Chapter 47


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Chapter 47 – Moofy and Femm Face Off

The next day, once again Cruz and the others headed off for the capital early.

I wondered if Cruz and the others were planning on spending every night in Mulg.

It made my life a bit more busy, but I was sorry that Millet was going to have to house and feed all of those girls.

「This isn’t going to go well.」

I thought about it while I sat at my guard post.

I was here at the town guarding and food and a place to sleep was my payment.

Vi-Vi was approved of to be taken care of by Millet by the village as well.

But Cruz and the others were different.

「I have to at least pay for their food.」

Just as usual, Vi-Vi looked up from scrawling magic circles in the ground and asked,

「Al, do you have money?」

「Sure do.」

I have merit pay as a viscount for getting rid of the Demon Lord. I didn’t get any property, but I get a yearly pension.

It wasn’t enough to live like a noble, but it was definitely enough to live on as a normal citizen.

That’s in addition to all the money I saved as an adventurer.

And in addition to THAT, I was one hell of an adventurer, too. We’re talking BIG rewards.

Just then Millet’s sister Collette rode up on Femm. For some reason, she had a mole in her hand.

「Collette, what is it?」

「Old man, I caught a mole!」

「Ruff Ruff!」

Collette and Femm both had a proud look to them.

They probably caught those moles from the field we just cultivated.

「Good job guys.」



I knew they were waiting to be complimented, so I did.

It was noon. I ate lunch with Millet and the others.

I also brought up the amount of money I wanted to pay for Cruz and the others’ meals.

「No! No! No way I could take that money!」

「No, please…don’t refuse.」

「Really, I can’t!」「But you have to!」

After arguing back and forth like that for a while, I was able to make her take the money.

I was happy enough that she was cooking. It was just too sad to have her spend all that money on food for us.

So it was a relief that she took it.

With lunch finished, I went back to clearing the field.

As we walked to the field, Moofy drew near.

Femm was also waiting, in its big size, near the field.


Femm had the harrower attached and was waiting, even though it was meant for a cow.



Femm looked proud. Its tail was standing up straight.

Femm wanted me to put it to use.

「That harrower’s for Moofy.」



Vi-Vi was against it, but Femm was completely ignoring her.

Moofy looked lost, and was rubbing her nose into my stomach.

「I have another harrower, hold on.」

Millet went and returned with another harrower.

「Okay, let’s see you do your best, Moofy and Femm!」

「Ruff Ruff!」「Mooo Mooo!」

Femm and Moofy lined up as if they were ready to race.

It was their first competition. However, Femm started slow.

The difference was in Moofy’s hooves and muscles. Or maybe it was something else.

I had no idea.

「Pant pant pant」


Femm was panting like crazy and looked tired. Moofy, on the other hand, looked fine.

「Femm, no need to work so hard!」

「Pant pant, RUFF!」

They took a little rest and then ran off again.

Femm still worked until we were finished with the field that evening.

When it came to harrowing the field, Moofy was a clear winner. Moofy had done about 80 percent of the field, Femm 20.

「Good job Femm and Moofy…you were both a big help.」

I rubbed both animals.

Femm looked pretty disappointed.

『That was pitiful.』

「Not true at all. You did your best Femm. You helped.」

『Femm, good job.』

Moofy suddenly spoke in spirit speech. It was short, but it was in human speech.



Femm was so surprised, it barked in spirit speech.

Since Moofy was a sacred animal, it wasn’t strange that it had learned to speak in spirit speech.

It was just a matter of time. However, I didn’t think it would learn the speech so quickly.

「Good job, Moofy. You learned to speak quickly!」

Vi-Vi was so happy, she threw her arms around Moofy.

Moofy went over and licked Femm.



Femm licked Moofy as well.

It seems that friendship sprung up between Moofy and Femm.

After their competition, they had become friends after seeing each other exert so much strength.

After Vi-Vi saw this, she nodded as I asked,

「Vi-Vi, what next?」

「At this point, I guess we could start planting crops.」

「We’re done with cultivating the field?」

「Not done, but you said the fields here are pretty low on nutrients, right?」

「Yeah, should we fertilize them?」

「Well, it’s because of all the magical stones in the mountains around up. We have to do something about the magic…the fertilizer’s not that important.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi bounced over to the field.

「Here! Let me make a magic ring that bars the effect of those magic stones.」

「Can you make one?」

「Wow, that’s awesome, Vi-Vi!」

Millet was surprised and thankful.

「It’s the magic circle I developed. Because of stuff like this, I was selected to be one of the sub-bosses of the Demon Lord.」

「Wow, sthub bossth!」

Collette was impressed as well.

With a convenient magic circle like that, she could have just drawn it around the old fields.

And thinking about that, Millet asked Vi-Vi,

「Could you draw that around the other fields?」

「That’s impossible now. You can’t draw it around a field that already has something growing. You need a new field to draw it on.」

「I see. Too bad.」

「But after harvest this year I can draw it.」



And Vi-Vi said that it would take quite a while to draw it for it to have a full effect.

「Then let’s do it tomorrow!」


Cruz and the others came just like usual in the evening.

Even Moofy came into Millet’s house.

At night, Moofy slept beside my bed with her snout on my stomach.

Since Vi-Vi wanted to sleep near Moofy, she got in my bed as well.

Since I knew how she felt about it, I didn’t say anything, but just went back to sleep.



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