Chapter 48


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Chapter 48 – Field Improvement Magic Circle

When I woke up in the morning, not only was Moofy’s nose on my bed, her whole upper half was.

It was getting way too cramped. Her back legs on the floor were pretty much meaningless.


Femm barked as it was sliding off the bed.

「Fuheh heh heh」

Vi-Vi was on top of Moofy, laughing in her sleep.


When Moofy saw I was awake, she rubbed her face into mine.

I rubbed her and Femm’s heads.

「I think I had better build myself a new house, SOON.」

『This is too small.』

Femm’s wagging tail was dusting off my face. Femm must be unhappy as well.

「It’s going to be cold in the winter too. We better hurry.」


Moofy gently licked Femm’s body.

Today we finished cultivating the field in the afternoon.

It was finally Vi-Vi’s turn to surround the field in a magic circle.

「Okay, watch me draw it out!」


「Do your best!」

「Cool, Missesth sthub bossth!」

Millet and Collette cheered Vi-Vi on as she draw the magic circle.

It covered the whole field – it was huge!

It was a little bigger than the one drawn by that 12 disciples of the Magic Lord Curtis at his monster ranch.

And, of course, it took a lot of time.

Sooo…I was bored, but Vi-Vi told me to watch her.

So I had to do what she asked.

「Ruff ruff!」

The magic wolves also drew near. Maybe they wanted to dig some holes.

Today, however, was magic circle drawing day. No holes.

「You can’t dig any holes today, wolves.」


They all left with their tails sagging.

Moofy started smelling the plow and harrows next to the field.

She probably wanted to get back to pulling them again.

「Moofy, we’ll take you on a walk later, okay? Femm, you too.」


Moofy and Femm rubbed up against me.

I patted their fur and waited for the magic circle to be complete.

Collette got bored and played around with Femm and Moofy. Vi-Vi came over from the circle.

「I’m finished!」

「Good work. It was big, but you went pretty fast.」

「Of course…it wasn’t the first time I did it.」

「Then let me see.」

「Heh heh, you’ll be surprised!」

I analyzed the magic circle. It was a big one, so it took me a lot of concentration to analyze it.

「Good job, sthub bossth!」

「Right?! Right?!」

While I was analyzing it, Collette was riding on Moofy and patting Vi-Vi’s head.

The magic circle was big, but also very detailed and finely drawn.


I nodded without thinking.

I couldn’t gauge how effective it was without seeing how deep the magic circle reached, but I assumed it must be quite deep.

It seemed that it affected the soil around a depth of five times the height of a normal man.

「This is the important part that deals with extracting the magical force from the magical stones.」

It was constructed with 10 to 20 layers. It definitely seemed able to extract the magical power from the stones around.

After continuing to analyze it a bit, I finally noticed something.

「Hm? Wait a second.」

「What is it?」

「This is to refine magic jewels.」

「I thought I should add this too?」

Magical jewels are different from magical stones.

Magical stones are natural ores that have magical power in them. You can’t use them for anything.

Magical jewels are crystals that manifest magical power.

When you use a very strong magic, you grip the jewel, and it helps you manifest the magic you need.

They’re quite expensive.

「I can’t believe it…」

I was taken aback. I never thought of using a magic circle in order to take magical stones and manifest their power into jewels.

In this area there are magical stones everywhere, so the soil is bad.

That’s why we needed to use a magical circle to limit that. That’s what I thought she was doing.

What I had expected was a method to disperse the magical power.

Using the magical power of the magical stones, if the magic was dispersed in effectless magic, then there would be no damage to the soil.

That alone was pretty difficult.

And continuing the process was even MORE difficult.

However, for a magic circle to concentrate that force into magic jewels was unreal.

It was a magical technique that humans hadn’t even learned eyt.

Those sub-bosses were pretty talented.

「I thought it would be a waste to disperse all that magical power.」


I was full aware that it was a waste. I just never thought anyone had enough magical skill to do something about it.

A normal magical jewel takes a very long time to refine from extracting the magical power of magical stones.

It’s the primary thing an alchemist gets paid for.

「So, how long does it take for the ground to be cleared and the magical jewels to be generated?」

「Hm…about three months, I guess.」

「That’s pretty fast.」

If it takes three months, fall is over, and winter is beginning.

「Then we start planting crops from next spring.」

「You can start growing them now. However, you just can’t expect a large increase in crops yet.」

Millet looked confused.

「Since you just drew this circle, it’s a shame we’d destroy it just to plant crops.」

「Because it’s etched into the earth, using a rake or a hoe on it won’t erase it. As long as someone like that dumb warrior doesn’t come along and try to erase it with magic.」

Luka didn’t have much magic, but she could sure erase magic well.

So, results would come in three months.

We could just practice planting some vegetables here and there to get a harvest before winter.

「Even so, getting magic jewels in three months…that’s really something.」

「Hm? You should see magic jewels emerge in a few days. It just takes three months to get all the magical stone power out of the ground. The jewels continue to be produced during the process.」

「It’s that fast…」

「Yeah, I also made a transport spell so the jewels sprout up in the storage shack.」

Vi-Vi laughed to herself. Magic jewels made in a few days…that’s almost frightening speed.

「If you keep this up, all the alchemists will go out of business.」

「You think so?」

Vi-Vi laughed innocently.

Even if everyone knew about Vi-Vi’s magic, there would only be a few magicians that could do what she did, so there was no worry.

The circle was just that difficult to make.

「Jewels? I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I can plant now, right?」


「What should we plant?」

Millet was focused on vegetables since she didn’t know how valuable these magic jewels are.

「Al’s a novice at planting, so maybe something easy like potatoes.」

「I see…hmm. Let me see what kinds of potatoes we need around here from the chief.」

「Millet, thanks again.」

「No problem! It’s always good to help the new villager start a field. A new villagers!」

Millet was really emphasizing that I was a 「new villager」.

This place must be starving for new blood.

From then, I got on Femm and went on a walk.

Vi-Vi and Moofy joined us.

Moofy and Femm ran along happily.



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