’s see how she does, and if she feels like giving up quickly, she can stop.」

「I know that already!」

We threw the plow harness on the back of Moofy.

After Moofy had gotten smaller, she was actually smaller than a regular cow.

It might mean that she’s weaker than a normal cow.



Even with the plow harness on, Moofy looked as cheerful as usual. Femm just watched Moofy with a look of slight concern.

「Moofy, you don’t have to push yourself too hard.」


Moofy mooed really loudly and started pulling the plow like crazy.

The plow started splitting the soil so quickly I was surprised.


「Thaaaaat’s Moofy!」

Vi-Vi said proudly, as I worried that Moofy was pushing herself too hard.

「Mooo, mooo, mOOOOOOO!」

The cow mooed happily while tugging the plow all over.

Moofy was three times faster than yesterday’s ox.

I was the one following with the plow and I was more tired than the cow was.

I needed a rest first from all the work Moofy was doing. My knee hurt.

「Moofy really is strong!」

Millet was surprised at the cow’s speed too.

「Because Moofy was so big, she couldn’t move around freely. So it must be fun for her right now.」

Vi-Vi nodded as she said.

「Let me take care of the rest.」

Vi-Vi said, and got behind Moofy, holding the plow.



Vi-Vi and Moofy sped through plowing the rest of the field quickly.

Two day’s work was finished in one.

「Moofy, good work.」


She petted Moofy, and Moofy mooed back happily.

She then nuzzled me face happily.

「Moofy’s such a good cow.」



As I complimented and pet Moofy, Femm approached with a mole in its mouth.

「What is it?」


Femm had the mole in its mouth, staring at me with longing eyes.

Femm wanted some love too.

「You’re a great wolf, Femm.」

「Wuff wuff wuff」

I rubbed Femm’s head, and it rolled over on its back happily. Then I rubbed its belly.

As I did, I asked Vi-Vi.

「So, what do we do next?」

「We have to harrow the land.」

Vi-Vi told me how.

We attached a different tool then the plow on the back of the cow.

That tool, a harrow, breaks up the earth even finer.

「Can you help us again tomorrow, Moofy?」


「Ruff ruff!」

Moofy looked excited.

Femm also barked and rubbed its body against me. Femm wanted to help too, I guessed.

I didn’t know what Femm could do, but I guess it could help somehow.

「Okay! Time to get in the hot springs!」




I went to the hot springs with Femm and Moofy followed.

「You want to get in too, Moofy?」


She mooed happily. It may be that she really did want to get in.

It was hard to say no when Femm was already getting in.

「We should let Moofy get in too.」

Vi-Vi said, getting closer to me.

Vi-Vi was just like a child. She had already bathed with me, after all.

「Dammit…I guess I have no choice.」

「What do you mean, NO CHOICE?!」

Millet grabbed on to Vi-Vi.

「Let go of me!」

「Nooo! I won’t! You can’t take a bath with him!」

I left Vi-Vi with Millet and went off to the hot springs myself.


Femm looked a bit uncomfortable.

We went inside the hot spring, and I washed up Moofy first.

「Moo! Moooo!」

She mooed happily.

「Come over here Femm.」


Femm looked a bit jealous. Femm might have been envious of the treatment that Moofy got.

That’s why I washed Femm off well, too.


We got into the hot springs, and Moofy moved closer to me.

Moofy was smaller than a cow, but larger than a calf.

The water spilled out of the hot springs as the cow moved around.

「If you’re going to get in, Moofy, maybe we need a deeper bath.」


She licked my face happily.

Moofy seemed like it liked people.

「Ruff Ruff.」

Femm licked my face too. I wish they would stop competing like this.

Just then, Cruz came in…totally naked.


「Dammit, Cruz!」

「Don’t worry. I’m going to wash off before I get in.」

「I’m not worried about THAT!」

「Heh heh…」

She washed herself off without a care in the world. Then she got in the tub.

She came over and petted Moofy and Femm.

「This is a nice bath. Moofy and Femm look very happy.」


「You should be a bit more modest, Cruz.」

「I am modest!」

「Cruz, do you come at the sons of the nobles like that?」

「What do you mean?」

The completely naked Cruz tilted her head in confusion.

「Because you’re a beautiful girl, Cruz. They’re going to fall for you and things are going to get out of control.」

Her face was quite beautiful. If she came at you overly familiar like she always does, you’d quickly fall for her.

However, now she was an extremely famous hero for everything she did, and as a result, became a baron.

「Don’t call me beautiful…it’s embarrassing…」

Cruz’ face turned red.

「It’s funny THAT makes you embarrassed.」

I wish she was more embarrassed about being naked.

「But, I know who I can trust…so don’t worry about me. The only guy I can get in a bath with is you, Al…」

「What a privilege.」

「Heh heh heh…」

I was pretty sure that Cruz wasn’t thinking about me as a romantic interest. Something more like a favorite uncle or a father.

When we got out of the hot springs, Vi-Vi and Luka were waiting.


「It’s no big deal, right?」

「You have to cut that out!」

Luka whapped Cruz over the head.

Then she lectured Cruz about getting into a bath with a man. Cruz teared up.

「Wait…why are you and Cruz here now?」

「Well, Yureena and I got all the work we had finished with!」

Cruz proudly said. So Yureena was here too. She had gone to Millet’s house first.

「I’m glad you came here after getting your work finished.」

「Heh heh heh.」

「Don’t be proud just because you did what you needed to.」

「Well, you’re here too because your work is done, Luka. Good girl!」

「It’s obvious that I would, CRUZ!」

Even so, Luka blushed a bit…she was embarrassed.

「So do you all plan to spend the night here in Mulg?」

「We were planning to?」

Cruz said as if it were an obvious conclusion.

Well, I guess I’ll never have a chance to be lonely. I was worried about how well the capital was being cared for, but I guess it’s okay.

Finally, everyone headed to Millet’s for dinner.



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